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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. Im a 39 year old female from Norway and I am now two weeks of Zoloft after a 4 month tap off. I was on this medication for 20 years (yes it's crazy and scary) and before I decided to go off it I had started feeling pretty severe side effects and also from looking back I don't feel the medication ever really helped me. I was suicidal while on it years ago. Sorry for any typos since English is not my main language and also I am so sick right now I can barely hit the letters. Extreme nausea, diarea, dry mouth, very very sensitive to sound and light and I cry ALL the time. I swear I ha
  2. Bluemoon3


    Hi ! I am not an English speaker. I was put on largactil (chlorpromazine) and Olanzapine in July for 1 month not knowing the damage it was doing. I stopped suddenly and broke down 2 weeks later because of 4 nights of total sleeplessness. I took Largactil in high doses (300mg per day) again and I decreased it in 4 months until I quit. Since I was not sleeping at all again, I was prescribed Seresta (oxazepam). Currently I take 35mg in the evening and 5mg in the morning. I sleep 5 or 6 hours with it. I had a huge trauma and I'm afraid I won't be able to sleep naturally, in addition to
  3. Hi, I used citalopram 30 mg for 23 years. Because of recurring apathic behavior, psychiatrist advised getting off Citalopram in steps of -5mg per 2 weeks. First 15 mg no problems, from 15-10 Mgs I became scared, panicking. Psychiatrist advised going back to 30 Mgs in a few steps. But that dindn’t help and within a few days to a week I experienced hell. Protracted withdrawal. Old dosage of citalopram 30 Mg didn’t help. Psychiatrist advised 30 mg of oxazepam, then 75 Mg after a few weeks and finally 105 Mg after a few more weeks. Psychiatric hospital for 6 weeks, Citalopram was stopped, Oxazepam
  4. I started Prozac in 1989 for depression--several life events and working rotating shifts caught up with me. Took off and on, then solidly after adoption of our first daughter in 1999...my doctor told me to when I went in for strep throat and at his inquiry, told him I was tired. Gradually became more tired and developed muscle pains..diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2003. In 2006, became depressed (still functioning). 3/2006 Exchanged Prozac for Cymbalta. 3 months later had what the pdoc called "mania, hypomania or whatever." So not sleeping. Stopped Cymbalta, added oxazepam, had reaction
  5. hello, so about 5 years ago i was taking bath salts(stupid, i know), a lot of bath salts, and i developed a symptom like bulging eyes which destroyed my life this symptom lasted for one month but already i developed an obsession with how my eyes looked to other people which is still present in my life so i got depressed and isolated still obsessing over my eyes so what to do next? with my mother persisting in going to get help i ended in a psychiatric hospital, after 5 minutes of describing the symptoms and telling the cause (bath salts)
  6. Have been on Cipramil for abouit 3 years on a low dose of 10 milligrams i eventually became sick on this low dose with diarrhea ,nausea and panic attacks so i reduced to 5 millagrams for a couple of months things returned to normal then i got sick again on 5 Millagrams so i reduced to 2 millagrams things got better for 10 days , i went back on 2 millagrams and got sick again this was the same pattern that i experienced with another antidepressant at this time iam finding it hard to sleep and have been taking serapax because of the low dose the withdrawal is causing panic attacks that i cant
  7. Struggling here ???? Sorry in advance for any mistakes, I'm from The Netherlands so english is not my first language. I don't want to go back to taking seroxat and I truely believe it is possible for me to get a grip on my anxiety and hypochondria without pills and with therapy. But I start doubting myself when my doctor says 'why stop in the first place?' And my friends are saying 'This is taking too long!' after three months! I understand it must be difficult for them to see me struggle but I'm not ready to give in. But it is getting harder and harder. But I'm glad I have fou
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