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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, I am tapering off Nortriptyline currently and have recently began having feelings like my legs are not working or like I am unable to move them. I am able to physically move them, but it's a weird feeling like they are delayed or something. Has anyone else encountered symptoms like this? My mind wants to tell me that I have MS or ALS, but I am not having physical issues of moving them. I think maybe it's related to tapering off of the medication. Thanks for any insight!
  2. Brussellsprout's Success Story: brussellsprout-you-will-make-it-through-and-thrive Hi all, here is my story. I started with dizziness about 10 months ago. My doctor thought it was Vestibular migraine and put me on Celexa 20 mg for two months. Did nothing. They then weaned be off over 10 days before putting me on nortriptyline, getting up to 30 mg over three months. It started to affect me by giving me panic attacks so I weaned off of that over another month. While weaning off of the nortriptyline, once I got down to 15 mg, the doctor started me on Effexor. I started at a quarter of a 37.5 mg tablet and worked up to 37.5 mg over three weeks. I was then on 37.5 mg for two weeks and had awful side effects so started tapering off over a three-week period. Basically, I was on and off of Effexor a total of seven weeks. Then, the doctor put me on Klonopin for two weeks to try to help me come off of the Effexor. I refused to take it for more than two weeks. However, I am now 45 days off all of the medication and I'm having really bad muscle twitches, unsteadiness still, sensations of the floor feeling squishy beneath my feet and a constant feeling of like my brain is cracking. Not to mention emotional upheaval Has anyone here noticed significant improvement in recovery after short term use of these drugs? I'm terrified they permanently altered me and I won't get back to homeostasis.
  3. Hello, I've been reading this forum since I started having horrible trouble with withdrawal symptoms. But this is the first time I write here. You can see my history in my signature. Right now I'm not sure if I'm in protracted withdrawal or relapse. Depression runs in my family. My mom has depression with psychotic episodes and my brother is diagnosed as bipolar. I don't know why this happens in my family, also extended family. Both my mom and brother are on medications and are stable and doing well. However, I haven't been well since I started the withdrawal journey first from going off Effexor 8 years ago, and then from Pristiq 3 years ago. I can't tolerate antidepressants now, and still have many debilitating withdrawal symptoms. So I'm not sure, if this is a combination of relapse and withdrawal. I know it has to do something with withdrawal, 'cause I continue to have brain zaps, akathisia, confusion, fatigue, nerve pain, and the list goes on and on. I am really confused right now. I had a window during the summer and I thought I was healed, but now I have a bad wave. What makes me most depressed is having to interrupt projects and plans that used to be my dreams and passions. I'm a singer/songwriter. Haven't been able to be creative for over a year, which really frustrates me. I still sing (though sometimes I do it without pleasure) since it's part of my job, but only at weddings, restaurants, etc. I recorded an album over the last year and a half (with songs I had written before withdrawal), it took me so long to finish this project due to depression and withdrawal symptoms which have been extremely debilitating. The album is done, the art of the album is ready. Now I'm faced with having to promote myself here in my country (Mexico). I don't have the energy, the mind clarity or the confidence now, since I don't know how my body and mind will do in a week, or tomorrow, or in a month, or at anytime. So my life is interrupted and I don't know for how long. I also was about to get married 3 years ago and that's when I decided to go off Pristiq. My body and mind went into chaos, turning me into someone I know is not really me. So wedding plans have been postponed (until I heal or at least get better and stay that way). The relationship has not been easy, we've broken up many times when I have waves. I just wanted to know if someone could give me some advice on how do you deal with hopelessness when dreams and plans that once excited me and gave me happiness are now on hold without knowing when I will be able to resume without fear of committing myself and then having a bad wave? Thank you
  4. Hi, I am currently on 15 mg of remeron. I tried to stop when tapered sucessfully down to 3.75. I had withdrawals with anxiety that made me sucidal and I had to go to the hospital. I have come off all other drugs sucessfully in the past. I am scared to death about ever coming off and wondering if I ever should come off. I keep wondering what happens in the future if some reason I can't get the drug. I constantantly obsess now about getting off the drug to the point I've had to go back on tranxene to keep the anxiety down from worring about coming of this drug some day. Should I just stay on it. If it permantly damages the receptors and they don't repair in your brain would it be best to just stay on it. I have GAD so I may need to stay on a drug for life. I got off prozac some years ago and lived symptom free for 4 years until a bad life trauma caused me to have debilitating anxiety for months. I could not work and could not eat. I dropped down to 100 lbs and had to be hospitalized. I have been stabilized on remeron now for over 2 years. Should I try to stop or would it be best for me just to stay on? If I stay on I'm just going to worry about it until I crack up. Right now I found a doctor in Ashville NC, Dr. Daniel Johnson who specializes in helping people safely withdraw from these meds. He has not returned my calls at all. Maybe he is on vacation or something. I even tried contacting Dr. Peter Breggin.. I'm so scared that if I try to come off my brain will be damaged permantely and will not recover. I know I should think like this but even the slightest anixiety can make me suicidal. I don't know if I can ever risk a withdrawal. I had to go to the hospital for my first attempt at this withdrawal. Some of it could have been extra anxiety by worring about the withdrawal rather than the withdrawel itself, but I don't know. Help, I'm scared to even try. Cheryl
  5. Hi Everyone. I'm new to the site. I have suffered from depression for 16 years and have not been on a forum like this before but am feeling very desperate for advice at the moment and as my doctors are useless i thought maybe someone on here who understands could help me. I have a Psychiatrist appointment but not for a month yet! Anyway i have been on anti depressants for 16 years. I was on Citalopram(60mg) for 10 years and then Nortriptyline (150)mg for 6 years. Now 3 months ago i did something i know was very stupid and not recommended and came off the Nortriptyline cold turkey. I did this because at this point i was just desperate to get them out my system. I believe they have caused all my mental problems which include memory and concentration problems, jerking, seizures, electric shock feelings, brain pressure and constant sleeping. It was starting to scare me and that is why i did it. Anyway at first i experienced what i expected horrific physical withdrawal symptoms where to be honest i did just want to die but i was determined and after 3 weeks these faded. I then experienced a weird depression i had not had before where i couldn't even move for a while and then that passed. I am now at a stage where my depression is basically back to how it used to be but at its worst. My depression has always been up and down and the drugs never worked but i just cant seem to get out of this major low and its been longer than normal. I am really worried this is going to ruin my relationship as i don't want to see my boyfriend and just spend the whole time crying and sleeping and i feel like there is no way out anymore. Part of me just wanst to start taking some drugs again to see if it improves but part of me is scared to go back on them again as i know how hard they were to get off. I know the Psychiatrist will be able to advise me on this but i don't think i can carry on like this for that long. Do you think i should just try and stick it out and it will improve as this is just withdrawal or start taking a small dose of drugs again. Thanks so much for reading this
  6. Hi all, I have been on AD’s for approximately 3 years. I have tried a lot of different meds in that time with varied success. Most recently I have switched straight up from 125mg of clomipramine to 100mg of notriptiline as all I wanted to do was sleep on the clompiramine though everything else was fine. After 5 days of the switch I have severe brain zaps, dizziness and horrible dreams which lead me to wake up in a state of panic. These withdrawal symptoms (at least I hope that’s what they are) have been going for 7 days now. Hoping I could get some advice as to how long these symptoms will last as I’m starting to think maybe I should revert back to the previous meds.
  7. I took one dose of snri venlafaxine 50 mg for my panic disorder it relieved by chest pain and breathing difficulty after only one dose it also gave me serotonin syndrome and i stopped after that and after 20 days i started feeling withdrawal symptoms i was disoriented chronic headche couldn't fall asleep alienated feeling completely suicidal so i went into ER and they diagnosed me as depression then after i was put on 50 mg of nortriptyline and .5 mg of klonopin for three months and after that i tapered off in one month its been three months now im not at all gettin any withdrawal symtomps iam afraid of getting delayed withdrawals from these medications becas one dose gave me unpleasent withdrawal iam afraid how will be the withdrawal of taking drugs for months is it possible to get withdrawals after 6 months from stopping or after one year from stopping???
  8. Hi - I started Nortriptyline 10mg on May 30th. I started to feel nausea 1-2 weeks into it. I stopped completely on June 18th after consulting with my physician. I am still feeling nausea 24/7 - but it is more pronounced 1 hour after each meal. Since I only took it for 19 days total - is this a withdrawal symptom? I'm just really confused. I walked out of my annual physical - and everything else is perfectly fine. This was my first time taking any anti-depressant and it was prescribed for me for jaw tension (thought to be caused by anxiety). Would like any perspective please. Nortriptyline 10mg from May 30th - June 18th (total 19 days), then quit cold turkey.
  9. I noticed that I had used "write" instead of "right" when I finished the sentence in my title but I thought I'd leave it in because it is the perfect example of the difficulties I'm having right now. Throughout my life my spelling and grammar have always been fantastic but I find myself at this point during withdrawal unable to articulate myself well at all. Whilst writing a sentence I get part way through and then realise that I have forgotten what I had started talking about and so have to go back and and re-read what I have just written to get back on the same thread again. I often notice that I've written the same word twice or have missed a word out entirely. Having these difficulties at the sentence level means that I find it even harder to structure a longer piece of text so I find myself reading and re-reading everything that I've written countless times in order to try and determine what I've left out and what the gaps are. Because it is taking me more than one sitting to put my introductory piece together I'm editing it in google docs because the forum won't let me save a post for submitting later. I'm also a bit of a perfectionist so combining that with the current mental fog and short term memory impairment from withdrawal I find myself putting it off and coming back occasionally and doing like 20 minutes on it here and there and it's taking me forever to get done. Hopefully I can introduce myself to you all soon!!!
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