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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone, I want to introduce myself. This forum helped me start tapering off of paxil a year ago and I never officially joined until now. Now that I am close to the finish mark, things have gotten harder. It is a long story, so I post a summary first and then a longer version. What I am looking for: sympathy, tips on dealing with current WD symptoms, advice, etc. My history (summary): May 2017-April 2018: 30 mg paxil April-September 2018: 15 mg paxil Sept-Nov 2018: 20 mg paxil November 2019: switch to 20mg paroxetine (bad reaction to change) December 2019-July 2021: 20mg Paxil again June 2021-August 2021: slow transition from 20mg brand paxil to 20mg paroxetine. Went well this time.(motivation was price of drug) July 2021: discussed with doc that parox has made me feel stupid/less sharp. I have always been considered a smart individual, and my work is very intellectual. He said parox does indeed cause cognitive decline over extended use period. So I started tapering off 20mg paroxetine at approx. -10% a month. Had to combine with suspension which is only sold as brand Paxil. (Doc supported this plan). July 2021: doc suggested cannabis for insomnia and that has been wonderful. This was because I often found myself needing 0.25mg alprazolam to sleep and he said cannabis was better. May 2022: reached 10mg paroxetine (from 20mg July 2021). No bad feelings other than noticing increased overall anxiety. Convinced myself I do want to take meds but not paroxetine. July 2022: Doc suggested change to 10 mg Trintellix. Suggested plan was: week 1: 10mg parox and 5mg trintellix; week 2: 10 mg parox and 10mg trintellix; week 3: 5 mg parox and 10mg trintellix (I disobeyed and went to 7.5mg instead and felt fine); week 4: 2.5mg parox and 10mg trintellix (I disobeyed and went to 5mg of paroxetine and all hell broke loose). Three days into the change from 7.5->5mg paroxetine I started feeling terrible withdrawal. August 2022: currently taking 10mg trintellix in the morning and 5 mg paroxetine in the evening and afraid to reduce further. Have been needing 0.25 mg alprazolam to sleep because I am afraid of using prescribed cannabis, which is what I normally use for sleeping. August 2022: 10mg trintellix and 5 mg paroxetine. Alprazolam 0.25mg or cannabis for sleep. Having WD from parox in spite of trintellix. Since 3rd day of going 7.5mg->5mg of parox I have felt crippling headache that did not subside even with 600 mg ibuprofen. This came along with a very stiff neck seemingly out of the blue. I decided it must've been my yoga headstand. But I also felt a bit off - weird racing thoughts, did not feel like myself. Had to take alprazolam 0.25 mg to sleep. The next day I felt extremely nauseous and dizzy along with the stiff neck, ocular pain, and a paradoxical feeling of both light and heavy head, if that makes sense. These symptoms persisted into the next day, which is where I am now. What I've been trying from reading here: took 2x 120mg magnesium capsules this morning and 2xvegan omega3 capsules. I felt some relief from ocular and neck pain. Also have been using heat pads and sniffing my lavender/eucalyptus oil blend for relief. Tums helped with nausea yesterday. Any tips are welcome. Thank you PS: I also take between 5-20mg of dextroamphetamine for adhd daily. This started late in life on July 2020 and has proved essential to my surviving in capitalism as a late diagnosed woman with adhd. Long version: Prescribed brand Paxil for generalyzed anxiety disorder: 10 mg for a week, 20mg second week, 30 mg third week. Adjusted well and main side effects were: constipation, weight gain, increased motion sickness. These seemed worth it compared to my anxiety. Took that from may 2017 to around march 2019, when, aided by prescribing doctor, decided to try to stop gradually. He recommended reduce in half (15 mg) in one go and report back. I did and stayed there for about 5 weeks. I felt physical symptoms such as diarrhea, ocular pain, headaches, general photophobia. Doc said these were normal and would subside and indeed they did after about 5 weeks. At that point doc said to cut in half again (7.5 mg). After a couple of days I felt all the previous symptoms in huge intensity but also despair, dread, bouts of crying, and generally a feeling of losing myself. Doc told me to up it back to 15 mg and stay there, which I did. A few months later I was having trouble sleeping and drinking myself to sleep so I asked for advice and he upped the dose to 20mg, where I stayed until July 2021. In November 2020 I tried switching from paxil to paroxetine and had huge withdrawal symptoms (same dose). Switched back to paxil. July 2021, switched gradually from paxil to paroxetine because it is cheaper. That worked fine. I also then started tapering off from 20mg to 10mg (achieved May 2022, no withdrawal). July 2022, doc suggests transition to trintellix with following plan: week In July 2020 I started seeing a new psychiatrist and long story short he said paroxetine was notoriously difficult to get off of and that we could switch to trintellix if I wanted to continue medication or use fluoxetine as a bridge. In July 2021, aided by websites like this one, I told him I would start a slow tappering off to help me decide and he supported did. I did about -10% a month, including paxil suspension Last week July 2022: started 5 mg Trintellix. A week later 10 mg Trintellix. A week later went from 10 to 7.5 mg of paroxetine. Felt ok. A week later went from 7.5 to 5 mg of paroxetine. On the third day felt crippling headache that did not subside even with 600 mg ibuprofen. This came along with a very stiff neck seemingly out of the blue. I decided it must've been my yoga headstand. But I also felt a bit off - weird racing thoughts, did not feel like myself. Had to take alprazolam 0.25 mg to sleep. The next day I felt extremely nauseous and dizzy along with the stiff neck, ocular pain, and a paradoxical feeling of both light and heavy head, if that makes sense. These symptoms persisted into the next day, which is where I am now. Any advice/tips/stories/support is welcome. Thank you
  2. Hello! My name is Kalmar I am 36 years old. I am longterm Paroxetine user. First i got this drug for my panic attacks and anxiety disorder with mild depression in 2005. Since then i was on 20 mg and felt good with only few side effects like excess sweating at night and sometimes dizziness. In year 2018 aroud I have decided to tapper off. I did small cuts with scale every month. Cuts ware 10%. In 2 years i manage to tapper and reached 5 mg I think under 8 mg i started to feel WD symptoms or my anxiety came back because before I think drug just masked my anxiety. I never did any therapy for my anxiety. So i think under 8 mg i felt worse and at 5 mg i just crashed one day in 2019 in November. I had major panic attacks daily with agoraphobia I was not able to go somewhere like cinema, restaurant and etc, postponed my job because I felt very bad, doctor told me to get back on my drugs. In Feb of 2020 after 2 months of daily panic attacks and anxiety I have upped my dose to 10 mg. Since then I am on 10 mg. It took me 2 months to stabilize and I think now i feel good, i don't have panic attacks since Feb but i am getting anxiety but it's not strong so I can manage my anxiety with breathing, relaxation, meditation and now I am doing Cognitive behavior therapy. I would like to taper again but I am afraid. Like my brain just telling me what if i will hit bad wall again and etc... I read topic here about tapering and etc for me is all clear. But I am very scary to begin it. How to found courage to start it again? Maybe i should start 5% tapering? Beside Paroxetine all those years i have used Diazepam 1-2 mg per day. I am Diazepam free since April 1st and don't feel any wd symptoms from it. All my felt overs are in the trash bin. Sometimes if i have anxiety i feel urge for diazepam because it's more easy to take that pill then start meditation or other relaxation thing. But generally I am feeling good without Diazepam. What else I am doing. I am working now from 9 till 5 trying to be active everyday eating healthy I don't have weight issues or any other physical condition. I am taking Omega 3 every morning and sometimes Magnesium in the evening but not always. Sometimes face skin feels like very hot inside kind of burning usually few hours after my Paroxetine pill my face is not red but inside feels burning hot. I think it's side effect or maybe physical symptom of anxiety I don't know but I have this sensation for years. On 20 mg I had problems with ejeculation it was very difficult and took hour for me now i don't have it anymore since under 15 mg. It is nice to know that I am not alone in my battle with drugs!
  3. Paxil withdrawal after 15 years of taking 20mg is a huge challenge for me. I am from Poland but I found the forum a priceless support with valuable information. It is so supportive to know there are a lot of you who bravely struggle the same difficulty and finally overcome a drug habit. I am often here and I want to thank you for each word you write to help each other to quit psychoactive medicines. You are wonderful:) My withdrawal story has started in the beginning of December 2020 and is still ongoing. I had tried dozens of times to quit Paxil prior to 2020 but had never succeeded. This is the first time I am so close to be free from Paxil. I reduced dosage by 5mg in December and the next 5mg in January. Now I take 10mg that is half of quantity I have taken for the last 15 years. What is good a quality of my sexual life has improved significantly. I am so happy about that because antidepressants put a strain on this part of my marriage and it was painful. I can also feel my mind is sharper, my thoughts are quicker. But I can also feel severe withdrawal symptoms. I can feel brain zaps and electrical shocks in my brain and my body as well. Some days I struggle brain zaps several times a day but there are still days I feel electrical shocks every minute. They are so intense and effect nausea. It is really difficult for me but I decided to fight and be consistent. It is my dream to quit the drug! Thank you for your spirit and help:)
  4. I've been on Paroxetine 20 mg daily for the last 5 years. I've developed a tolerance for my dosage for Paroxetine. I'm currently very depressed and been like this for the past 2 years. I want to start tapering off, with the 10 % method. My question: is it advisable to start the process with depressive symtomps? I know if I ask this question to any doctor they will only change my prescription or add a new drug, but I really want to start tapering the medication. 2016- currently 20 mg Paroxetine
  5. My name is Todd and a week ago today things started to go haywire for me. I've been cutting from 20 mg . Total pill weight was 288mg and I got down to 175 mg. I was hospitalized in 2012 from jumping off the way wrong way and learned my lesson. Basically I've bumped up my dose and am taking Ativan as needed right now when things get bad. I'm seeing a counselor and have an appointment for a psychiatrist this month. I've never actually dealt with any psychiatrists other than the one when I was hospitalized in 2012. I'm here just trying to get what I can to get back on track and stave off the fear. Thanks Also I'm not sure how where my signature is located.
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