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  1. Hi all you good Folk, I haven't posted in this group for a long-time. I posted a little bit in 2017 when I got to 0 with my effexor taper, which was far too fast. There was no choice for me given my scenario, so I know how devastating withdrawal can be from these drugs. I'm a moderator in an effexor group. My dear Mum, bless her angelic soul, has been on these drugs longer than she hasn't, and although i.ve told her much about the need for very careful tapering and drs cluelessness around this her dr has reduced her dose of olanzapine from 5-2.5 mg. I.ve told her to write down anything at all that.s out of the ordinary and tell me. My dad.s watching out for her but from his dr believing position i feel he wont be of much use to her. Nor will her dr. I guess i.m asking if wd symptoms are in the same park between effexor and olanzapine. I think i already know the answer but just want to be aware of any possible different wd symptoms between them. Another probably difficult to answer question, might dropping from 5-2.5 olanzapine be similar to dropping effexor from 75-37.5? You know, entering the danger zone as the lower end is approached? Her drs reduced her effexor from 225-112.5 in 37.5 increments over quite a while and she.s well and truly stable from that. I do cringe at the size of the drops and am frustrated by the belief some of my family have in the "wisdom" of drs in this regard. I know how dangerous this is. I.ve told her much about wd so hopefully she.ll be on red alert and ready to consider my help when the need arises. I saw a link on how to prepare a liquid solution here with olanzapine and will have a good look at it. Thanks for your time.
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