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  1. Hello guys, Took paxil when i was burnt out now i have hypersensitivity (cold shivers), weak muscles, muscle aches, weak legs for months. Oxazepam eases symptoms a bit but will recovery take longer when i take benzo's? (not everyday) When I burnt out my cortisol was going through the roof I had bad anxiety and couldnt think straight anymore so I decided to try Paxil 10mg, The anxiety dissapeared and i did well on it for 5 months then I tapered slowy 10mg 9.8mg 9.6mg and so on. (only side effects were burning kness and stiff legs) But I could handle that side effects bet
  2. I believe Jan of this year my paxil stopped working as I fell into a deep depression with extreme anxiety that I've only ever felt with Benzo withdrawal my GP tried me on risperidone which made me feel like I was fading away and had to stop, tried buspirone and had very little help so I'm now on effexor 75mg started at 37.5 and about to finish my last 10mg paxil in the next few days and my Symptoms are severe extremely anxious and unable to eat much I'm not sure what to do as even the clonazepam isn't helping the constant dread. I just feel lost.
  3. Hallo. I have been on Paxil for 20 years, 20 mg I went down to 10mg, then I switched to Prozac After 15 months tapering, I am down to 1 mg In my country there is no liquid for Prozac, but I can resolve them in water, just don’t know how to measure. I would appreciate a help with that. Thank you
  4. QueenVictoria

    QueenVictoria: Paxil hell

    Ive been on low dose Paxil for 15 years and I am jumping out of my skin. I need to taper and get off it. Im terrified with the rapid heart and anxiety Im feeling. I almost passed out before. Its not agreeing with me and its making me jumpy to the point of taking .5 Ativan. I need to find fellow members that have experienced similar issues.
  5. Hi everyone , and @Aurorax I absolutely love seeing your story because it helped me calm down and not to be so terrified of my Akathisia and withdrawal, question 1 : however I am curious if you know if my WD is literally from just taking 3 days of Paxil and severe WD kicking in. And Emergency doctor gave me Reglan for week and half which made Akathisia worse. I am slowly recovering through windows and waves, but some days it’s really bad. question 2 : Also as the WD continues new symptoms like jaw heaviness and hand heaviness kicking in here and there , any more ti
  6. Hi, im from Brazil, so my english is not very good. Id like to know if anyone ever took two antidepressants togheter. The reason i ask is because im on paroxetine 40mg and venlafaxine 37.5. I have been on paroxetine since 2017 on and off, always trying to quit, but recently i changed the doctor, i was in severe WD from paroxetine,( i CTed from 20 mg, initiali i was taking 40 mg and started lowering dosage and was feeling so good, i was so stupid i couldturkeyd from 20 mg), and he asked me to try venlafaxine, but had no reliefe, made me so anxious, like akathisia. Now i went b
  7. Hi everyone! First of all, English is not my native tongue and this is the first post I have ever written on a forum, so please bear with me. Writing this success story and sharing it with you have been a dream of mine for a long time. I never thought I would reach this milestone. I have mixed feelings posting this, as I know some of you might find it discouraging. If you are new to withdrawal, please stop reading here. This is a post for those of you who have been suffering badly for years and need proof that it's possible to recover even after a very long time.
  8. Hello Everyone, Let me introduce myself. You can call me Sebas (38), i'm from Amsterdam. Hope my English is okay. I was diagnosed with anxiety issues around 2004 and then started using Seroxat, I believe it's called Paxil in the US. I'm aware by now of all the problems this medicine is causing. In other words, i've read a lot, and i mean A LOT about it. I can almost graduate about the subject After several attempts to stop, I found out in 2015 or 2016 about the 5-10% reduction rule. That helped me from 20 mg (10 ml) tot 12 mg (6 ml) in about 1,5 years (estimat
  9. I have been reading this forum for a long time, but I only now decided to post, because my story is quite complicated and it stresses me out just to write about it. I started my first AD amitriptilin when I was 18 years old. Now I’m 44. It was prescribed for OCD and insomnia. I didn’t feel it helped much so I stopped it after a few months, I don’t remember exactly. I had no WD, at least I don’t remember. My OCD was manageable. After 3 years (not sure) I was having really stressful life and my insomnia and OCD became unbearable, so I went to a GP and he prescribed me Paxil. It
  10. I have taken Paxil 20mg for 8 years for panic disorder and depression. I started skipping doses a few years ago with the usual trouble of brain zaps and vertigo and the past few years had been taking it every 3-4 days. I suffer from severe health anxiety and many medical issues and began to wonder if I was experiencing mild serotonin syndrome. I tapered to 10mgs over a week and then stopped cold turkey a month ago. I am in pure hell. Every day I wake up with a heart rate of 130ish and extreme terror that forces me to take 0.25mg alprazolam the past few days. I can
  11. Is it possible that my paroxetine hasn't worked for years, I've been told doctors should do regular checkups but since being on 30mg for 12 years 6 of them seem to have become a blur, I was taking it almost everyday but with these memory issues someday a week forgot to take it I think, don't know if that has a effect on my thought process or the way they work? recently been moved upto 40mg as I realised I had a OCD addiction for 4-5 years while on this poison which seems to stop emotions, feelings and memory, recently had moments of severe depression and almost psychotic episodes, tried the co
  12. Hi everyone, After many months of reading and gaining some hope and encouragement from the stories here I decided to join your great forum. Sorry, but this is a very long story. Im a 39 year old male from Australia and I have been taking ssri’s for GAD for the last 10 years. I started on Paxil 20mg for around 18 months and was switched to lexapro 10mg due to weight gain, sexual dysfunction and fatigue. Lexapro was a little better but I really didn’t feel like it was doing much apart from keeping the weight up and the motivation down. I am 6’2 and was alwa
  13. Hello, I have been on paxil since I was 16 years old. I'm now 34. I was never depressed. I've always had adhd which escalated to some anxiety a psych visit and a script for paxil that I have never escaped. The first time I ever felt true depression was when I tried to quit taking paxil. I was told this was depression resurfacing and a sign the medication is working. I now realize this was simply withdrawls. I have had insane electric shocking sensations, sensitivity to sound, light, mood swings aggression, confusion ect. when trying to quit. I believe my withdrawl process wo
  14. In need off some reassurance that i will get better. Came down to fast from a high dose and reinstated back to a level where the symptoms were manageable but has not worked! I have had nausea everyday 24/7 since July 2020 and recently developing really bad stomach pains... sharp and uncomfortable. I know these poison pills damage the gut but perhaps i also have an underlining issue like gastritis, IBS or H Pylori!? The sickness though is what really gets me depressed and my life right now is on hold. Any advice,stories or people in a
  15. Hello ill try and keep this short last year I came off Paxil from 20mg was on it two years I took 2 months going down to 10 mg then missing a day then in oct was off then 4 weeks I was fine then anxiety and ocd got worse and worse so went back on 20 mg and was very depressed and anxiety bad but started after 5 weeks to get slowly back to normal then ocd took a huge turn for the worse walking passed a load of people and anxiety went threw the roof and thoughts got worse and went up 30 mg for 2 months no better and then started hyperwearness of my body ,words picture you name it esp children n
  16. It’s my first time posting so hello to everyone . I’m so glad I stumbled on this site I’ve been so scared not knowing what was going on with me . ill try and make this as short as I can . In August of 2018 I hit what I believe to be called poop out (reaching tolerance) from taking seroxat for 15 years straight . Anxiety started to creep into my days even though I was on 20mg and hadn’t had problems only minor in the past . A visit to the dr led to him increasing my dosage to 30mg. I didn’t feel happy about this and decreased back down within 3 weeks. I knew for me the answer was to taper
  17. First time posting. I was prescribed Paxil for anxiety when I was 27 and I was on it until I was 40. I started having seizures at age 27 and at the same time I started to develop anxiety. I was taking 4-5 meds at the time for my epilepsy that I didn't think anything about the Paxil. Fast forward 13 years. I no longer have seizures and Paxil was the only med that I was still on. I tried to get off it multiple times and failed. Then I started a slower taper (1-2mg per drop). I was able to get off of the Paxil after 18 months of tapering. I suffered pretty bad withd
  18. Hello, I have been on Ssris for the past ten years, different doses and different meds. I started on lexapro 20 mg when I was 18 and get great for years. When I hit 22 I started lowering my meds due to side effects and simply being uncomfortable being on meds. I got down to about 10 mgs and stayed there for a while. 2 years ago I did a fast taper and got down to 5 mgs way too fast. I experienced withdrawal really bad without knowing what it was and thought I was relapsing on anxiety/depression. For a year I messed around trying to find the right med and trying to find the right com
  19. I want to share my heart out,I want to share my life. I lived 31 yrs of life. the life of sadness,hurt,betrayal,getting used,unrequited love, Dream which gets shattered,Health which got lost,Financed which ruined,Engagement which break twice,Got fired from the job which I love.hope which I got lost in all these but just little remains… May be I am not a very strong guy, or below things are very little for other people but for me it really shattered me with the brain I have.I want to write here because of two reasons:- Please bear with my bad English. To get words of support. Othe
  20. Hello, I a new to the site. I have been on SSRI antidepressants for going on 18 years. I was placed on them at around the age of 26 or 27 years old when my Mom passed with cancer. I have been on 30 mg Paxil ( Paroxetine ) now for several years and have been pretty stable until it recently appears to have quit working. I started to suffer from extreme panic attacks, excessive thoughts of worry, and other physical symptoms as well. These have been coming and going for no apparent reason. I seen my doctor yesterday and she thinks that the Paxil has quit working and also feels that this med
  21. Hi there, Its MapleLeafGirl... i did a four year taper off paxil...then for the last 20 months was doing ok..until now...all of a sudden i have anxiety...head pressure, vision issues, no appetite, cant sleep which i had issues in the last two years, and i went to the eye doctor and they said my vision was fine...i am freaking out..i have no idea why now after such a slow taper this would happen..any insight would be great.thanks so much. michele
  22. Hi, I've been struggling with anxiety and panic attacks since 2004. I would experience them each time when my relationship would become more and more serious. Eventually I went to see my doctor who prescribed me Lexapro ( here in Europe is Cipralex ). I was put on 10mg. I managed my problems with being on and off till end of 2015 when I decided to quit cause I started to be more and more dizzy. But that time, I see that now, was the worst possible time for me to quit , cause I was starting new business and was under extreme pressure and stress level was at highest possible. And I experienced
  23. Hello everyone! First of, since I've been visiting this site for a while already, thanks for this open platform where I see so much understanding and support for each other. I have been taking Paxil for most of my life, when I was around 14 years old I had my first encounter with overwhelming anxiety which would eventually cripple my life when I was around 17. I got prescribed with Paxil when I was around 15 and had ups and down with its effectiveness. When I was 17 I got into day therapy for half a year where my dose would gradually be built up to 60mg. From then every
  24. hi,all been on &off antidepressants for 20 yrs but never felt this crummy.since stopping Paroxetine have had flu-like symptoms ,then fatigue loss of appetite,taste changes,eye problems(excessive blinking actually started while on it,that's why I quit).depression,anxiety,just miserable,wondering if I should reinstate or just try & hang in there.I was on it about 6 mos.stopped May 4 after about 7 wk taper.thanks for any suggestions
  25. First off, I am so incredibly thankful for this forum. I would of never ever got off this medication if I had not found this forum. A big thank you to Alto and all the mods that work hard to help everyone. A big thank you to everyone I talked to daily on here as well Here is my intro thread ☼-cocopuffz17-paroxetine-free-but-not-trouble-free When I came to this forum I had no idea what was going on with me after coming off 11 years of paroxetine use @ 20mg. I was told by my psychiatrist that this drug isn't known to cause this, I know that's not true after going throu
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