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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, I could really do with some support/advice. I started tapering prozac (20mg down to 2.4mg, 10% decreases every 6 weeks until June) in April 2020. Have been on and off it for 23 years; each attempt to come off in past was disastrous. I was pretty much fine until January and then started having serious neck pain. Right side of head, ear, occiput, between spine and shoulder blade, and radiating down right arm into ring and pinky finger. Over months has also affected right lower back and right hip. Have seen multiple chiropractors to no avail. I can see that my head is not
  2. Hi All May I first thank whoever started and maintains this excellent forum, without it I would still be under the misconception that without SSRIs I have serious and disabling mental illness I was prescribed Prozac at 56 with no prior history of mental illness. It was only about a year or two ago that I realised that the 'mental illness' I later suffered was SSRI Withdrawal With the help of this forum I have started a 5% taper of 20mgs Prozac, using mini scales. Here is my brief and approximate history of SSRIs 2007 (at age 56) Prozac 20mg. For chronic f
  3. Hello, It's comforting to find a community like this. I have recently begun tapering off Prozac and feel scared. I was taking 40mgs of prozac but have already reduced to 20 mgs (10mgs per week.) I am also taking 300mgs of Wellbutrin which I am not tapering off. The plan is to put me back on Lexapro as soon as I ween off Prozac but I am starting to consider just plain staying off SSRI's. My major concern is the speed that my doctor has me tapering off. I am dropping 10 mgs a week and from reading this site i am realizing how fast this is. My pla
  4. Hi, I'm Gracie and a new member. Can't remember if I already introduced myself. LOL Was so blessed to find your group!!! TY for being here and for letting me join. My main question was how often do you lower Prozac dose to lower mg per day? I am lowering dose every 2 weeks... think that's cool? Dr. & Pharmacist are NO help at all! I am currently tapering off of Prozac... started at 60mg and am down to 25mg now. What a ride this has been as anyone reading this already knows! The lower the dose gets, the harder the withdrawal symptoms are. I
  5. Hi everybody So here’s my story. At age 12 I got diagnosed with OCD and was put on Prozac for it. Since then I’ve pretty much been taking the medication. But now I have been wanting to stop because of the horrible side effects. The dose that I’ve pretty much been taking for all these years has been 60mg per day except for once when I was put on 80mg for about 2 weeks which was a very bad idea. Anyways, recently I managed to go down to 40mg per day and stay there for 3 months and then down to 20mg per day and wait another 3 months per my Nurse Practitioners instructions
  6. I have been on SSRIs since I was fifteen. I am not sure if I am experiencing withdrawal, complications from a health issue that needs to be treated, anxiety resulting in physical problems, or a new chronic illness. When I increased to 60 mg, I had increased dizziness and fainting episodes. The fainting and dizziness episodes had started in roughly 2015 due to Prozac and Valium. I stopped taking the Valium, but still had frequent dizziness and fainting episodes. I decreased my dose from 60 mg to 40 in late July. I started a fast tapering plan. The idea was to go down 10 mg a week. At 30 mg I no
  7. I was on 40 mg of Prozac for something like 10 years (I can’t remember exactly when I started it) and made the decision to taper off. My med provider directed me to drop down to 30mg for a week, then 20 for a week, 10 for a week and then stop. This seemed to go very well, I didn’t notice any symptoms and no change in my mood. Suddenly, I started to feel some brain zaps, I’d say a week after discontinuing the medication. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve had the brain zaps increasing in frequency, plus fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness, almost feeling fluish, plus some low level sadness and irrita
  8. from original title: telogen effluvium / hair loss I’ve been tapering off Prozac for around 5 months now and I’m now down to 10 milligrams. I have been on 10mg for about a month and a half now. I think I will stay on 10 milligrams for a bit before I taper down again. I know this taper was pretty fast but I’ve been doing okay physically atleast. I do have dark thoughts and am a huge hypochondriac now. I also think about my parents and family always dying and sometimes I’m pretty sad but I’ve I’m still functional. One thing that has been bothering me since I’ve started tapering dow
  9. Thanks for this forum. Lots read, first post. In September 2017, the 20 mg of Prozac that I had been taking for the 25 years since my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis started to poop out. In December 2017, my neurologist increase to 30 mg Prozac. In January 2018, I stared seeing. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner PNP. She wanted me off the Prozac. Tapered from 30 mg to 5 mg from January 2018 to March 31, 2018. Stayed on 5mg with rough, but bearable tapering side effects. In September, 2018, life got more stressful, big move, new job, family illness. On September, PNP discontinued las
  10. Had PND after the birth of my first child 14 years ago. Took Ad's for about 3 months but didn't like them. Put on a lot of weight. When pregnant with my second child I was scared of suffering again so went to Psych and asked what I could do to prevent PND. Told him about the weight gain and he said that he would try a 'new AD that wouldn't put on weight' After the birth of my baby I started 50mg Zoloft. At the start it was great. Felt great, no PND and no weight gain. After about 12 months I started packing on the weight but didn't put it down to the AD as it had taken so long to happen. I
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