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Found 5 results

  1. Hi. New user here, on behalf of my (adult) son. His story is complicated! But I guess most here are. He took Remeron for about 5 years. (he has a form of Sleep Disordered Breathing - like sleep apnea - and Remeron helped with the related insomnia). Remeron suddenly - like, overnight - stopped working in December 2020, possibly because of a vertigo-inducing inner ear infection. Not only did Remeron no longer sedate him, it actually seemed to have a paradoxical effect. It was like a dose of adrenalin, but worse. (Would REALLY love to know what happened there, but prima
  2. Hi All: I have been taking 3.75 mg. of generic remeron daily for the past 4.5 years. About a month ago, I thought I should taper off by reducing to 1/8 of the 15 mg. pill that I had been cutting into quarters for the 3.75 mg. dosing. Around day 26 of the taper, I started getting GERD, heartburn, insomnia, dizziness, all the usual suspects. I upped my dose back to 3.75 about 3 nites ago. I thought I was on my way to feeling stable again, but last nite came no sleep, with sweating, racing thoughts, and diarrhea. This a.m., I feel so terrible. My question is: ho
  3. Been on remeron 1yr want off How best 15mg
  4. I've been on Remeron 7.5 mg for 7 weeks and I feel it is doing more harm than good. I do get sleep on it, but such a low dose is not helping with depression and I feel like its making me more unstable. At first, I believe it helped, but that quickly changed. It seemed it wasn't helping so I decided to up dose to 11.25 mg. For my fragile CNS that is just too activating for me and wont be able to do more than 7.5. Dr. Rx this to help with sleep and depression after coming off short term benzo use. Still in w/d from benzos so its hard to tell what's what. Wish I could do it without meds but not s
  5. I'm from the benzo group. I'm tapering off 2 mg klonopin i'm only at 1.7 and I had to hold bc I have IBS from starting my klonopin taper and I'm a wreck. I'm 60 years old had a good job until 4 months ago I was taking serquel 50 mg and klonopin 2 mg for sleep and they stopped working. I ve been taking them 10 years. I started my taper after my doc gave me 15 remeon and he kept uping the dose to 60. I'm so frail from losing wieight and the remeron knocks me out but i think its too high and causing my ibs constipation. i asked the benzo group what to do about getting lower on my remeron and th
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