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  1. I took cipralex first for two months in 2015. Stopped after tapering for 2 weeks according to doctor recommondation. I felt good for about five months, then withdrawal started in October 2015. From October till February I did not take any medication. In March 2016 I went to the psychiatrist again and he recommended taking cipralex for six months. So I took it for six months and tapered for about a month. I felt good for five weeks and then withdrawal started. These are the symptoms I had at the start of withdrawal. One fourth head feeling. I felt like major part of my brain is missing. Heart palpitations, fatigue, dry mouth. Frequent urination, anxiety, anhedonia, depression, muscle pain, insomnia. In the beginning I slept only 3-4 hours and other symptoms as well. Now, after 18 months of medication free I feel much better but still not 100% though. My question is, does it take that long for some who took ssri for short time like a total of 8 months to heal?
  2. Hi, I’m new hear, I’m sorry if I have any gramatical errors, my native language isn’t English. I’m 18 years old female, I started sertraline at 14 and was been on and off sertraline (I used it total for about 2-3 years) I started when I was 14 and Stopped at 17. My last dose was about 4 months ago and I was on sertraline for 4 months (50 mg I think). I stopped because I learned about pssd. However I don’t think I tappered correctly. I didn’t knew how to. I’m now battling with pssd, a really severe depression, really severe derealization, brain fog, and I’m really suicidal. I don’t know what to do, I’m really really bad mentally and I’m desperate for help, for someone to bring hope to my life, but I don’t want to go with a psychiatrist, should I go with a therapist/ psychologist? I’m extremely depressed and derealized and can’t stop thinking about killing myself. (I’m not sure if I can talk about this here, but I really need help). I just want some hope about pssd, I’ve read here that pssd is just like any withdrawal symptom, it can take years to get better but it will improve and I really wish this happens, I also really wish to be myself again and not want desperately to die.
  3. Hello everybody! I am a 63 year old female from the netherlands and in severe protracted withdrawal. I am drugfree since 29 July 2020. I stopped my Prozac after 10 years because it did not help anymore and then got 3 other drugs from my Pdoc. They did not help either and so I tapered everything ( to fast !did not now SA then) with taperingstrips from the dutch Farmacie in the Netherlands, ( the first one to make taperingstrips for people all over the world. See. www.taperingstrip.nl. The send them to you, any drug you want. It is so nice that we have those strips but they are a bit expensive. They are trying to get them insured for everybody. It cost around 80 euroś per month. I did not know that i had to taper 10 % so I did it to fast. I have been lurking on SA for a long time now everyday. It helped me so much..... I am so gratefull for Altostrata and all the moderators. Because of this site i now know that it will pass, this terrible terrible state i am in after 4 months tapering and 3 months off drugs all together. I have red every successtory over and over again. It is hard to beleave that I am in this situattion, 1 year off work, at home, anxiety through te roof, depressed, flulike symtoms grrrrr Other symtoms i have now in protracted withdrawal anxiety crying spells depersonalisation (feeling detached from your surroundings) depression disturbed sleep fatigue (feeling very weary) Derealization mood swings poor concentration and memory suicidal thoughts. When i was tapering from my last ad i had the following symptoms Dizziness or vertigo electric shock sensations in head flu-like symptoms problems with movement, such as problems with balance or walking, or involuntary movements sensory disturbance, such as smelling something that isn't there stomach cramps and bloating strange dreams Depression and anxiety I have a question for the moderators. Can I also count the years after stopping Prozac in 2018 as withdrawal, so theat I am now 2 years in withrawal instead of 3 months since l am drug free? and, I sometimes take 0,25 alprazolam for sleep because I only sleep for three hours ( wich is not a problem but I am so anxious the next day) I only use them 1 every week for 1 good night sleep I have no other medication!! Melatonine also helps but only for 3 hours. I also take magnesium 300 and fish oil and vit C I am so hopeless sometimes, affraid of losing my job.. It is such an unknown syndrome and also in the Netherlands they will reinstate you to fast because thet think it is relapse. I wish everybody faith and hugs!! especially with Covid 19 Maddy
  4. I have been suffering from this unique sleeping disorder. I dream whole night continuously and wakeup exhausted every morning. Most of the people think it's any kind of psychological disorder even doctors just prescribe antidepressants and sleeping pills. Familly members are supportive but they could only give advice like wake early, do exercise. I nearly browsed the whole internet to get an ultimate cure for this problem but got nothing except "the change your routine"advice. There are many old forums where people discussed the similar problem but now they are closed without any conclusion. I have this problem from 2013 when I was searching a job During that time I felt some anxiety so went to a psychiatrist and he prescribed me 1.Clozapam 2. Paxip Cr/Citalopram. after some days i stopped it abrupty and from that day i didnot sleep a dreamless night.
  5. MOD NOTE: See this post for information about Dominal Hello everybody, first excuse for the english I'm from Germany but hope that everything is understandable. Also sorry that the story is a little longer. I am male 41 years old. In 2003, my doctor prescribed Paroxetine (Paxil) for me. Diagnosis depression. Today I do not believe it anymore. One year later I tried to abruptly stop what went wrong of course, as I approached my doctor he said I should just take it all my life. I thought maybe I was sick and so took the stuff like many others. I have not thought about it for a long time and kept taking it, mostly 20mg some time also 40mg. but the last few years 20mg. Over the years, I had more and more stomach problems, everything was clarified and found nothing in recent years, the stomach problems were getting worse so I weighed only about 60kg at 1.85m height and I finally came to the fact that it must be the paroxetine. So I informed myself on the internet (unfortunately not thoroughly enough) and reduced the paroxetine from August to December 2018 in 4 week intervals 20mg, 10mg, 7,5mg, 5mg, 2,5mg all about without scales. that works good I had in between brainzaps and my stomach problems were not better but otherwise almost no problems. I took my last 2.5mg pill one week before Christmas 2018. About 2 weeks later I could not sleep in some nights, I thought that was over. In the middle of January I could not sleep at all and there was a lot of dizziness. I briefly took zolpidem for a total of maybe 5-7 tablets over two to three weeks. I was only able to sleep for 2-3 hours with zolpidem. Then I researched further and found the German forum they advised me to try again dosing that I did it after 7 weeks. Only 0.25mg then 0.5mg, etc. the dizziness disappeared but the insomnia remained. Then I stupidly continued high doses Gradually to 5mg but the insomnia has remained. then I went to a clinic that increased the paroxetine to 10mg and only prescribed trimipramim 25mg from which I was able to sleep a little bit and then switched to Dominal 40mg after 4 weeks. My sleep did not get much better and it became more and more scary until today. I stayed for 4.5 months on 10mg Paroxetine and 40mg Dominal which I temporarily increased to 60mg in the meantime but also brought no success. In the meantime, I have reduced paroxetine again, my current medication is 8.5mg Paroxetine in the morning and 45mg Dominal in the evening. I am absolutely terrible for 12 months and cannot work. It's changing all the time, but it's still terrible. Although I have physical symptoms such as shaking, freezing, transpire, sore muscles, internal vibration, moving like a robot etc. but the mental are the worst and I do not know how long I can stand it. meanwhile I can sleep mostly 3-6 hours at night it is a bad easy sleep and feels totally different in the old days. I hardly ever have windows, sometimes I feel 50% like in the past. The worst of all is the fear she comes in the morning from 5 o'clock and then increases in the immeasurable I can barely breathe, before 12 o´clock sometimes has to go to the toilet 7 times (in German we say for the big job) but not because of the stomach but out of fear. I curl up in fear and can barely stand upright. it is a feeling to be crushed. and to go crazy. I have to cry in despair because I cannot stand it anymore. I've read a lot about the morning cortisol boost. but in my case, it actually has to be more that feeling and that fear often lasts until the evening and is indescribable. The second thing that worried me a lot and where I have not read in any form is that I have absolutely no peace as soon as I am awake I have no peace anymore I can barely sit, let alone rest or relax my body is always on full power a continuous flight or fight mode without a break for 11 months. and the worst thing ever is sometimes I'm so exhausted that I can barely move then I'm sitting somewhere and then something hard to explain. I fall like in a trance my eyes fall to it the body they go back I sometimes see pictures half open eyes closed like daydreams I often did not know have eyes closed or were they open. 1 second later I do not remember the picture and I see again with my eyes open. I ´ve also have that for 11 Month. and my biggest justified fear is that I'll never get rid of it and get stuck in a Daydream or psychosis. When I consciously close my eyes during the day, my stomach immediately contracts and I get scared. I have read a lot and also posted in the German forum. So now I know a lot about these devil stuff and about cortisol, histamine and also the paroxetine which is probably the worst ssri. Meanwhile, I have a theory why I am in a state of emergency. Of course, when I reduced last year, I was way too fast and my nervous system has gone into the absolute alarm mode. then I dosed in much too late and went up too far again. meanwhile I do not tolerate the Paroxetine anymore and it does not work anymore so I'm still hanging in the withdrawal last year. In addition, I probably have many side effects due to intolerance my body actually does not want the paroxetine anymore. if I reduce now come the next withdrawal symptoms of one and the same drug. and the Dominal does not really help me, at least I do not notice any tiredness even an hour after taking it. my nervous system is just too irritated. I read a part of the story of altostrata at the beginning of the German forum and was shocked since then I cannot get it out of my head and I think what if you feel the same way. Paroxetine and insomnia it's the same thing. It has been a daily struggle for survival for a very long time without being able to find peace or relax. My brain is working 24 hours a day. As soon as I try to find peace and quiet during the day, I get scared as if the mind wants to point me to danger. I often describe the condition as if the mind is separate from the body. I feel this often in exhaustion my body wants to rest and relax but the mind does not allow it. actually I know that there is only one way no doctor in the world and no one else can help me there is only one way I have to get rid of the paroxetine and this is probably only with slow reduce. although I feel so bad and it is a daily struggle for survival. I still have few questions and although can I do anything to make my situation bearable its on the edge of ability to live. If necessary, I take 0.5mg Tavor but only every few weeks and it almost does not work. I have many symptoms but the fear of going crazy and sleep is the worst. So, is this the right way to continue stubbornly every 4-6 weeks to reduce 5% -10%, or do I have to continue pausing to try to achieve stability, but i think i can´t reach that? the second question is I have read in some other threats that Altostrata recommends changing from about 5mg paroxetine to prozac. I never heard that. I was thinking of not taking any other SSRI. so I could write much more but now I come to the end and thank you in advance !! Kind regards Arti
  6. I don't know......I am practice posting. At present I am about 5 days off Adderal, 2.5 mg. It feels alot like when I finally came off Lexapro......I was down to 3 mg. and they took me off of it completely in October while I was in the hospital........meanwhile started up on the Adderal and still am on Trileptal 150mg. x2/day. Anyway mostly upper back achiness now.......total demotivation as anything is stressful and am just working for staying calm, fluids, eating, sleep. A conversation by phone once in awhile. Pay the bills. Accept help when I can. So maybe I am somewhat on topic. Not sure I could list all the meds. that I have withdrawn from yet........someday soon. I just wanted to be around people that get it..........and find the hope and strength again. You know.......I believe in God(although a God that accepts my anger sometimes), but even more so in a universal strength to be found in others. Anyway.......thankful for my journey in a way.......especially in those windows I get of clarity and calm.
  7. Hi, I want to share my story and get some of your advices. I was diagnosed with pure O OCD in November 2019 and I started to take Lexapro (10mg/day) in January because of insomnia linked to intense anxiety. This med helped me to sleep again (but poor quality of sleep) but it increased the intensity of anxiety and it depersonalized me. Also, I experienced many suicidal thoughts while I took this medication so I told my psychiatrist and he thinks I needed to increase my dose while I thought that this medication didn't help me cope with my OCD. So now I decided to stop it after 3 months by tapering (2 weeks at 5mg then 0). I have stopped in the end of April and I still experience the withdrawal syndrom. The main problem I have is impaired concentration (it's very hard for me to read and to think now, as I try to think of something, many random thoughts come and go and they are not even related to the topic I was thinking of). My mind wanders all the time from switching thoughts to thoughts even when I try to stay focused. Also many old memories come back while I thought I forgot them. Did someone experienced impared concentration ? I have seen another psychiatrist and he said that Lexapro can't cause this kind of withdrawal syndrom and he thinks my lack of concentration is a symptom of depression so he told me to take another antidepressant. But I am sure that my impaired concentration is due to the end of Lexapro. What are you thoughts? Regards Christian
  8. Hello everbody. I have been on BB remeron support group, but they tend to speak mostly benzo concerns. Now i need your help. My story is like that: i have been using prozac until last year with on and offs and i was supposing i had bruxism. In fact, it was ct but i didnt know. Last year in november a pdoc gave me abilify 2.5 mg. I took it for two months and didnt work and quit it. After that i had a bad anx., i tried many ads, but they didnt work. Lastly, i found myself in hospital in May. They gave me brintellix 10 mg, lamictal 100mg, remeron 30 mg. They brought me to the point i couldnt work so i stopped in hospital after 20 days. Then,my world turned into the hell. I lived dp dr,severe head pressure etc. Then, i started to remeron 15 for sleep issues within one month. My intention was starting to 100 day taper, but my buddies on BB said that, you were going too fast, first you should be stable. Then, after reaching to 12 mg, i listened them and now i have been holding it. I decided to go forward with that plan no matter how long it lasts. But, last week i started to take new sxs like nausea, diarrhera, gi issues, heart palps(1 months) which i never took them even in acute phase of my CTs. I think i lost the support from BB and came here to take some support. My anx. is bad and hardly i could go to the work. Every day, i consider to CT because of getting no stabilization. These drugs are terrible. Thank you for responses from now...
  9. Hi I am new to this forum and this is my first post . I am currently on 30mg mirtazapine and 200mg of pregablin , I have been on these mess for about 3 to 4 months . I have just cut my mirtazapine from 30mg to 15mg and in the space of 4 days I have have horrible side effects , anxiety through the roof , shaking , lack of appetite poor sleep crying spells and the general feeling of feeling crap . The reason I have started to withdraw from the mirtazapine is that after 3 months I feel no benefit only get awfull side effects . No help with my anxiety and depression if anything it's made me more depressed . I have gone through withdrawing from Effexor and that was really tough , however just the drop for a few days of the mirtazapine has left me crushed , my doctor told me that mirtazapine was a easy drug to withdraw from , but after 4 days it has left me house bound . Has anyone got any idea on how I get through this or any experience in mirtazapine withdrawals
  10. My brain going into dream condition but not into sleep condition every night or day when ever I attempt to sleep I have believed the information about remote neural monitoring in all over internet and browsed internet 2 years heavily which resulted heavy thought process ,doubts and suspicion over near and dear. So I went to a psychiatrist and requested to bring me out of heavy thoughts.He made me use lorazepam for 10 days ,risperidone and trihexyphenidyl combination drug for 30 days.After 30 days my thoughts reduced so I did not go to doctor again.What a mistake ,I was ignorant of how psychiatry medicines work and slow tapering nor my doctor warned me while prescribing an anti psychotic.It is happened in july 2016. From then my brain going into dreams when ever I attempt to sleep.In october 2016 again I went to the same doctor and reported about the condition I am in.He prescribed olanzapine silently.I started using olanzapine ignorantly and innocently.When i was experiencing stomach upset that is when I researched in the internet about risperidone and olanzapine. Now this is june 2017 I have tapered risperidone and olanzapine safely and became drug free safely.But the thing is my brain still into dream condition and not allowing me to sleep when ever i attempt.My querry is what risperidone and trihexyphenidyl and lorazapam [10 days]did to my brain?what chemicals they blocked.Now stopping them cold turkey did what on my brain?what chemical i should take to get my sleep pattern back.?If I wait patiently with time will the brain correct its condition naturally?Any brain researcher please help.
  11. Hi, I will try to write my story as briefly as possible. I´m from Europe, Czech Republic so the names of the medicine can be different from those in US. Let´s start with why i started to take SSRI´s. I believe that what started my problems was long cumulated stress and tension i experienced. I grown up with my mother, missing dad, i was with him one day a week but it wasn´t enough. My mother had like 2 boyfriends, since i was born, so every problem she experienced in jobs or personal life was thrown right to my ears when she came back home and I was really burdened by her problems since i was little. I suffer with emotional block from her till now. I don´t blame her, because she did what she could to feed me, but it really didn´t help my psychical health. Ok the heavy tension and stress started in the 2nd class of my high school, they bullied me mentally cause i was different and didn´t want to be shallow like they were... I experienced heavy anxiety pains in my legs everyday I was in school for about a year. Then i repeated a 2nd class because of Mathematics and dropped to better class where my tension was released. In 2016 i started a dj career and that´s where the tension and stress boomed my anxiety. I did it for like a year and than i experienced a really big trauma. I had a really heavy quarell with my competition and their people started to spread rumors about me and my whole city splitted into two groups - one hated me a lot and other one loved me. Off course more people hated me. I started to have fears to go somewhere in town to not meet those which hated me. I really feared that they can beat me up or something. I stopped my dj career after a big ridicule of my persona on facebook by one of those people from competition. A month later i started to have panic attacks, and heavy anxiety. Started skipping school and didn´t know what was happening with me (now i know a lot about psychical illnesses). It went like that for a 3-4 months, i was closed in my room, with very bad sleeping and heavy anxiety, with panic attacks. Then it started to ease out as i started to ignore my symptoms a lot, i stopped caring about it and it really eased, still experienced a lot of anxiety but not as much as before.The problem was teachers in my school. They didn´t believed i have problems, and told me i was simulating and went against me. I choose a radical way to not fall out from school...I went to Psychiatric hospital with hope that they can fix me up. Anyway i don´t think that what I was experiencing was panic disorder (what my doctor told me), I think that it was and it is much more OCD in extreme way, because what I´m experiencing last year or two really looks like a strange OCD. I had fears that my heart will stop, but in rational way, like you have no certainty that your heart just won´t stop in a next minute. In psychiatric hospital they started to give me Zoloft and it was horrible. They started with 50 mg and i had extreme anxiety for like 3 weeks. My final dose was 150mg (a horse dose i think). Then i came back home and i took it for like a half year or less till the summer. Than me and my psychiatric doctor agreed on withdrawal. I withdrawed extremely fast, 1,5 month and felt really good for a month or two after a withdrawal. Then i started to feel extreme anxiety even from the tiniest discomoforts and started to sleep really bad because of problems with falling asleep with anxiety. I had a really trouble with concentrating not just on things but even on my own thoughts patterns. I was saying something and in front of a sentence i couldn´t say a next word and was really troubled to concentrate on what someone is saying to me. So i went to my doctor and we started a new medication, Seropram 40mg/ml which i believe is named LEXAPRO in US. It is a liquid and is dosed in drops. It was much more comfortable than zoloft. I started with a one drop and my final dose was 8 drops/day. Boom my problems with concentration vanished and i felt like i can handle my life a little again. I took it again for like a half year and i wanted to stop, because i wanted my feelings back. I wanted to be able to laugh again, to experience normal feelings like normal person :/. On SSRI´s you feel like a real numb person and i really don´t like it. It´s like living a empty life. So i started a new withdrawal after my graduation which i fortunately earned. It was again a really fast withdrawal and it took it´tax. I felt really good for a month or two and now I´m experiencing really hard anxiety from the tiniest discomforts daily, same as last year. The concentration is same as last. I can´t concentrate or anything even on my thoughts patterns and I´m suffering from depression now, i have feelings for crying everyday. I believe it´s not a relapse cause my feelings are different than it was before SSRI´s. It´s strong uncontrolled anxiety, oversensitivness and troubled concentration + depression. I never had depression before SSRI´s. Yes I was really deeply thinking about a meaning of life and was really troubled by it, but...it was in OCD way. What to do now? I really don´t want to stay on SSRI´s for the whole life. 😕 Thx for answer
  12. Hi--I'm so glad this site exists. I took my last dose of Prozac on December 15, 2018. 3 days later, what I call the Horror, began. I had been on ssri's for over 20 years during which time I had become constantly sick. It never occurred to any doctor that my illnesses were medication related. Eventually I began to link studies of the ssri's to my problems. I tapered over a 6 month span, and now realize with the discovery of SA that it was probably too quick. I'm frightened because I still don't sleep well, suffer from akinesia, bone-crunching depression, suicidal ideation, especially in the night and mornings, tinnitus, extreme weight loss, blurred vision, and obsessive ruminations. This mental state is a million times worse than anything I experienced before starting on Zoloft. At that time, my husband had been diagnosed with Huntington's Disease, and during the first 2 years Zoloft did seem to help me cope. After that, it never worked the same, though the dose was consistently increased. Eventually my doctor had read that Zoloft was associated with an increased risk of stroke in those over 60, and he switched me to Prozac. Over these years I lost my hair, had an oophorectomy for cysts on my ovaries, had appendix removed, two heart attacks, and was put on Enalapril for HBP, Metformin for diabetes. I always had digestive problems during this time--including hiccups! And terrible sweating-- Three days after my last dose of Prozac, I was admitted to ER with BP of 250/150ish. Administered clonidine. Back to ER again about a week later with same high BP which had never gone down. My urine was pink. My body and mind could barely function. I was given a diagnosis of Serotonin Syndrome by the ER toxicologist. Since then I have tapered off the Ace inhibitor in 2019, and Metformin, the last dose being in March 2020. About 8 months in, it seemed I might be improving somewhat, but the final withdrawal from Metformin has set me back again. A couple of months ago, the mental nightmare had become so unrelenting I considered reinstating, but haven't. I still can't watch movies, read novels, or enjoy music the way I did. But the good news is that my blood pressure is now normal. This month I've slowly returned to my job part time after nearly a year away. Thank you for all that you all contribute here. I hope I can offer support as well. Your journeys mean a ton to me--life rafts, in fact. Zoloft: 1995 - 2015 Prozac: 2015 - 2018 (tapered from July to December) Gabapentin: 2016 to 2019 Enalapril: 2010 - 2019 Lipitor: 2017 -2017 Metformin: 2000 - 2020 Liothyronine: 2007 - 2019 Levothyroxine: 2000 - Happy to be here, Arbor
  13. Hello, I’m new and needing assistance. I was on paxil for many years and tapered slowly. I was unable to stay off the meds. I was put on paxil, then 20 mg cymbalta, then 12.5 mg sertraline. All had to be stopped due to side effects. I stopped taking sertraline after a fast taper in April or May this year. It seems like I had every withdrawal symptom listed. August was awful. I had major anxiety, panic attacks, blood pressure spikes and insomnia. I feel unstable. I am having trouble doing things like going to the store due to anxiety. My doctor has prescribed me liquid sertraline and I took 1mg today. It triggered tachycardia. I just don’t know what to do.
  14. Hello fellow travelers, I am a recovering user of many psychotropic prescriptions (which I at first thought were good for me). After finally being able to taper off and learning much more, I've revised my thinking a bit: about the drugs, about the doctors, about the medical profession in general and about what I can reasonably be certain is healthy. I've got pretty decent working knowledge of psychotropics now, but still have much to learn. I have read the Ashton Manual, a few scholarly articles by people like Guy Chouinard, and have some experience helping people with withdrawal and post-withdrawal. I also have a bit of an interest in general medicine. Drugs taken include: Remeron, Effexor, Clonazepam, Triazolam, Escitalopram, too much Olanzapine and a few other compounds with varying levels of harm. I am now around two years post-withdrawal of Clonazepam, having begun my odyssey taking amitryptaline for sleep, and am still recovering from extreme insomnia, gastro problems and general fatigue. I can't really say it was worth it, but you live and you learn.
  15. Hi Everyone - Just found this forum, and thankful that I did. I've been on SSRIs since about 1996 when I was 16 years old. Had typical adolescent depression/anxiety w/ a bit of OCD on the side. Tried a variety of SSRIs for a few years. They put me on Zoloft around 2002, and I've pretty much been on it ever since. Discovered that I had a mild case of Tourette's as well a couple of years later, and added .5mg Haldol to the mix in 2005. I realized about a year ago that these things were doing me more harm than good. Followed my doctor's directions for tapering in fall/winter of last year (skipping doses, going down 25% at a time). Finally got off of the Zoloft. But then after a few months of anxiety, I couldn't take it anymore. My doctor said that it was the original illness coming back, even though I never had that kind of anxiety back in my teens before I went on the meds. She put me back on 100mg of Zoloft. Now, I'm trying it again. I was trying to follow the same plan, dropping 25% at a time. I'm down to 75mg now, and doing fine on it. Trying to drop from 75 to 50 has been a nightmare though, and the problems were what led me to this forum. I now understand that I've been trying to go too fast. Going to try the 10% per month plan. Plan is to get down to 25mg of Zoloft and then try to taper off of Haldol and see how that goes. I'm on such a low dose at .5mg, I'm going to have to make a liquid out of it and use the instructions here on the forum to go down in tenths or hundredths of mg at a time with that. Without giving away any identifying info, here's a little more about me personally: From Michigan, as you can probably tell from my screen name. I live in a housing co-op (kind of an urban commune). I'm married, with one child. Work from home for a startup doing tech support. Trying to start my own business right now as well, which the "too fast" withdrawal has been impeding. We spend winters in the tropics - usually Mexico or Costa Rica - where I usually rent a house to work from. Looking forward to posting my progress and supporting everyone in theirs!
  16. Hello. I stopped taking Ssri in 2013. I had taken them for 14 years and benefited greatly from them. I knew nothing really about them and stopped abruptly after reading some article in a magazine about their long term effects. I suffered greatly for 2 years trying several times to get on a different SSRIs( I didn’t know I should have tried the original) i was completely non functional. Things have stayed fairly static since 2015. Still functioning at about 15% of pre 2013 constant tinnitus constant jaw and facial pain constant headache bouts of vertigo constant stiff neck from akathesia chronic fatigue chronic insomnia agitation/akathesia/rls severe depression doom repetitive thoughts lots more things. my psychiatrist agreed I had akathesia but propranolol/clonidine has not really helped. I am going to try liquid Prozac. I don’t know if this is the right thing as it caused akathesia when I took it 10 years ago but only for a few weeks then worked very well. i do not want to take any meds but I don’t live a life I just exist. I was hoping for a little support with this trial.
  17. Hi all, I'm at a complete loss regarding my situation so I'll start from the beginning. During the summer of 2016 around july I began taking Sertraline 20mg for what I would now describe as mild anxiety, when struggling with initial sides of increased anxiety and sudden insomnia my doctor prescribed me flupentixol which I then took with the sertraline for around 3 months and then went cold turkey on due to severe drowsiness. I continued the sertraline for around 9 months before going cold turkey. I'm so confused regarding my situation because in order to cope with the insomnia I also smoked weed every night whilst taking it to help me sleep which seemed to work wonders. Even after dropping the sertraline I continued smoking weed in order to help me sleep. I had actually never smoked weed prior to this insomnia (I was 26 BTW) and it was a friend's suggestion. Anyway I attempted to quit smoking several times last year after dropping the ssri but noticed an extreme feeling of anxiety at all times whenever I did and and inability to sleep until early hours of the morning. This pattern went on until early this year where I smoked once again before bed internally praying that I would be able to stop somehow. That night and for the next month I suffered the most extreme anxiety attacks I never thought possible, which definitly helped me to cut the weed permanantly. The strange thing is, ever since then I have experienced various symptoms associated with withdrawal which are, Extreme rage/anxiety/depression constantly alternating. Headaches sometimes unbearable migraines. Horrendous restlessness which after reading some accounts on this site I think is akathisia. Burning and aching throughout my body. Extreme hatred towards family and friends which comes and goes. Blurred vison Awful digestive problems (burping nonstop everyday, diarrhea and constipation and bleeding. Bloating Brain fog feels as though someone has hold of my brain smothering it. Vibrating in my ears. Sometimes I spend the entire day crying uncontrollably with anguish twisting my hands and feet with worry and anxiety. Muscles twitching all day and almost zero appetite. I guess my question is, Can withdrawal sometimes take a year to fully manifest? because the weed aswell as cbd oil seemed to keep the anxiety and insomnia at bay then suddenly almost a year after dropping the sertraline I developed all these mental and physical symptoms. Or is there something else wrong with me because I've had cameras in me, been to three different doctors and various homeopaths and they say everything seems fine when it clearly isn't. I've lost my job my friends three stones and it feels as if I've lost control over my entire body and mind. Someone please help lol. I have many other symptoms to an extreme degree but I've actually lost track of everything I'm going through. Still sane though I think.(hope)
  18. Hi all I was prescribed mirtazapine for sleep deprivation and anxiety that developed after I quit smoking (a light 3-4 /day smoker for 25 years) cold turkey in Jun 2017. Sleep anxiety was triggered by my IBS flare up that consistently woke me up every night for a couple if weeks before mirtazapine helped me stay asleep. I am coming off mirtazapine 3.75mg (cold turkey since Feb 2019) after being on it for about 18 months, the first six months at 7.5mg. Been dealing with typical withdrawal symptoms of insomnia, anxiety, fear, adrenaline rushes falling asleep, agitation, leg fatigue, temperature/pressure sensitivity, GI issues. Over the last week, I mostly have had good consistent sleep and most of my other symptoms have been mild and occasional (once in 2-3 days). There is a consistent correlation between gut distrurbance (mainly gas/bloat/burping) and sleep onset, and sometimes it can take until 3-4am before it settles down enough to be able to sleep. Keeping my stomach light at night and avoiding trigger foods (mainly sugars like fructose, fructans) helps stabilize the gut. However, there are a couple of symptoms that are a bit worrying. I have lost 26lbs since I stopped mirtazapine (175 to 149) 3 months ago. I had a similar loss before I started mirtazapine after I had stopped smoking. But this time, I have been eating well and have a good appetite, although I am off sugars, alcohol, and gluten. In addition my heart rate at night is dropping down to mid 50s. I also have had some occasional dizziness when I stand up. Are these changes normal and if not, what additional testing / specialists would you suggest that I check out? Ranga.
  19. NeedMoreHope

    NeedMoreHope: Prozac

    Hello SA Community, I am new to the site, but have been reading a lot of info here over the past 2 1/2 years. I am in a bad place... I was on 20 mg Prozac for many years, and was told by a Dr. in Feb 2018 that I could just "stop it". Well... I crashed bad. I didn't know what was happening, and over the next year and half, I was given over 22 different meds (including back on Prozac and numerous AD's, benzos, sleeping pills, BP meds, mood stabilizers, and lastly, an antipsychotic). I deteriorated more and more and finally decided to get off everything. I am down to my last 5 mg of Prozac. I have suffered very much - my biggest symptoms have been horrible insomnia, dark depression, intense anxiety among others. I haven't had but a couple of days of windows in the past year. I am just losing hope. Will I get better? I am holding at 5 mg for a long time (just reduced 2 weeks ago). I think I did EVERYTHING wrong.... Thank you.
  20. I was put on 2.5mg of Olanzapine for racing thoughts/anxiety and as a sleep-aid. I was mostly taking 1.25mg though. I wish I had done the research before taking it!! I would have never taken it if I had known it would be like this, and cause such changes to the brain. So, I've decided to just stop taking it cold turkey, as I figure that having only been on 1.25mg - 2.5mg for most of the 3 weeks, and... (5.0 for 2 days near the end) it for 3 weeks total, it's best to just stop without adding length to the drug being in my system. The dose I've been taking is small also, however, I am very medicine sensitive. I'm so worried about side-effects from withdrawing... I was using the phone and laptop last night until 3am to distract me until I felt relaxed enough to try and get some sleep, which I eventually did at about 3.30am. I was researching all about Olanzapine withdrawals and looking at many videos people posted on YouTube regarding this. It was slightly comforting. I had very vivid dreams, as I have been having on the Olanzapine, only they somehow felt even MORE vivid. I can still remember the dreams easily enough if I try and this makes me feel anxious as I experience derealization/depersonalization every day I feel. I woke up a few times this morning. First at about 6am. Felt like absolute crap. Depression, comparable to the “come down” after a high from ecstasy etc. Managed to sleep again, even with an anxiety-induced racing heart, falling into that vivid dream-filled, seemingly shallow sleep. Woke again before my wife got up at 8am, but once again, managed to fall asleep before she left the house. It’s 12.15pm now, and I feel very depressed. I feel no joy and I have anxiety that is bubbling behind this cloud of depression. Obsessive, intrusive thoughts are frequent, and I don’t want to do anything at all today. I feel so very low. I find it extremely difficult to even write this, but I’m trying as I know it is something positive, to be keeping track of my progress. I really hope I feel better soon. I’m very nervous about what to expect. I feel like it can’t get worse than this, as I feel absolutely hopeless, with no happy feelings…I’m just so depressed. I’ve been thinking about trying Effexor XR, as I’m experiencing this crippling feeling of depression, and I’ve been feeling about the same way for the past 3 days, give or take. I actually started feeling this low after I re-commenced on Olanzapine 2.5mg after a 2 day trial of withdrawing from it after I took one 5mg tablet. I started feeling this low after taking that last 2.5mg tablet. Well, that’s all I have to write for now. I feel so low… (My question to people who have successfully stopped Olanzapine) - Will I ever feel ok again? Will I find the old me..? Is 3 weeks and the dose I've been on not small..? I was taking it for 3 weeks, and mostly (for about 75% of those 3 weeks) 1.25mg (splitting 2.5mg in half) along with taking 0.625mg (splitting the 2.5mg in half) as I’m very med sensitive and nervous in general about medication. UPDATE on DAY 2 of Olanzapine WIthdrawal It is now 5.10pm in the afternoon. I am still feeling depressed and have racing thoughts which are causing me anxiety on a high level. I feel like I have lost myself, and I'm afraid that I won't be happy again. This depression is so bad that I managed to talk to a psychiatrist in the day hospital and she prescribed Mirtazapine 7.5mg (taking half of 15mg). I really hope this will help me through this, as I am feeling rather hopeless and lost... Has anyone used antidepressants to ease coming off of Olanzapine? Thanks. UPDATE on DAY 3 I slept from some time after 1.30am while listening to a YouTube video. My sleep felt very shallow with vivid dreams, which I can't recall clearly now, but I don't think they were particularly good dreams. Woke up at 6am. Immediate panic. Still empty, no, worse... no feelings at all, just fear/panic. Perhaps this is due to my receptors being messed around with from the 3 weeks on Olanzapine? Is 3 weeks enough time to do irreversible, permanent damage to the brain? I wish I had some answer... I used my phone to watch videos of people's journey of withdrawing. I couldn't seem to find enough. I continued to watch videos until about 9.30am when I got out of bed with my wife. It is 10.20am now. I'm trying to remain active, even though doing things is just so difficult! I washed the dishes. I managed to eat a banana. My wife made me a cup of hot milk. Thinking about eating food makes me feel quite nauseated. I have zero appetite. My thoughts don't seem to stop. I wonder about the point of existence. Humans as creatures - what, really, is the point? I have depersonalization and derealization for at least 4 months now, and I think about every little thing I do or see... I'm just so tired and stressed! I'll continue to update. Thank you everyone, and I hope to hear some friendly people! Shane.
  21. has anyone experienced protracted for more then 5 years? I'm on my 7th, has anyone gotten severe acne from this? im afraid it will never end, but I've heard a few stories like mine, and also have seen even 10 years....please if anyone can respond just let me know if this will end
  22. Hi all, here is my story. I started with dizziness about 10 months ago. My doctor thought it was Vestibular migraine and put me on Celexa 20 mg for two months. Did nothing. They then weaned be off over 10 days before putting me on nortriptyline, getting up to 30 mg over three months. It started to affect me by giving me panic attacks so I weaned off of that over another month. While weaning off of the nortriptyline, once I got down to 15 mg, the doctor started me on Effexor. I started at a quarter of a 37.5 mg tablet and worked up to 37.5 mg over three weeks. I was then on 37.5 mg for two weeks and had awful side effects so started tapering off over a three-week period. Basically, I was on and off of Effexor a total of seven weeks. Then, the doctor put me on Klonopin for two weeks to try to help me come off of the Effexor. I refused to take it for more than two weeks. However, I am now 45 days off all of the medication and I'm having really bad muscle twitches, unsteadiness still, sensations of the floor feeling squishy beneath my feet and a constant feeling of like my brain is cracking. Not to mention emotional upheaval Has anyone here noticed significant improvement in recovery after short term use of these drugs? I'm terrified they permanently altered me and I won't get back to homeostasis.
  23. Gem

    ☼ Gem

    Hey everybody. I have been off Seroxat for 5 years, 9 months. I was initially put on a tranquilliser and Prozac for mild-moderate depression and mild situational anxiety. This was later changed to Seroxat. I was on antidepressants for 8.5 years. I have been through a protracted withdrawal and my remaining symptoms include: Insomnia (improved) Weird leg sensations (much improved) Feeling down (improved) Intrusive thoughts and memories, OCD- like symptoms (much improved) Ability to deal with stressful/upsetting situations compromised (improved) Heightened emotional sensitivity (much improved) Mild tightness in top of head (occasional) I have phases/ windows where I feel like myself and am symptom-free and when I feel better than I did prior to taking antidepressants. It is miraculous that I have healed this much, as my brain and body were in a bad, bad state in earlier withdrawal. I have experienced a big improvement in my creativity; this really means a lot to me. (It was badly affected by withdrawal). I also have found that I am not so overwhelmed by lots of information/stimuli. My sense of humour and ability to laugh is drastically better.
  24. hello all, i want to write to you about my experience with antidepressants. these drugs were damaging to me. after i quit these drugs( which i knew that i didnt need them at all), i was saying to my doctor that i wasn't bad like that before starting the drugs but he is obliged that this is the anxiety i have, but i sware i havn't like that at all. my problem wasn't with relation to anxiety disorder at all but it is very easy for a psychiatrist to put you on antidepressants, it is much more dangerous than they think. i will be sorry to tell you that i completed the way of weaning off of antidepressants 2 times before that time, and every time i take a long time for some problems to get better like equilibrium but because i think iam not fully ok like first and no doctor can give advice about waiting, i start to think that i cant live without the drugs although they were harmful and what makes it worse is that my problem i was suffering from isn't solved with drugs or without them but because stopping drugs make your nerves and body and mentality in a bad case, you be obliged to start them again and live any way but i cant accept that, i was ok before these poisons and some sessions and information and entertainment could help me with my problem or make it hide. i won't accept to live with half of my power because antidepressants force me to that. iam now weaning off of my last antidepressants use, i write this after about 5.5 months from very rapid taper. suffering from disequilibrium which i think will ned some more time to be ok and very bad depersonalization. iam sorry to tell that when i walk in the street i think plus to depersonalization that i cant see things and people but the good news is that every thing is getting better. i lived the experience it self before but without understanding any thing. i wish i waited before to all the withdrawals to go away and there i would have decided not to be back to antidepressants at all but i will wait this time. my suffer now is feeling my head is numb, cant think logically or form thoughts nor remember in details in addition to the depersonalization but these problems was very very severe at the beginning of weaning off and now a lot better but not totally improved. i think i will be better after a while and this time i will through antidepressants in the rubbish box.
  25. Muddles

    Muddles: desperate

    Hi there! Need a bit of advice. My father passed away Christmas Eve :-( I have been on mirtazapine 15mg for 4 years. Since my father passed I have been experiencing a lot of strange & worrying stuff which I can only explain as withdrawal symptoms from mirtazapine. Depression - severe, insomnia, mind chatter, body buzzing, twitches, jerks of legs/arms, panick attack, anxiety etc. I went to see my doctor as my friends and family are concerned. She wants me to up my dose but am not sure i should do it. Could it make things worse? I feel upping may cause more problems. I felt sooo depressed this morning and slowly withdrawing from everybody...scared! Thanks in advance.
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