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  1. I wrote already a lot in this forum and others, and like many I was totally unaware of what was ahead of me when I quit Seroxat. Even after repeated attempts to quit, the dime did not fell and in September 2007, still ignorant about WD and tapering, I quit for the final time from 10 mg just before going on a holiday to Italy. The holiday was about the best 2 weeks of my life, but one month after being home again the withdrawal hit me hard as ever. And that was the start of a long long road though Hell and beyond, in which I visited numerous therapists, lost my job, tens of thousands of bugs and felt like worse than the living dead for almost 2 years. But this is about succes stories... The good news is that recovery started in the second year off, albeit slowly and bumpy whit long and nasty waves for another couple of years . Now after more than 6.5 years off I feel pretty much close to healed. Many symptoms are gone completely, I feel mentally pretty stable (not to confuse with very happy because I still have many things to worry about in life), a pretty active social life and embared for a 80% job for the first time in Februatry this year. Unfortunately, my employer had to close their business recently so I have to hunt for a job again, but for many years this was really impossible. But I know that even further recovery will come and though it takes 7-8 years in total, we DO recover from this and we ARE able to built a new life. I will give an other update if even better news is available.
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