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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I've been on Amitriptyline for sleep issues for almost 11 years. Started low dose 10mg and worked up to 75mg over the years. Last four years I have been very sick with muscle tentions/pain and chest tightness, making it almost impossible to breath. I was told that my stress/anxitety was the cause, and belived the gp about that. After a bloodtest came back with the result of me having hyperkalemia, I found out that amitriptyline could be the cause of this. I then startet a too fast taper in december. It went okay down to 50mg. But as I got lower, I was having more and more diffeculties with sleep. Last week I have only slept for 2-3 hours most nights. I have tried to reinstate twice, from 36mg-37mg-now40mg. Should I try to reinstate more at this point? Or hold for a while? Not sleeping being the worst symtom, but also high heartrate and my ears are like I'm in an areoplane. My heart is starting to beat really fast every night around 5-6 hours after taking Amitriptyline. And after that I have heart/chestpain. By the way I discovered that most og my musclepain and chest tightness got a lot better as I was decreasing the Ami. My muscles makes twiching noises all the time both in my chest and back, and I can breath normally again.
  2. Hello everyone! Forty+ male from Germany here. As you can see in my signature, I've been on psychiatric medications, i.e. antidepressants, for most of my adult life. It all started in 2004 (maybe a lot earlier, but more on that probably later) when I was no longer able to sleep, felt like a piece of sh*t and could no longer go to university to finish my studies. Went to a psychiatrist after an amount of nagging by my girlfriend and was put on a low dose of amitryptiline, which actually helped with sleep for a while, but did not seem to do anything besides. Finally quit university after a while and sacked the shrink and amitryptiline on my own in early 2007. Until that no other therapy except meds. Fast forward to the summer of 2007 where I got into another crisis concerning my education and my future in general. Suicidal. Went to my GP who referred me to a different psychiatrist who ordered a course of mirtazapine and CBT. The mirtazapine helped me sleep (a lot) and made me gain weight (a lot). CBT was interesting and, in the beginning, helpful. When my therapist got pregnant at after about a year, I decided I'd had enough of therapy for the moment. Life went on, rough at times, and as the mirtazapine lost its effect, it was time to try Fluoxetine, as this was supposed to be more effective at lifting my mood (or so I was told). As I could not sleep without the mirtazapine, my doc added Trimipramine to the Fluoxetin. The fluoxetine regularly gave me diarrhea and after another (deeper, I'd say the absolute worst until then) crisis in 2012 which had quetiapine added to my cocktail, I ended up with clomipramine and quetiapine. The clomipramine was terrible during the first weeks to months: I was sweating like a river and short of breath at even the smallest exertion, could not have an orgasm, but at least my anxiety was gone. Quetiapine was discontinued quickly in 2015 after blood tests showed it affected my liver function. (And I blame it for my type 2 diabetes which was discovered in 2016, but try telling that a doctor...) After that my doctor recommended a switch to escitalopram as its side effect profile was supposed to be more tolerable compared to clomipramine. Pregebaline was added as escitaloprame was not as effective as clomipramine in killing my anxiety. Stopped the pregabaline for a while after I weighed over 90kg (about 198 lbs) at ca. 170cm height (about 5 feet 7 inches if I am not mistaken). To make a long story short: In 2021, when I was stuck at home due to the pandemic, I decided I'd had enough of those meds and started a, retrospectively, very quick taper: if I remember correctly I went from 20mg escitalopram to 0mg in about four weeks. I cannot say that I felt really bad during that time -- I was more energetic, but unfortunately also a lot more aggressive (my poor wife... now I know it was probably withdrawal) and as summer was approaching, my anxiety and mood swings kept returning. I discontinued the doxepin as well, but more slowly. I do not remember how exactly, to be honest. In July, as I desperately wanted to enjoy my summer holidays and not battle with anxiety, sleepless nights and mood swings, I went up from 0mg to 20mg abruptly. Nausea for one or two days, then I felt als I had always felt while taking escitalopram. Indifferent to anything and everything. For me, escitalopram is a real I-don't-care-at-all-pill. But I could function and sleep. Ok, now am I here in spring 2022 and want to get rid of my psych meds for good. I started tapering in autumn '21 and am currently at 7,5mg escitalopram. My current schedule is reduction by 2,5mg on a monthly basis. I often feel reasonably well, but unfortunately am experiencing some mood swings on a day to day basis. Sometimes I just long for the day to be over so I can go to bed. As today is a day that could be a lot better 😆, I am not sure if I will take the next step to 5mg which would be due on the next friday. Thanks for reading that far and I'd be glad to hear from you! N.
  3. I started Mirtazapine in March 2020 at 7.5mg. After a month or two I told my pcp about increased appetite and was told to take 15mg. In June I said it’s not giving me any benefits only side effects and was told to discontinue which made me very sick. I went back on after 1 week at 15mg. I did get relief after a few days but I’ve had bouts of depression I’ve never had, weird physical symptoms. I haven’t been the same since. About 2-3 weeks ago I started 15 every other day for about a week and a half then 7.5 every other for a few days now ive taken 7.5 the last three nights consecutively. I don’t know what to do and I really need help. I was prescribed this for panic attacks. Weird thing is each time I’ve either stopped or cut dosage my anxiety/panic have decreased since the first time CT in June. I have a weird dry skin type rash around my mouth, it’s not itchy at all though. The last 2 nights my sleep is a bit better but I’m exhausted all day. Should I just stop so my body can actually recover? I’m so lost and desperately need help.
  4. hello all... i just joined the group.. thank you in advance to anyone who responds to this post... ill keep my this as short as possible aroound december 2019 was prescribed mirtazapine.. i have never been on an anti depressant so i was super hesitant to start, as my sleep and mood were not good .. pill was 15mg so i attempted to cut it in qaurters roughly 3.75 ... took it for about 2 months and it seemed to do the job, at least as far as sleep was concerned ( was convinced that if my sleep went back to normal then my mood would follow) though that i was " healed" and stopped taking it cold turkey in mid february 2020. for a couple of weeks things were ok but then the insomnia came back with a vengence about 3 weeks ago... Every night i would wake between 2-3 am and would be wide until about 5 am , i would dose off around 5 and have to wake up around 8'30am . my quality of life was crap and i did not want to go back to the mirtazapine so i tried amino acid therapy ( 2 l tryphtopahns 3 times a day and 1 tablet of seriphos at bedtime) the amino acids didnt do much... and i was at my wits end ...the no sleep coupled with covid 19 and 2 kids at home with no school was too much for me so 2 days ago i went back to the mirtazapine 7.5mg...and the last 2 nights have been fine, sleep and mood have been much better i guess that i am just looking for advice on what to do next.. i know that mirtazapine is not the long term answer .. should i stay on 7.5 for a few months and then begin to taper ?? should i start with the 3.75 as that seemed to work in the past? is it normal for the sideffects of a drug take 2 to appear... thanks again for any advice
  5. Hi everyone, thank you for having me. Im looking for advice about updosing to try to stabilize. Prescribed Mirtazapine February 2018 for insomnia caused by over medication of thyroid. (The thyroid medication caused a severe upset to my nervous system- I had every symptom of hyperthyroidism for weeks, even after I ceased my thyroid meds completely. Going hyperthyroid caused my Cortisol to go high especially at night. It took 6 months for the effects of the over medication of thyroid to wear off. My theory is that the thyroid over medication sensitized my nervous system.) Mirtzapine only worked for a few weeks for sleep. I started at 7.5mg and then after 3 weeks increased to 15mg which again only worked for 3 weeks before the sleep effect wore off. Luckily I found some herbs that helped for sleep but they only worked for a few months. I also increased my dose of Luvox to help with sleep. I took temazapam and zolpidem a few times but was not keen on using them as I’d heard about addiction. Went to psychiatrist he told me to increase mirtzapine to 30mg. I reluctantly did this. Again it only worked for sleep for 3 weeks. But I started getting terrible side effects- crying all the time and internal tremors. So I dropped the dose back down to 15mg. I was only on 30mg for 3 weeks. Withdrawals hit straight away. Worsening at 4 weeks after the drop, and then worsening again at 3 months after the drop. I have not tried to reduce again since this first drop from 30mg-15mg. It has been 8 months of terrible symptoms. DR/DP didn’t hit until the 3rd month after the reduction. I wondered if it would be too risky to updose by 1mg of mirtzapine after this long (8 months since the drop). That would make my dose 16mg. Or should I just try to wait longer? I don’t know what to do. Some symptoms, like nausea, have gone, and the internal vibrations have lessened in intensity. Other strange symptoms seem to have stopped, but the DR/DP and low mood has been happening since the 3rd month. Low mood is perhaps not as severe. S ideations less intense, and anxiety still all over the place. A feeling of being numbed out - in terms of sensations in my body and my skin and since month 3 as well. It seems important to me that one of the side effects when I first started the mirtzapine -and which accompanied each increase briefly- was a level of Derealisation and numbing out sensation. This would pass after a week or two, but I’m assuming this makes sense as to why I have the symptoms I have in withdrawal. Thank you in advance
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