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Found 5 results

  1. Hello fellow travelers, I am a recovering user of many psychotropic prescriptions (which I at first thought were good for me). After finally being able to taper off and learning much more, I've revised my thinking a bit: about the drugs, about the doctors, about the medical profession in general and about what I can reasonably be certain is healthy. I've got pretty decent working knowledge of psychotropics now, but still have much to learn. I have read the Ashton Manual, a few scholarly articles by people like Guy Chouinard, and have some experience helping people with withdrawal a
  2. Introduction topic: ☼-mranxious-3-months-off-effexor-xr-6-years-on Heyyyyyy 😊 I am alive !!!!!! Out there living a life that I am proud of and comfortable with. Pheww I am one of the blessed ones to have breached the other side and lived to talk about and YOU WILL TOO !! That was one hell of a ride. One that is FAR FAR FAR in the rearview mirror 🙃 If you have read my story, you will know that I went through literally the most traumatic event in my life and that was "Effexor Withdrawal". From start to finish I was unsure I would make it through this time,
  3. Hi everyone! First of all, English is not my native tongue and this is the first post I have ever written on a forum, so please bear with me. Writing this success story and sharing it with you have been a dream of mine for a long time. I never thought I would reach this milestone. I have mixed feelings posting this, as I know some of you might find it discouraging. If you are new to withdrawal, please stop reading here. This is a post for those of you who have been suffering badly for years and need proof that it's possible to recover even after a very long time.
  4. Hello all. I'm currently in protracted withdrawal from tapering down from a high dose of amilsulpride(an antipsychotic used in europe) The reason why i wanted to taper 2 years back was because i'm not psychotic anymore. I used to hear voices since i was a child and once i recieved a form of therapy called voice hearing therapy the voices i was hearing trough out my then 24 years of life wen't away in 4 months. I've been in withdrawal for 16 months now but i'm not really discouraged because every month i would say i see improvements. It's a mix of minor waves of anxiety, not ni
  5. Hi Everyone! Thank you for welcoming me into this group, it means alot to me. I am a 25 year old female and need help in the worst way. I had been on SSRI's for almost 5 years straight and have been off for almost 5 months now (please see my signature for details). Main reasons I went off were I constantly felt like I was in a dream, couldn't feel love for my husband, and extreme weight gain (80 lbs since I started). I am lost now, a lost soul. I have no idea who I am and if I'm even capable of living in this world without the buffer of medication. I am scared constantly and h
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