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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, I'm new to this site but need help! Have had 15 years of AD use, which include a couple of changes due to 'poop outs'. My last change was 9 weeks ago when the 15mg paroxetine that I'd been on for 7 years pooped out. Ended up under crisis team and physchiatrist switched me to 15mg Mirtazapine (straight switch from one day to the next). I had done a similar switch back in 2007 when my lexapro pooped out (tapered down over 2 weeks then switched straight over to the paroxetine). Over the last 6 weeks on Mirtazapine, the physchiatrist titrated me up to 45mg as I was in a bad state. 45mg WAY too high for me and caused akathisia, so he dropped me back to 30mg (after 3 weeks on 45mg). Akathisia better, but still lingering, so he wants to drop me down to 22.5mg. What do I do... I need this akathisia to stop ASAP, so a drawn out taper seems like far too long to wait! But I'm sure my body is in crisis from the med switch and titrating up then quick drop back down. Also used benzos over 4 weeks during switch, and titrated off them. Am I better to put up with the akathisia and do a slow taper? He thinks that drop percentage is fine (25%), but after reading this site combined with the weird experiences I'm having I'm too scared (so I'll need to enlist the help of a chemical compounding pharmacy) . Am I better to do that drop (25%) to stop the akathisia quickly, or just let my body settle down? Do 10% in another 2 weeks time (so that will be 4 weeks after my drop from 45mg to 30mg). I don't know what to do... I have been under the care of the crisis team and been going along with the plan, but can't help but feel these side effects are worse than having no treatment! I'm only 43 with a beautiful husband and son, but I'm scared that I've screwed my poor body up for life. I need advice, and stories of hope (and of easy withdrawls, not just horror stories, to give me hope). P. S Could my akathisia actually be paroxetine withdrawls even though I went straight onto another med?
  2. Hi there, I am new to this forum, but not, unfortunately, new to mirtazapine withdrawal. This is my intro story. In 2015 I experienced a very rapid onset major depression. Within two weeks I was hospitalized. I was put on 22.5 mg mirtazapine and within 3 weeks I was out of the hospital and no longer suicidal. This drug saved my life. A year later I was feeling better and frustrated with the weight gain associated with this medication. I also have chronic fatigue syndrome and a sedating medication was not helping with my fatigue. I began a taper (10%/month) and in 6 months I reached 15 mg. What I recall about this taper was on about day 4 at the new lower dose I experienced agitation, irritability, and anxiety. This levelled out by about the 2nd week. Anyway, I stayed at 15 mg for a year. Then, in the spring of 2018 I started my 2nd taper, again at 10%/month. When I reached 7.5 mg I stopped. Withdrawal symptoms were the same (irritability, agitation and anxiety). I stayed at 7.5 mg until 2022. My cholesterol has skyrocketed and as this can be a side effect of mirtazapine, my doctor and I agreed that I should lose 15 lbs, come off the drug, and see if my cholesterol comes down. I really don't want to start taking statins if my high cholesterol is due to mirtazapine. I've lost 10 lbs (not easy on mirtazapine!) and now I am starting my taper. So here I am. I began my first reduction 2 weeks ago (again at 10% / month). So I am taking 6.75 mg at the moment. What I am noticing is that the withdrawal symptoms are worse and lasting longer. I have my usual trifecta of agitation, irritability and anxiety, but also tachycardia, tinnitus, and "ear worms." Basically, I get a song stuck in my head and it plays all day. I remember this from when I went on the drug. So irritating! A few other people on this forum mentioned ear worms as a withdrawal symptom (also with mirtazapine) and I found a few articles on the internet also mentioning this with mirtazapine. Very weird. Withdrawing from this drug clearly messes with our heads. Anyway, I reached out to my doctor and my new plan is to stay on 6.75 mg for an extra month and then slow my taper down to 5% / month. Thanks for welcoming me and I will update on my progress. I appreciate being able to read other people's experiences. There is not a ton of mainstream help out there. Thanks! **** 2015-2016: 22.5 mg mirtazapine 2017: 10% taper/month to 15 mg 2017: 15 mg mirtazapine 2018: 10% taper/month to 7.5 mg 2018-2022: 7.5 mg mirtazapine Begin taper 03-2022: 6.75 mg Other meds: - Trazadone 12.5 mg or 2.5 mg Zoplicone, as needed, for sleep Supplements: omega-3, CA Mg Zn, vitamin D.
  3. Let me introduce myself. I am relatively new to the forums and I also don’t have years of experience of using antidepressants. It all began in Jan 21 with stomach flu/diverticulitis which put me on bed with swollen tummy and 0 sleep for 2 months. Only confirming after my colonoscopy that I don’t have cancer the doctor gave me antibiotics which I took and all my tummy symptoms were gone in March. But by then it was too late as my sleep was completely ruined by Amitriptyline/zolpidem and I was having anxiety/panic attacks every moment and I can tell you it was so bad that I was thinking that I am going to die all the time. After trying for one whole month to sleep on my own with no sleep aid (and no sleep in March) I was thinking of dying from Insomnia and accepted the fact that I need some medical help although I was quite reluctant. I had to take Mirtazapine as it has sedating side effect and my doctor thought it would be good for me as I lost 13 Kg. The doctor gave me 15mg but I started with 3.75mg(quarter dose) and I felt all the side effects for 8 wks but persevered on the same dose even after being asked by my doctor to increase the dosage and take Escitalopram during the day as well to cope with all the symptoms. Now I am used to Mirtz 3.75mg and the dosage and the anxiety/panic attack symptoms frequency has also been reduced but not gone completely. I do sleep now but it is drug induced and only give me 4-5 hrs with some very awful sleepless nights so I am trying to look for ways to sort out my Insomnia without increasing the dose and get rid of this horrible antidepressant business. Can somebody please suggest the accurate measurements for 3.75mg Mirtz taper? I’ll be really grateful. At the moment I am sleeping better and my doctor wants me to take the drug until September but I am scared that within 3 months how would I manage. Currently on Mirtazapine - 3.75mg orodispersible tab since 26 Mar 21, consistently sleeping through the nights for the past 1 wk but having all sorts of issues during the day. Fatigue, tiredness, shaky hands, headache, racing heartbeat occasionally, shortness of breath sometimes, weakness and body pains esp back and neck. I only take prebiotics and herbal Saffron elixir for health.
  4. Hello👋everyone, I was on Flouxetine for 20 years as part of managing a chronic health condition known as ME/CFS 1999-2019. The drug suited me (no obvious side effects) but i developed fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which led to a treatment protocol involving a medically designed ketogenic diet. About two and half months into this, i accidentally stopped taking the Flouxetine and didn't realise for 3 weeks (March 2019). No withdrawal symptoms. I spoke to my doctor (GP) as i knew you weren't supposed to just stop taking anti-depressants. She said see how you go. I never looked back...till the pandemic and lockdown forced me into a level of isolation that devastated my mental well-being. Then my cat went missing which tipped me into a severe anxiety state and insomnia (Sept 2020). After tinkering with Diazepam which did nothing for me, for a couple of weeks, i stopped taking it and tried to manage with Propranolol, OTC herbal and antihistamine sleep remedies. I am an experienced meditation practitioner, and in other techniques for calming the nervous system, but this was a tsunami of anxiety. With the help of counsellor i realised that some of this was de-repressed anxiety from trauma relating to an incident where i nearly drowned. My cat returned after 9 weeks but i was still in a bad way and my physical health was deteriorating... so i turned to Mirtazapine 15mg. It helped. My anxiety levels appear to have reduced considerably and i am sleeping better. I don't like how i feel now, it's like my system is being punched. The standard line is you should stay on the drug for 6 months after you start feeling better. But i feel slightly sedated with a heavy feeling in my head/mind, a background low grade headache, and i just want off the drugs. Also it is interrupting and disrupting my treatment for my other health issues. My functional doctor really did not want me to take prescription drugs. He recommended a gadget i find very effective called Sensate which helps relax the nervous system. So i have that in my tool kit now as well. I don't know how much he knows about tapering but he will be supportive. I speak to him next Tuesday about this. I heard about withdrawal woes initially in an ME support group on FB. So i knew there was the conventional approach and another one favoured by patients, tapering much more slowly using the 10% method. I googled withdrawing from Mirtazapine and found SA. This will be my first attempt at tapering and being aware of the risk of withdrawal symptoms. I don't want this drug in my system any longer than it has to be. I realise reading your many stories that mine is not the difficult experience you've all been through. I thank you that your honesty and this forum mean i get to the chance to do it right first time. Hopefully🙏 Love to you all x
  5. I've been on Mirtazapine since March 2020 for perimenopausal anxiety and insomnia. I'd struggled for a year with it and tried a lot of natural supplements before resorting to medication, although my doctor never suggested any type of hormone replacement. I started on 7.5mg and then after two weeks went up to 15mg. It worked well for 8 weeks and then stopped. I've been up and then down in dose but nothing has helped. My doctor and I agreed that it's definitely not working. I was up to 30mg for five weeks and decreased to 22.5mg with minor side effects. When I dropped to 15mg I was hit with a ton of symptoms that have taken a long time to decrease. I experienced dissociation for the first time along with skin burning, prickling, burning tongue, severe head pressure, migraines, depression, facial numbness, dizziness, nausea, appetite loss, night sweats, anhedonia, insomnia, nightmares and lucid dreaming. So, I've held at this dose for 5 months now. In the meantime, my doctor prescribed buspar which I am now taking 3x5mg. I still have the burning/numbness/prickling, anhedonia, nightmares, poor sleep and lucid dreaming but I had all of those prior to tapering (after starting mirtazapine). I also have head pressure but suffer from chronic migraines and can deal with a high level of head pain, so I'm ready to start tapering again. I'm going slower this time and have decided on a liquid taper. I was on a benzo for a short time back in 2016 and got off of it with minimal withdrawals after microtapering (I had an initial failed taper by dry cutting) using liquid and decreasing by .004mg per day. My body seemed to respond better to tiny decreases daily vs. a cut and hold. I'm afraid of what's to come, but hopeful that I can successfully use the microtaper approach. I'm so tired of not feeling joy, happiness or even interest in my family along with all of the physical problems. My sister asked for my opinion on something the other day and my reply was "it's fine". She commented that I say that a lot lately My son is starting his senior year of high school this fall and I need to be present and involved in so many things.
  6. Hi everyone. I've using mirtazapine for 4 months at a relatively low dose for insomnia. I started at 7.5mg in early March and since the end of March I'm at 22.5mg daily. I now want to discontinue mirtazapine due to weight gain. At some point hunger at nighttime became really disruptive. I've been educating myself on how to taper off. I take note of the 10 percent each 4 weeks general rule. My concern is that following this rule the taper would take close to 12 months I understand it could be feasible if I experience no significant withdrawal symptoms after the first two reductions to accelerate but at a minimum it seems 2 weeks per 10 percent reduction is recommended. This would take at least 6 months My concern is that the longer I take this drug the more weight gain, and perhaps the more dependent I become on it. Specifically, since I've been on this drug for only 4 months if I take 6 months to taper off I'm effectively doubling the time I'm on this drug. This is especially concerning in terms of weight gain I wanted to check if people's general experience with tapering from relatively short periods on a drug is that this allows to taper much faster. For example, would tapering over 2 months for a 4 months use make sense?
  7. Hello all, New here. After some traumatic life events (including diagnosis with an autoimmune disease) was put on mirtazapine nov 2018 during a day clinic program. They said it was a strong depressive episode with symptoms of anxiety. It was never pushed on me though most other places it might have been. Here they felt I had clear reasons and grief. In any case, I started mirtazapine 7,5 mg and slept for the first time in months. Then 15 mg and finally 22,5 when 15 wasn’t cutting it. This was the right dose. Yes I gained a bit of weight and had vertigo at times but that went away. I was given this med because I also take baby aspirin to think the blood to due a clotting antibody that was found. They felt this was the least risky. Who knows? Last month found out we have to start the process to have kids faster than I wanted due to diminished ovarian reserve and my psychiatrist who I will now fire gave me no real directions about the med and pregnancy. Said better not to look back and wonder if any issues with the kid were your fault. So I decided to taper down to avoid adding another med to my list and I have been feeling better and working, disease more well controlled. I asked for taper tips. She said in theory you can stop tomo but maybe try over a few weeks. No more tips. So I reduced a quarter every 10 days. Was pretty ok with one day (second day after reducing) usually being tough. Irritability, fatigue, sadness, a bit of anxiety. Then it would level out mostly. I was traveling this week, and figured I would be in a good mood and tapered mid break but forgot and did a half instead of a quarter (15mg to 7,5 mg) and BOY what a catastrophe. I had all those symptoms but magnified x10 and went back up to 15 mg the next day and felt almost immediately ok again. However today I felt headachey, sad and a bit anxious again and am afraid after some things I read that I have somehow permanently busted my already shaky brain and nervous system. With fertility treatments coming in the next months, I’d like any hope or advice on how to manage the taper? Or to hear from anyone who used it during pregnancy at a lower dose. Thanks for having me and for doing this! What a relief that this group exists.
  8. I am a 25 year old male and I've been on mirtazapine for about 7 or 8 years, I don't remember exactly when I started taking it. I've been at a 30mg daily dose for the entire time. I was prescribed the medication when I was around 18 when I was in a residential treatment center for drug addiction. I became addicted to heroin when I was 15 and I was in active addiction for 9 years. I've been clean and sober for over a year now, and now that I don't have any drugs or alcohol in my body I notice how mirtazapine effects me in a bad way. I feel flat mentally and physically I feel not great. My doctor is supportive of me tapering off mirtazapine and has setup a plan where I decrease the dose gradually by taking a 25% lower dose one day a week, then the next week for 2 of those days, and the next week 3 of those days..etc.. until every day I'm taking the lower dose at 22.5 mg, and once stabilized at that do the same thing until I'm at 15 mg every day. I'm on the 5th week and I took a lower 22.5 mg for 5 days in a row and today and tonight I feel terrible. I'm emotional, I feel anxious, hard to catch my breath, a little shaky and weak, dizzy and a little nauseous, vivid dreams, and really horrible teeth grinding all day. Mostly I am afraid and lonely. I have gone through heroin cold turkey withdrawal many times, and that is extremely painful mentally and physically but it's a quick thing, the worst is done after 5 days. I could handle it because I knew were the light at the end of the tunnel was. This mirtazapine is different, the half life is so long and I'm so afraid that I'll be tapering for a year and in pain the whole time. I've turned my life around so much, I just got accepted to a university program starting this fall, and will finally have a college degree, I have an internship and job. I'm so afraid I'm going to ruin everything by having a break down during this tapering process and I'm scared that I could even possibly relapse into my addiction as a result. I go to AA meetings and get a lot of support there, but tapering off this medication isn't something I can talk about there because it's considered an outside issuer, so I found this form for help. My doctor seems to think it should be an easy painless thing to taper off slowly like this, but that is not the experience I'm having, even only 5 weeks into it. I'm sorry this post is so long, I didn't mean to type this much, but I haven't been able to talk about this honestly with anyone, or seek advice from people with experience.
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