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Found 18 results

  1. Hi! I hope someone has some advice or comfort for me. I have been taking 80mg of Nortriptyline since April of 2004. When our insurance was changing this January, I decided (with the support of my doctor) to decrease to 75mg for cost reasons. I decreased from 80mg to 75mg on January 2nd and actually felt fine. My doctor didn't anticipate any problems for me at all. However, I have been increasingly anxious starting on day 15 through today.I have felt constant anxiety which won't go away even when I'm concentrating on something else. I felt this way while first taking antidepressants 9 yea
  2. I was put on 10mg of Nortriptyline and was on it for 8 months. I was tapering Gabapentin at the time. I had a horrific taper off Gabapentin and am still far from healed. I am nearly 3 months off but feel dreadful evey day. I am still in acute withdrawal with no real windows, however, I needed to get off Nortriptyline too and am now at 1.9mg. I have been dropping by 0.1mg at a time. I am concerned that my slow taper off Nortriptyline is hindering rather than helping my overall recovery. What do I do?
  3. Hello Everyone. I was on 20mg nortriptyline for 6 weeks. I tapered off the drug over a 1 week period due to it's side effects (increased heart rate, muscle spasms and hair loss). It's been 2 weeks since I stopped taking the nortriptyline and I am still having a very rough time dealing with withdrawal symptoms. I constantly have this constant rocking motion that I feel in my head as though I'm on boat that's bobbing up and down, left and right, forward and backwards. Although this seems similar to vertigo, things around me in the environment are not spinning. I just feel like my mind and head i
  4. Hello to all. Please accept my most sincere greetings. I know that all of us here are after a better life and the fact that all of us have ended up here by each other's side under one single umbrella means we all have what it takes to build a better more robust life. We are a precious community giving each other hope, helping hands and the necessary incentive and energy to carry on and reach the finish line with flying colors. We will all make it sooner or later. I for one have come into grips with weaning off of Nortriptyline. After almost 2 years of being on the drug for what ini
  5. Hi all, I am new to this website and I wanted to say a few words about what I am going through. I was put on Nortriptyline 50 mg and Venlafaxine 37.5 mg for vestibular migraine. Actually first nortriptyline with no success for my vestibular migraine. Instead of weaning off at the time the DR kept me on both medication so finally I decided in 2020 that I wanted to get off the nortriptyline. The first 10 mg was fine, then some restless legs symptoms but got through it till managing to get to 25 mg. Then hell. I found a pharmacy that custom made my doses to allow me to drop 1
  6. I am beginning a nortriptyline taper and cut from 20mg to 18mg two nights ago. I started nortriptyline 3 years ago for migraine prevention, post concussion issues and nerve pain. Fast forward to now. I have started having severe migraines much more frequently. I had brain surgery a year ago to remove a tumor. I also started having hemiplegic migraines (they can resemble a stroke or seizure). An ER trip for a migraine showed some EKG abnormalities. My neurologist and cardiologist said to start tapering off the nortriptyline as it might be causing cardiac issues and is obviously no longer helpin
  7. I am new to this website, and am interested in gathering information regarding a safe taper from Nortriptyline. My history of antidepressants began with a benzodiazepine (0.25mg alprazolam). I had issues from the first pill, and took me a couple years before I realized it was the drug. I had to do a water-titrated slow taper off the 0.25mg over the course of two years, and jumped off on November 13, 2014. I'm very glad to be off it. I have been on 20mg nortriptyline at bedtime for almost 8 years (started it when I was in tolerance-withdrawal from the benzo but didn't
  8. Hello, I have been successfully tapering klonopin since May 2019. I am still on 2 antidepressants and feel awful in the mornings. Nortriptyline and Trazodone. My sleep isn't great and feeling so bad, like I am drugged is making it worse. I want to start tapering Trazodone by cutting 5% ever 2 weeks. Has anyone ever tapered 2 drugs at once. I feel if I wait til I am off the benzo, that's a long time away to start tapering another med. Feel this bad in the morning with 3 kids is killer. Not sleeping at all is worse but I think these meds aren't helping my problem. I have read up whe
  9. I was wondering how to make a liquid solution to taper my last 10mg of Nortriptyline. ....is it accurate to mix it with water?
  10. Hi All, I'm a 29 year old female and in September 2015 I became extremely ill. The doctors couldn't figure it out. I was having trouble eating, abdominal pain, nausea, migraines and weight loss. In early 2016, I believe March, I was hospitalized. During that time I was diagnosed with gastroparesis. Over the next couple months I continued to be ill and lose weight so I was referred to a specialist (gastroenterologist) in my state. He diagnosed me with Visceral Hypersensitivity and prescribed amitriptyline 25mg. I took that medicine for about 2-3 months and it made me tre
  11. Hi Guys, I am so glad i found this forum. I hope it can help me survive this and hopefully i can help other people too.I had been on Antidepressants for 18 years from when i was 15 years old. The Doctors never seemed to know what to do with me so chucked drugs at me to try and deal with the Problem. I was on Citalopram 60mg for 10 years and was then changed to Nortriptyline (150mg) for 8 years. Around 3 months ago i was told that they could not get this Medication anymore. I think this is something to do with Brexit as i live in the UK but i was obviously pretty angry as i was told
  12. My experience with antidepressants started in June 2017, when I was prescribed Nortriptyline(Older generation antidepressant) to treat my nerve pain. It was almost miraculous in reducing my symptoms, but I found out the hard way about it’s sinister side effects. When I started the drug I was in relatively perfect mental health, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Within two weeks it was like I had been given a chemical lobotomy. I lost all sense of satisfaction and interest in life, had a drastically reduced sex drive, and just felt constantly numb 24/7. I came to realize that this drug was
  13. I've been on Pamelor (35mg/day) and Xanax (1.5 mg/day) for 18 months now. My psychiatrist released me to my PCP for care 6 months ago when he stopped accepting my insurance. I would like to start coming off both, but not at the same time. M y PCP and I decided to start with the Pamelor. It's difficult to reduce by just 10% each month since it comes in capsule form of 10 mg and 25 mg doses. I have just reduced the 30 mg/day and will stay on that for at least 2 months per PCP advice. I'd really like to hear how others were able to come off Pamelor considering the dosage restrictions
  14. hello everyone! i guess i should consider myself lucky that i stumbled across this place before attempting to taper off. i've been on medication for over 2 years now, although my current regimen of nortriptyline + low dose celexa has only been in place for around 12 weeks. what really concerns me is how low-functioning i am (with or without the meds) - i don't have the financial or social support, let alone the mental health capacity, to mess this up. it's probably gonna take a lot of preparation on my part before i start tapering. i had a panic attack that went on for hours when i came a
  15. I am currently taking 25mg of Nortriptyline for migraine headaches and anxiety. I don't think they are helping me enough to warrant taking them for the rest of my life. I want to taper off. The pills are in capsule form so I am unable to taper by 10 percent. I was planning on taking the 25 mg every other day instead of every day for a month. The next month I would take every 2 days. After that, every 3 days and so on until I discontinue for good. Any opinions on this being an effective method? My doctor said I can just stop since 25mg is a low dose but I have been on the drug for 3 years. I h
  16. Hello I am new to this place and found it when looking for an answer as to why i am in the situation i am in now. I have been married to my wife for 3 years and known her for about 5. This woman is everything to me and I was everything to her. I was in the military and we got married when living with her family in NY state. When i was medically discharged from the military i wanted to move back to my home in SC. She came with me but it did affect her. I expected as much a big move like that is hard on anybody. She was depressed and just sad for a few months. She started to have these heada
  17. I have a myriad of problems depression and migraines included. I won't bother you will everything going on in my life. Main reason I'm here, I 'accidentally' (read into that, that I forgot to get my refill of 50mg Nortriptyline filled) went cold turkey off this med. Been over 3 weeks since I had it and I think to myself, well it wasn't really helping, I still have massive migraines and I'm still suicidal so why bother. OK so starting last week I became extremely nauseous EVERY day some times all day long and my Zofran 4mg are barely working and I'm eating them like candy (good thing my doc
  18. I general, how easily do people become dependent on nortriptyline? I really don't want to become dependent on nortriptyline and later have to taper it over months with similar withdrawal symptoms to my benzos. So I would welcome any views on the risks involved in my use of nortriptyline. BACKGROUND: I am taking 10mg nortriptyline to help reduce the terrible head aches and head pressure I have been getting during my taper off benzos. (After 10 years of taking different benzos, I have tapered from 18mg diazepam to 2mg over 20 months.) I may even have to increase the nortriptyline to
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