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Found 1 result

  1. MisterSaunders

    Member's original poetry

    added link to published poetry section(April 26th, 2018)mmt http://survivingantidepressants.org/topic/17045-meaning-through-poetry-favorites-published/ I thought I'd try and have a little fun while I deal with tapering off these hellish pills. Enjoy! "Doctor" I whined, "Help me, I'm so lost!' "Worry not patient, take this, it's called Zoloft!" "But what does it do?" I asked, holding the pill, The doctor laughed first, and then fell perfectly still. "Young man" he said softly, "Whatever the issue, Take one of these, and I bet it will fix you." I looked at him sceptically, I still wasn't sure This magic pill, I'd heard of before! A wonderful cure-all, a magic elixir, Citalopram was one, another effexor. I wanted to know that this was legit, Others before this one were impossible to quit! So I breathed in deep, and sat up straight: "Take one yourself, if this thing is so great!" "I don't need one" he said, "I am healthy and well!" "If I took one now, it would put me through hell!" I looked at him closely, to see if he'd break, The tension was growing, and I saw his lip shake... "Alright!" He screamed, "This pill isn't fine!" "They paid me to say it! GlaxosmithKline!" I pressed him for details, I wanted the facts "If I took this pill, how would I react?" "Okay", he said. "I'll tell you the details, but remember the price at which this retails! It cost's nothing to make, but increases wealth of those who make it, but it's bad for your health!" "We don't know for certain how these pills work, but the side effects alone will drive you beserk! You may crave carbohydrates as if they were air, and 6 months from now you won't fit in your chair. You came to me feeling melancholic, Come back in 6 months as an alcoholic. Prepare for insomnia, and get ready for dizzy You'll need time off work! I hope you're not busy!" I felt let down, upset and betrayed. He looked sad too, he was obviously dismayed. In fact I saw tears, and I knew he wasn't faking them: "And this is before you try to stop taking them"
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