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Found 2 results

  1. Mod note: Relaxation exercises are great for calming the nervous system, helping to reduce anxiety and encouraging sleep. Examples: progressive muscle relaxation, gentle yoga, calming breathing exercises, meditation, guided visualisation, etc. You may want to try a few kinds to see what works best for you. They work best when done regularly – daily is good – but if your system is very agitated then multiple times a day can be helpful. You may have good results immediately, but don’t give up if at first they don’t seem to be doing much, as it might take a week or so to get results. Please post here descriptions or links to audio/video of any that people may find helpful. _______________________________________________________________________________________ Higuys... I have been taking meditation classes. I do well with Guided Meditations because my mind is like the revolving door in Macy's on 34th Street in Manhattan My Mindful Meditation Class is facilitated by a friend of mine who is a retired Neurologist and he guides the meditation...i't very different from TM. I copied this link from Youtube where there are meditations. This on is about Breathing for the Fight or Flight response.....surprise I just did it...will find more.
  2. drugged

    Massage therapy

    Wondering if anyone here has used massage therapy as part of their general self-care toolkit while tapering. When I was running a lot I went for a trigger point massage every couple of weeks, sometimes just Swedish massage for relaxation. I felt it really helped the blood circulation in the capillaries of my muscles and the trigger point work definitely helped with pain over time. I haven't been able to get back to getting a regular massage as I used to know them, with deep pressure, but I found a masseuse here that I'm going to try only I'll specify less pressure. Even so, I know from experience that, when I haven't been for a long while, I can feel quite ill for 2 - 3 days after the first few treatments. Not necessarily muscle pain though there's some of that but more of a just feeling sick. My hypothesis is that this is from toxins being moved out of the muscle tissues and into the blood and lymph. Anyway I am definitely full of toxic chemicals and I was thinking that maybe the manual manipulation might help spur a bit of neuronal growth and remodeling in the periphery, also. Just thinking here. I have an appointment this Thursday and I know I'll feel sick through Friday, maybe Saturday. To get full benefit I'll have to get a massage once every couple of weeks until I stop feeling sick afterward. That's what previous experience tells me ...
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