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Found 2 results

  1. I believe I’m experiencing rapid cycling. Manic episodes alternated by depressive episodes. I’m thinking it is caused by the fairly high (for me) dose of Effexor. I'm on 112.5mg. One moment I will be very restless and terribly anxious and within a few hours, I am deeply depressed. (It can take longer; it can take up to a day for the depression to come back.)I’ve had an antidepressant (Paxil) induced episode 21 years ago. The psychiatrist put me on mood stabilizers, and I stayed on them for the next twenty years. I went off Lithium about a year ago, with the help of a psychiatrist and naturopath. I tried to go off Effexor, started mid 2018, but didn’t know about this group yet and I went off too fast and ended up in Psychiatry in April/May 2019. I reinstated after that, but I haven’t stabilized yet. It’s been a tough road. Now what do I do? My dose of Effexor is too high, it is maybe the cause of me going manic. But it’s not advisable to withdraw when one isn’t stable yet. I’m not sure what is best. Do I stay on my current dose or withdraw? I sure hope I won’t go into a full blown manic state! I prefer not to go back on Lithium though.
  2. *topic moved from symptoms section Well, like many of you I've gone trough the withdrawl of an Antidepressant I took it for 5 years, not for depression but for anxiety and panic attacks. I January I tried to stop (without help, as I've done it before) and I failed. It took me 3 months (started in november) and at the end, I got some sort of symptoms that made me go back on it. I was living hell for 5 weeks that I tried to go back. I would have a good day and the other depressed, with a lot of agitation and having compulsive thoughts like: - What if the drug doesn't work again? - If I have to live like this forever? I went round and round with fear of not recovering, imagening that I was going to live the rest of my life in that way. It took me a wile to realised that the problem was because I was coming of Citalopram and literally did a mess with the dosage wile trying to quit (I would take half on day, a wole in the other, than half again, skip a day... I didn't know any better). So when thing got worse I went back to 20 mg a day and for 5 weeks I didn't got beter. I had terrible mood swings, was depressed and scare, couldn't eat but I it didn't affect my energy level. During this 5 weeks I went to see a Psychiatrist who ask me to stop, put me on anti-psychotic drug (Seroquel) And told me I was having mixed state of bipolar disorder. I’m now on this diagnoses even though I’ve never had a manic or Hypomanic episode He told me I’m treatment resistant witch added to my stress. I suffer from Health anxiety and I couldn’t stop thinking about only negative stuff. Have anyone gone through the same thing and was diagnosed with bipolar? I’ve seen the diagnoses come up when someone start taking a drug but never while stopping… Am I now stuck with this diagnoses and another drug (that I hate). I know you guys are not a doctor, but at this point I’m need more someone with the same experience and not someone with a diploma J
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