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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, I was recommended this website after asking for advice on reddit. I've been on citalopram variously doses for 11 years now tbh when I first started taking them If I knew the effects of coming off them was so bad I probably wouldn't have bothered. I attempted to come off them cold turkey in 2016 after my depression felt like it was under control now. Literally knew nothing about withdrawal and thought I may experience a few side effects for a few weeks and be fine... Doh! Initially had around 2 months of feeling euphoric and so happy and was like why was I on this drug for so long, then I crashed and became irritable, miserable, depressed, unmotivated and was told I needed my meds that's why so went back on them. Decided to come off them again recently, I halved my tablet to 5mg for 4 weeks then stopped thinking I was tapering off not actually understanding or knowing what tapering off meant until now! First 3 weeks I was okay no side effects. Then I got vertigo/dizziness which lasted around a week, I'm in week 5 and feel so odd, I've got really bad fatigue, low energy, struggling to sleep at night, feel sort of detached from myself and the world like I'm lost. No concentration, no motivation and time seems to just be disappearing on me a whole day will go by and feels like I've been up for an hour or two and done nothing. I'm irritable and teary, cry at anything. My brain just feels so dead. This is awful! After doing proper research not just what the docs tell you about 3 weeks you'll be fine etc but this can last for months even years? Why is this? Why is it so hard to come off these drugs and why are the withdrawal effects so adverse yet no doctor seems to know or warn you about this and tell you you're just having a relapse. I know I'm not depressed. But if I have to experience these effects and more to come no doubt for how long?? I will probably start to feel like I am again. Any advice on what more to expect or possibly how long this will take until I feel normal? Any advice on just dealing with fatigue and no motivation and all the other symptoms? I feel like this is a serious issue that more people should be made aware of before they're given these meds so easily.
  2. Hey there. My name is kyle. I live in a small town in canada, I've been on 2 types of antidepressants. First was called pristiq (weined off no issues). I am currently taking paxil 30mg. I've been on this for 4 years now and I'm really beginning to hate the side effects. - I have constant sweaty feet ( drives me crazy, especially in the winter when they sweat and my feet get frozen so fast) - if i don't get up and get moving doing something in the morning i get super tired it turns into a brainfog type headache and feel depressed. The brainfog and depression in this state remind me of the feeling of paxil withdrawal that I experienced a couple years ago. -hard time getting off, it's not impossible but takes alot of concentration. -weight gain ( I'm not terribly overweight about 20 pounds I'd say) - I feel as though they are causing me more depression than they're worth Been doing some research on CBD oil and am hoping that one day when I'm off antidepressants I can transition to CBD oil. It sounds promising anyways ( I know I cant start the oil until I'm completely off the antidepressants) Brief background At the age of 7 or so I had another kid from school (a Male "freind" ) sexual molest me. I never said anything and I grew up from there thinking alot of horrible things. It turned into self hate and horrible thoughts. Fast forward to 17 years old and I had my first small panic attacks after smoking weed. Then when I was 18/19 more followed after smoking weed. I quit the weed but the panic stayed. Went on pristiq and it helped was on it 2 years and but eventually was slowly getting the anxiety back.. weined off the pristiq and broke up with a long time gf moved away started a new job (bad idea) had a severe panic attack at new job, immediately quit moved back to home town got back with ex girlfriend. Wasnt working and slid into a serious depression followed by a panic attack that lasted 2 weeks, day in day out until I finally gave up and went to the doctor. Was put on paxil. Took 3 months to get back feeling well enough again to work again (hardly left the house. Scared the hell out of me) Have been on paxil now 4 years. Broke up with the long time gf about 1.5 years ago now. Bought a house and am working with my family's company for 4 years now. About 2 years back I tried to wein off the paxil. The doctor told me to go down to the 20mg for a month then the 10mg after that.... well that lasted about 3 days. 3 days of taking the 20mg and I felt like absolute hell (severe depression crazy brainfog, couldn't do anything but sit around) it scared me. Its somewhat scared me now to think about trying to come off them again but I honestly believe my quality of life will improve now. (I hope anyways) There's more to my story. This is a brief overview of where I am at this time. Feel free to ask questions. I am an open book. My concern is to feel better ! If you have similar storeys/experience like mine please comment!! Thanks for reading!!!
  3. Tess2019


    I am a 63 year-old female. I started taking fluoxetine (20 mg) approximately 23 years ago for severe PMDD (premenstrual dysphoric disorder). I want to say here that I would do it all over again. It gave me my life back. I have been off of fluoxetine for three months now. I tapered slowly, over approximately 6 months. I was fine for about 6 or 7 weeks. Then I started having some real symptoms. I can deal with the physical symptoms: intestinal issues, headaches, and periodic dizziness. The low mood, though, is rough. Every day I consider taking just 5 mg again to get through this. Every single day. Things have changed in my life recently and I have to move. I have to sell my house and other houses in this area aren't selling. I work full time and it is hard to focus. At my age, I cannot afford to lose my job. I need to work until I am 70. In the past, I have been able to put aside stresses when I am doing my work. I worry that the medication has changed my brain chemistry forever and this painful withdrawal is all for naught. I have given myself until 2/1/20. If I am not feeling better by then I am going back on fluoxetine. Have any of you successfully gotten yourselves back after quitting fluoxetine. (I am on no other medications.)
  4. W0rstcasescenari0


    So Im 40 years old and wither or not anyone believes me I know its responsible for ruining my life. I was on effexor for about a year when I was 24 I was an at home wife/mother of 3 , I had never been in trouble before and worked in the computer field when I wasnt at home with my sons. At 25 I was using drugs, Gambling, Left my husband and family and by 30 I was in prison. The things I did, unrepairable, so out of character. I knew it was the effexor, I told anyone who would listen. Up until now I would look every couple of years to see if anyone else had similar experiences, I would come up empty handed. I hate that so many other people have been negatively affected by this drug but now I dont feel so alone.
  5. i am currently two weeks into withdrawing from Venlafaxine 225 mg ER and i am in excruciating pain. i am on prozac for the aid but it barely helps. I feel trapped by this, I can't work and my psych refuses to write a note excusing me due to this so i have lost my job. I am constantly out of it now and forget where i am frequently. I have horrible light sensitivity and can't stop sweating. I was a drug addict for several years and have gone through severe withdrawals from narcotics in rehab and this is very similar if not worse. My brain doesn't feel like mmine and I don't feel supported by the doctor who i should be able to trust. feeling very lost right now and need suggestions
  6. Kilito12

    Kilito. New.

    Hey everyone. Not sure what I'm looking for here. I guess some reassurance about how things are going for me. Been reducing citalopram (40mg) since April and now not taking anything. Serious side effects. Worst being the dizziness and electrocution down my neck and necks every time I move my eyes. Insomnia too. Hence why I'm awake at 4:30am.
  7. Hi, I was in PaxilProgress and most people from there came here, so I decided to join. I am scared because after 6 months from my last panic attack I had another one today, totally out of the blue. The only factor with the previous incidents is that I had food poisoning. I had to take a Xanax to calm down but I vomited after 30 minutes. I feel effects though. I am scared that I will relapse and get as bad as I was in 2012. I had rebuilt my life, I got a job, I got another job because I was suffering from mobbing on the first job, and I will start my new job soon, I can't relapse and ruin my chance, I need this job. I can't be on bed for a whole month. I am really scared of ending up taking a bunch of pills to function. I need help and reassurance. I have no family I can count on, my mom is dead, so in my grandma, and my dad doesn't speak to me because he has another family. Sorry if I am writing with typos I feel very sleepy and drowsy. I don't know what to do, I can feel the anxiety in my chest, I can feel that it can't grow due to the Xanax, I am scared that tomorrow I will have to take more Xanax and become dependent of it to function. Please help me, I am scared and I thought this part of my life was gone, but now it had come back.
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