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Found 8 results

  1. Hello I am a French girl looking for some help. I have been under medication since I was 15. I had : - Bromazepam - Prazepam - Paroxetine I managed To give up on benzodiazepines by following the rules of Heather Ashton. I live without benzodiazepines since june 2017. I tried To give up on 20mg of Paroxetine in 2017 : too fast (in 3 months). Then I tried a second time in 2018 : 5% every 30 days. But after one month, I went through hell. I tried a third time in 2018 : 3% every 21 days, then 20 days, 19,...16 days. I sas Well during a year, full of hope!!! But last August the 22th, I went back To 10mg ( I was then at 8.41 mg) Since I'm in hell. Now I wonder : can I hope To be better one day ? I hope my English is not too bad.. Have à great day Erell
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience/knowledge regarding switching from sertraline to fluoxetine. I'm currently on 25mg of sertraline daily. I've been taking this drug for 11 years on and off and have been trying to taper, but find it very difficult. My doctor has switched me to prozac WITHOUT a crosstaper. (Because fluoxetone has a huge half-life it is easier to taper, which is why he is switching me.)He says to take 20mg of fluoxetine every 2 days and cease taking the sertraline immediately. Information on the web regarding crosstaper from sertraline to fluoxetine states to cease sertraline before starting fluoxetine. This is in contrast to other cross tapers betwenn SSRI's (e.g sertraline to paroxetine etc) which recommend crosstaper. It's all confusing. To make matters worse I start a new job a week on monday. I've ceased the sertraline yesterday and am starting the prozac 20mg every 2 days. Apparently this dose of fluoxetine is roughly equivelant to 25mg sertraline. My question is, will I be ok for my job starting in 10 days? I suffer pretty bad from nerves, so I don't want to walk into the job on the first day on the verge of apanic attack. Also, fluoxetine has a very long half-life and takes a while to build into your system, so I'm worried if this will be enough to combat the sertraline withdrawal.
  3. I started taking lexapro about 5 years ago was on 20mg. I tapered off over the course of 9 weeks by 10mg each. I've been off for 12 days. I've been feeling the brain zaps which I expected, I was tired and irritable which I expected. One night I woke up in a dead slee with pgad symptoms. Who would have thought that an anti depressant withdrawal would have caused this? I do not have it as bad as what I read but it is there. Im also feeling itchyness all over my body. Tingling everywhere, did anyone have pgad from withdrawal? Did it go away? How long did it take? I came off the lexapro to try and have a baby with my husband. Iam now devastated. Please give me some positivity! (mod note: Original title: Pgad help! Does it ever go away!)
  4. Hello fellow AD wayfarers, I've been following this site for several weeks and am amazed at what we humans can endure. I do believe that in the process of withdrawing from these drugs, many of us have been to h###. I think we're a select group, and unless you've been there, you wouldn't understand. I feel for everyone here who is going through this dark night! 26 years on paroxetine 20 mg, and I've just finished transitioning to fluoxetine with the goal of totally transitioning off all ADs next year. I began Paxil in 1993 due to a history of depression and anxiety. It worked like a charm, and I was thrilled. After 2 years, I tapered down to 0 mg over just 3 weeks because my husband and I were ready to get pregnant. All was well at first but withdrawal kicked in about a month later. I white-knuckled my way through it and experienced two miscarriages during that time. I reinstated the Paxil the next spring, I think, and subsequently had 2 beautiful daughters. 🙂 Fast forward to 2009. I was feeling good and eating well and was ready to experience life again without ADs. My emotions were well-controlled but flat-lined, and I had put on 30 lbs. I enlisted a chiropractor and an acupuncturist to assist me with treatments over my 4 month taper. Not knowing any better, I tapered by cutting out the paroxetine one day the first week, two days the second week, and so on. Not sure how it took almost 4 months but that's what I remember doing. I started having withdrawal symptoms before the end of the process. The symptoms became intolerable. I remember spending a lot of time in bed with severe depersonalization (which I learned about here- I was so happy to find a name for it! Thought I was losing my mind!), not sleeping or eating for days due to severe anxiety and nausea, and very jittery with weak and trembling muscles. It was absolutely terrifying. Add to this the guilt of not being a great mother to my two girls at this time. Thank God for wonderful husbands. I reinstated the paroxetine after a couple of months and the symptoms abated. It never seemed to work as well, though. Fast forward again to this summer. Working with my psychiatric nurse, I spent 3 weeks going from 20 mg paroxetine to 20 mg fluoxetine. I know transitioning off fluoxetine is a much gentler process. Although I'd love to get off ADs sooner rather than later, I'm planning on holding here until spring of next year when I'll begin the process of tapering. I teach middle school and trying to do this during the school year would probably be a disaster. I was REALLY nervous about the switch but it's gone way better than I imagined! I've been on straight fluoxetine now for 2 weeks. My symptoms include persistent headaches, stiff and jerky neck muscles, blurry vision, trouble falling asleep, and minor anxiety upon waking. Nothing major at this point. I'm hoping and praying it doesn't get worse and that it improves before school starts. Most any physical activity is hard right now. I'm putting my intro out there now wondering if anyone has experience doing the same thing. I'm curious how long these symptoms will continue. The headaches are really annoying. Ibuprofen helps to a certain extent, but there's always some discomfort. I'm so grateful for all who work this site and contribute with their stories. Withdrawal involves such feelings of loneliness. This site is much needed! Thank you! xoxo
  5. Hey there, Desperate for any advice. I'm trying to get off paroxitine and was advised by my doctor to try Prozac which is then easier to come off. As usual, every doctor I've seen has no clue about the severe withdrawal effects. I was currently on 30mg and was told to reduce to 20mg and then just stop and start taking 20mg paroxitine. It's day 4 and I haven't been able to get out of bed hardly. I feel desperately at a loss with no guidance from any medical professional whether this method is right or not. Any advice would be really appreciated should I up my Prozac dose? Thanks for reading
  6. Hi there, I am new here. Been on different anti-depressants since 1995. Recently had been on Prestiq 100 mg and Abilify 10 mg. Due to procrastination, finances and major stress, depression and an addiction I ran out of the Abilify and only had 4 Prestiq left before I finally made a Dr appointment and paid 150.00 cash self-pay to see my long-time Dr. Due to very low income and no insurance he switched me from Prestiq to Prozac 40 mg which is much cheaper (Fluoxetine). First Prozac was 1/12/17...he said it will help but not prevent all the Prestiq withdrawals. I still feel the loss of the Prestiq with dizziness, brain zaps, major fatigue, unstable, confused and fearful. Is this normal? How long will it last? If you have been on Prozac did it work for you and are there any side effects like fatigue, weight gain, anxiety, etc)? Next month (Feb 2017) I am hoping to have health insurance again and can switch meds if need be but wanna give this Prozac a chance to work (how long does it take to start working?). Thanks for any feedback you can offer!
  7. frederike01


    Hello everyone! Ok it's a long story but i'll give it a shot! my name is Frederike. Oh and my english might be not THAT good, but...i'll try my best! =) . When i was very jong (about 12 years old) i started to develop anxiety combined with OCD. At that age it wasnt very harmfull yet but it got worse when i got older. I went to a psychologist at 13/14 but that didnt really help. so i stopped going. But my anxiety didnt left me so i went. The psychiatrist prescribed me fluvoxamine when i was 15 years old. I also started to experience 24/7 derealisation. The meds. didnt really work i think but i thought maybe it would be worse without them and i dindt know how hard it was to get off back then so i kept taking them. my anxiety OCD en derealisation didnt disapeare or get any better. i try'd to stop several times but the next day after lowering my dose my derealisation would become so bad i couldnt stop if i wanted to continue to function. and the docters told me: well, then keep taking them. So i took the pills for many years and after taking them for about 8 years my anxiety and derealisation slowely worsened.3 years ago all of a sudden i felt really bad and anxious i had to stop working. I went to my dokter and firt we desided to higher my dose. i was on 125 mg fluoxetine. But that dindnt work at all. It made me feel even worse. so i decided to lower my medication (with my dokter)and maybe switch to some other meds. i was on 175 mg. fluoxetine at that moment.I decided i didnt want to switch but i wanted to stop taking the meds. because they never really worked and i wanted to solve my problems for real.i wanted to know wich part of my problem was really mine and witch part maybe the meds. i knew i would never get better if i would start trying some other meds. i was afraid i would even get sicker. So i went from 175 to 0 in about 5 weeks. Even though i felt so so bad i kept on lowering because my docter told me : after quitting the withdrawal will last for only 3 weeks.Then they will disapear.Wel that was the breaking point. i went totally insane,experienced continue panic and anxiety OCD and derealisation at the worsed levvel.my symtomes had NEVER been this severe.So i went into a mental hospital. They gave me paroxetine. i was ok with it bacause i wanted to "ficks" this way to fast lowering of my medication, and dicided to take it and then slowely taper off when i was back home. In the end I was on 50 mg. paroxetine and 1,5 mg lorazepam. but it never really covered up the mess quitting fluoxetine made.Only a little.At that time i didnt know paroxetine is the worst drugg (SSRI) to get of but I found out soon enough. I found a good therapist (not a psichiatrist) and dicided to slowely taper off meanwhile fixing myself with therapy. All this time i could not work or function. every single step i took on lowering was a hell. I am on 0,5 mg lorazepam now and 3,5 mg. fluoxetine. When i was on 14 mg paroxetine i couldnt get any lower. even lowering 0,2 made me feel to terrible. so i siwtched to fluoxetine because it would be easyer to get off. the switching was hell. then i started lowering from 14. every week i took off 2 mg. until i was on 4. ( i did this again in a clinic).i thought it would be way to quick for me but i felt no extra withdrawal symptomes. wich i almost couldnt believe. Then after going home ( at 4 mg.) i broke down again. obviously the withdrawal started wayyy later.So here i am, feeling worsed then ever. Not knowing when this hell will stop and whether i will still be alive by then. Starting new medication is no option at all because whatever psychiatric drug i put into my body, my body just cant take it.So this my story in short thermes. right now i'm on 0,5 mg lorazepam and 3,5 mg fluoxetine. Hope to speak to you soon!
  8. ***Apologies for the length and how disjointed this post is. My brain feels like scrambled eggs lately. ha*** Hi all. I am glad to find a place of support while going thru this as I feel very much alone and afraid. I guess I will start by copying and pasting my drug and W/D history that I had to type up during registration. I do not have the strength or brain power to do it again right now. I will just highlight the recent, pertinent bits of my history. Last 6 years as follows: *2010-2012 10mg Lexapro. Withdrew. Off for 4 months./hard W/d but did ok. *2012-2013 Wellbutrin XL 150mg.Off and on a couple times by itself and later to offset Zoloft side effects. No issues withdrawing, but it increases my anxiety when on it. Otherwise, it was the "nicest" AD ive been on. *2013-2014 Zoloft 50mg.On it a year and a half. Went off due to 30# weight gain and sexual issues. Difficult W/d but somehow got thru. Stayed off A/D for about 4 months again. *Tried Buspar. 2 weeks before I had to stop due to the intense anger it caused. *2015-recently Back to Lexapro 10mg for 10 months. Worked ok but I wanted off meds. Tried to taper from 10mg to 5mg in Late Jan/Feb 2016. Was great for first 4 weeks or so before it hit me. Went thru 3 weeks of bad, cant get off the couch situation before reinstating at 10mg. Helped for about a week or so. Then way back down in depression. Psych put up to 15mg. Same thing. Then 20mg. Which I did NOT handle well at all. Developed RLS type symptoms etc. Went back down to 15. Then 10. RLS type stuff went away.Did a "prozac bridge" to taper the rest of the way off from 10 to 5 to 0 of Lexapro.Been off Lexapro since 5/7/2016 *2016- Prozac 10mg to help get off the lexapro. Started it on 4/30/2016. Seemed to tolerate the 10mg Prozac then bumped it up to 20mg at Psychs suggestion. Did not tolerate well at all. RLS type stuff came back. Heart palpatations, weepiness, excessive tiredness. Went back to 10mg. Then 10mg every other day then 0mg as of 5/31//2016 Still have RLS. *2010-2016 Xanax (anywhere from 3mg a day back in 2010 when I first started Lexapro down to .25 in the am and .5 at bedtime currently. ) *Not sure it is relevent but I went off Prilosec at the same time I started tapering the Lexapro* Symptoms since this started: Major depression Hopelessness Back pains off and on Restless legs/Akathisia? Lethargy Loss of interest in pretty much everything I loved Disconnected from myself Loss of appetite Irritability Personal Info; 45 year old female. 3 kids, 25,22 and 19. Ex military spouse for 20 years. No longer in marriage. In a relationship with a wonderful man. Now thats out of the way, I must say this is by far the worst and longest W/D and mental episode I have ever had. I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, but mostly am an anxiety sufferer. GAD and Social Anxiety. I thought I knew what depression was before this year. I thought anxiety was worse than depression. I was CLUELESS. This mess over the last 5 or so months has rendered me basically useless and hopeless. I have no hope over anything, no interest in anything. Ifeel like a waste. I have the weird RLS/Akathisa thing going on which I never had before. It makes getting a good nights rest so hard, which in turn makes it all worse. I spend everyday just trying to drag myself thru the day. Which drags on forever. I was a stay at home mom for YEARS and I am currently unemployed. I have lived in my current city for 5 years and I have no friends here and my kids are grown (they live about an hour and a half away) so I am trying to deal with loneliness on top of this other stuff. My boyfriend does not have a big family here either so thats not an option. I want to move closer to my family but cant until he can sell the house here which will be at least another year. I am introverted so usually it does not bother me THAT much but the since I have been going thru this mess, it really weighs on me. I do not want to off myself, but most everyday I wonder why I am even bothering to stay around and go thru this. I feel so ran down.I do not want to die so please dont think that is what I am saying. It is just that even having those feelings scares the crap out of me. This hopeless disinterest scares me. As I said, I have never felt like this for very long (maybe a week or 2 max) and never this intense till I tried to get off the meds this time. The other W/Ds i went thru were a cake walk compared to this. My psychiatrist is no help. He pretty much asks me what I want to do. So I have lost all faith in him. I did CBT for a year. From 2010 to around 2011. Then I moved 800 miles and lost my therapist, of course. I currently live in a very small rural town and would have to travel at least an hour to see a therapist and that is not possible. That is all I have to the energy to write at the moment. Again, my apologies for being so scattered. I hope this is just withdrawal. This is NOT me, this is NOT how I usually am. It is so scary right now. I am telling myself to just hang in there awhile longer and let the W/D do its nasty thing and it will get better. I feel like I am dissapointing my family because 5 months out, I am still a wreck. I just want to be me again. I want to do the things I loved and be loving and make jokes all the time. Not be trapped inside myself, feeling like I am being held hostage and drained of happiness and energy and life. If anyone has anything to say, any advice, ANYTHING, PLEASE please please feel free to say it. I just feel so alone in this. And HUGS to all of you that are going thru this too. I hope we all feel better soon. Thanks Jujube
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