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Found 6 results

  1. DiscJockey

    DiscJockey: intro

    Hi Everyone! I have been frequently visiting this site for a couple of months now, and I finally have some downtime to make a formal introduction. I am also a group member of the facebook group "Paxil Withdrawal." I frequent there as well to read on other stories and advice. Although I do not like to scroll on my phone on social media a lot, it often causes me to have a wave. I started on Zoloft 50mg in 2012. I went to my primary physician and told them I was feeling low and down in the dumps. They referred me to see a psychiatrist, that psychiatrist prescribed me Zoloft, and
  2. I am a bit hasty in putting that xanax is 'done' since I have one more day on my taper but hey... who's counting?! ME! I am beyond excited that I will have a small break in drawing up liquid poison and putting it in my body 4 times a day to ward off the horrible WD sxs. But feeling empowered and wanting to work towards health I started looking today for help with paxil WD and found this forum! I am a 68 yo female, married, 2 adult kids, 2 grandkids, 4 rescued doggies, cats TNC. Retired nurse. A lot of physical pain from multiple ortho surgeries including scoliosis surgery with fus
  3. I’m slowly tapering off Paxil. Does anyone have experience with antidepressants and marijuana? I’m thinking of trying a full spectrum CBD oil. I’m also wondering what the effects would be if I tried marijuana brownies. I have no experience with this, and don’t even know what I can get here in Florida.
  4. Due to a stressful job and mild anxiety issues, I was prescribed 20mg paxil in March 2018 by a doctor. I continued on this dose until January 2019, when I decided to go off this drug. I dropped the dose to 10mg for 2 weeks, then took this dose every second day for another 2 days. I was able to get by for 4 months drug free until I started a new job and was experiencing bad insomnia. At the time, I thought it was just my anxiety and the doctor recommended I go back on 20mg paxil. I took this dose for 4 weeks and felt better (sleeping improved dramatically). After 4 weeks, I felt I didn't need t
  5. hello! im so happy to have found this site. I guess i will introduce myself i have been on Paxil for about 4 to 5 years now, taking a pretty low dose of 20 mg. I tried quitting about a year ago, my doctor was supportive but gave me no information about withdrawal and such. After two days with 10 mg I immediately went back. i thought it was my anxiety, not withdrawal. I am now quitting again. I reduced my dose to 10 mg and i have been on this for about 4 days. I am already getting bad symptoms. feeling depressed, tired, crying for no reason, emotional, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety
  6. Hi there:) I was a member of paxilprogress since 2004 and then the site was shut down...I was on paxil for 8.5 years starting in 2001...after a horrible withdrawal ..at 11 months off i went back on paxil again for a few years then did a successful 4 year taper with compounded pills.. i have now been paxil free since June 1, 2014..paxil progress members will know who i am:) Michele aka MapleLeafGirl Admin note: MapleLeafGirl's Introductions topic: ☼ Mapleleafgirl off Paxil
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