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Found 9 results

  1. Hey, I took paliperidone 13.5 months ago and I think the brain damage was just undeniable. Which is sad. The reason I am writing here is because I pretty much just wanted to state that I feel like a part of my brain is missing
  2. thunkimjusthappy

    thunkimjusthappy Risperidone

    Hi, In March I had received as an inpatient an depot injection paliperidone 125mg, and 75mg a week after it. My diagnosis was a psychotic episode. During this episode, I called the ambulance in a panic attack. I did not have hallucinations. My injection has been discontinued outpatient and I receive now 2mg risperidone tablets which I have been taking for only three weeks. I have trouble with my memory, and I need it desperately for my daily life as a student. I've read the injection gradually weans off, however, I'm still taking the tablets oral
  3. Hello, I am currently having monthly Xeplion (paliperidone) intramuscular injections at the dose of 50mg per month. I have been taking Xeplion for the last 3 years or so with the exception that I tried to cut down and stop with the Ok to try from my psychiatrist but I knew at the time very little if anything about withdrawal and was told nothing and it did not go that well at the end. I first started at the dose of 75mg per month, now I am on 50mg. I would like to cut down and stop (gradually) with a plan but I don't know of any psychiatrists/doctors that are very suppo
  4. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia two years ago. Im taking invega 6mg tablets every night. In the past i was taking other psych meds but i cut it down to the invega only. I have problems with anxiety and falling asleep when i skip my AP. I am planning on going to psychotherapy so that i can deal with my mental health issues. I want to taper off from the invega but i am not ready to start the process. Im at work every day about 12 hours a day but I have a lack of motivation and i am not productive. Sometimes i do my job but most of the times i sit back and smoke cigarettes. I am involved in a
  5. Hi, I am currently taking a lower dosage of paliperidone 3mg once a day. I have been taking this for about 5 Years now, but in all I’ve been taking this drug since I was 14, and am 25 now. I went off the drug once cold turkey and induced a psychotic episode. I want to start tapering off it slowly at 10%, like recommended, but I’m wondering how I do that since I’m taking such a low dose already and the lowests dosage is 1.5 mg in a tablet form? 10% if 3 would be 2.7mg, but I’m not sure how I would taper to that since the lowest pill is 1.5? And then once I get to 1.5, how do I taper to eventual
  6. HeatherRose

    Heather Rose: Hello

    Hi. My friend referred me here. She is concerned about all my medications and bad side effects I have been having for a long time such as forgetfulness, trouble concentrating, shaking and dependency. I am on many medicines and have been taking various meds for almost 26 years to control my mood disorder. I have had times of shaking problems. I also have trouble staying focused and concentrating. I used to be a big reader but now it is hard for me to read a whole book. My attention just drifts. I am dependent on them for sleep especially. I wanted to see what this was all about so perhaps can c
  7. Byfenerist

    Byfenerist: Xeplion

    Hi all I am from turkey My problem is insomnia Started with xeplion injection Help me ; I dont know english ))
  8. Hi everyone, I am ablearcher83, and I was misdiagnosed with psychosis in December 2015, and until May 2016, I was forced to take Invega Sustenna at 78 mg for a total of five months. In June 2016, my psychiatrist informed me that my psychosis was likely a misdiagnosis and was my so called psychotic symptoms were most likely caused by a lack of sleep and stress (I didn't sleep for five consecutive days and was under a lot of stress). He suggested that I stop the Invega Sustenna injection immediately and that there was no need to taper slowly as an injection tapers itself off. I am wondering wha
  9. Hi my name is Shawn5150 . And I was forced to take one monthly dose of envaga sustenna . The drug blocks dopamine receptors so I can't feel any pleasure. Is there anyone who has been through that can tell me if my brain will go back to what it was before taking this horrible med. Thank you
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