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Found 7 results

  1. Hellođź‘‹everyone, I was on Flouxetine for 20 years as part of managing a chronic health condition known as ME/CFS 1999-2019. The drug suited me (no obvious side effects) but i developed fatty liver disease (NAFLD) which led to a treatment protocol involving a medically designed ketogenic diet. About two and half months into this, i accidentally stopped taking the Flouxetine and didn't realise for 3 weeks (March 2019). No withdrawal symptoms. I spoke to my doctor (GP) as i knew you weren't supposed to just stop taking anti-depressants. She said see how you go. I never looked back...till the
  2. I've been on Mirtazapine since March 2020 for perimenopausal anxiety and insomnia. I'd struggled for a year with it and tried a lot of natural supplements before resorting to medication, although my doctor never suggested any type of hormone replacement. I started on 7.5mg and then after two weeks went up to 15mg. It worked well for 8 weeks and then stopped. I've been up and then down in dose but nothing has helped. My doctor and I agreed that it's definitely not working. I was up to 30mg for five weeks and decreased to 22.5mg with minor side effects. When I dropped to 15m
  3. Hi there, I'm new to this site but need help! Have had 15 years of AD use, which include a couple of changes due to 'poop outs'. My last change was 9 weeks ago when the 15mg paroxetine that I'd been on for 7 years pooped out. Ended up under crisis team and physchiatrist switched me to 15mg Mirtazapine (straight switch from one day to the next). I had done a similar switch back in 2007 when my lexapro pooped out (tapered down over 2 weeks then switched straight over to the paroxetine). Over the last 6 weeks on Mirtazapine, the physchiatrist titrated me up to 45mg as I was in a bad s
  4. Let me introduce myself. I am relatively new to the forums and I also don’t have years of experience of using antidepressants. It all began in Jan 21 with stomach flu/diverticulitis which put me on bed with swollen tummy and 0 sleep for 2 months. Only confirming after my colonoscopy that I don’t have cancer the doctor gave me antibiotics which I took and all my tummy symptoms were gone in March. But by then it was too late as my sleep was completely ruined by Amitriptyline/zolpidem and I was having anxiety/panic attacks every moment and I can tell you it was so bad that I was thinking that I a
  5. Hi everyone. I've using mirtazapine for 4 months at a relatively low dose for insomnia. I started at 7.5mg in early March and since the end of March I'm at 22.5mg daily. I now want to discontinue mirtazapine due to weight gain. At some point hunger at nighttime became really disruptive. I've been educating myself on how to taper off. I take note of the 10 percent each 4 weeks general rule. My concern is that following this rule the taper would take close to 12 months I understand it could be feasible if I experience no significant withdrawal symp
  6. Hello all, New here. After some traumatic life events (including diagnosis with an autoimmune disease) was put on mirtazapine nov 2018 during a day clinic program. They said it was a strong depressive episode with symptoms of anxiety. It was never pushed on me though most other places it might have been. Here they felt I had clear reasons and grief. In any case, I started mirtazapine 7,5 mg and slept for the first time in months. Then 15 mg and finally 22,5 when 15 wasn’t cutting it. This was the right dose. Yes I gained a bit of weight and had vertigo at times but that went away.
  7. I am a 25 year old male and I've been on mirtazapine for about 7 or 8 years, I don't remember exactly when I started taking it. I've been at a 30mg daily dose for the entire time. I was prescribed the medication when I was around 18 when I was in a residential treatment center for drug addiction. I became addicted to heroin when I was 15 and I was in active addiction for 9 years. I've been clean and sober for over a year now, and now that I don't have any drugs or alcohol in my body I notice how mirtazapine effects me in a bad way. I feel flat mentally and physically I feel not great. My
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