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  1. ashleydoll87


    I began taking meds in the Spring of 2008 at the age of 20. I was suicidal, probably because I was abusing pills and alcohol. I was officially diagnosed with "mood disorder, not otherwise specified" and had to deal with social anxiety issues as well. I continued regular and escalating substance abuse until August 2009, when I tried to kill myself and really seriously almost died. When I woke up in the hospital, I had an epiphane--I knew I was being given a second chance by God and that I had more to accomplish before I left this life. Fast-forward to Spring 2013...I finally have a job that pays all my bills, I'm stable, and I leave my crazy boyfriend. I'm kind of starting over and I decide to get off my meds because I no longer think I need them, I read about the long-term health effects, and become interested in natural therapies, supplements, and healthy eating. I first tried to stop taking Lamictal in July without help from my doctor. (I lost my insurance over a year ago, so I went to county health where they bounced me between several doctors, none of whom have taken the time to get to know me.) Knowing that all drugs have withdrawal effects, I cut up my pills and reduced from 300mg of Lamictal to 0mg over the period of a month. HORRIBLE!!! I thought I was going crazy, and it took a good friend's Google search for me to find out that I was having intense and debilitating withdrawal effects. To further prove it was indeed withdrawal, just a few hours after taking my normal dose I was feeling WAY BETTER. I knew I needed a better plan...
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