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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there, I’ve been trying to withdraw from SSRIs for about 3 years in and off without success. 2015- I was started on Zoloft 100mg after a prolonged depressive episode (possibly PND). I tried to come off them about 18months later ago. Withdrew too quickly and ended up being put back on Prozac - up to 40mg by January 2020). I have tried tapering once before and then started again in February 2020 (5 years after starting SSRIs). Reduced to 20mg for 4 months before 10mg for another month and withdrawing completely in August. Started on CBD oil a week later. I was fine fo
  2. Auroragirl

    Auroragirl: my intro

    Hi everyone, I'm new so I would like to introduce myself and ask if anyone has advice for me! I am a 31 year old female and I started taking SSRIs and Adderall when I was about 14 and continued for 17 years. I don't remember if the SSRI ever helped with my depression in the beginning, but if it did at first, it either stopped or didn't work that well. I remember trying various brands and I don't recall ever feeling any better but I continued anyways because I thought I needed them. I would rate my depression at about a 5/10 through out this whole time period. The last brand I took was Pr
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