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Found 7 results

  1. Hi All, Just a bit of a history. 2013 I got suddenly chronically fatigued and sudden unexplained sexual dysfunction which then worsened into depression. Looking back it was probably severe overworking of my job at the time. Over the next few years I was triated on a number of different drugs, SSRIs, SNRIs, noval ADs that were a new class (can't recall which one) anti seizure drugs etc and later on a few antipsychotics. For the most part I had severe side effects from SSRI/SNRIs but everything else did nothing, like taking a sugar pill. I quite all these cold turkey after months of use for each and had no issues. Sexual dysfunction for my main complaint even though the fatigue and flat affect were disabling but the later I cared little about at the time. Out of my own research I found Mocloemide by 2016 and started that and saw about 50% improvement in depression and gained some energy. My sexual dysfunction improved slowly to an acceptable level that caused me no issues. But due to struggling with motivation and work attendance due to the fatigue I lost my job. The psych prescribed me Rexulti and like magic it worked I was near 100% me again. This was late 2018/early 2019. My sexual function improved further. I had normal function although still not the libido prior the depression but normal compared to the general population as I was hypersexual before depression anyway so not an issue. 18 month later I started having SD again out of the blue and also weird sleep issues like jerky sleep/wake transitions and bad sleep paralysis. It took another 12 months to pinpoint the Rexulti as the cause as my docs weren't versed on this pretty new drug and my psych denied Rexulti as causing SD which I asked about before even taking it as SD was my main concern. So about August 2021 I started tapering and did so over 8 weeks as per the usual info that I could find on google and assumptions based on the psych saying to cut to 50% dose in one go to see if SD might improve. I had the usual withdrawals, all psychological ones but nothing that google didn't already suggest. I never really had withdrawals before so unusual for me. I had some burning pain in my genital area as well but had that once or twice with SSRIs as a side effect. The withdrawals went away after a few weeks. About 9 weeks later the genital burning suddenly came back and within a week or two I got burning and then numbness there and also my lower legs. Then I got soft glans syndrome and completely numb glans and semi numb genitals and saddle area. Few weeks later same burning and numbness happened to my face and hands. Then esophagus and tongue and I was having issues with swallowing, then breathing. I could not go to the toilet properly, 1s and 2s due to retention. Few more weeks, then arm/leg weakness and incoordination. Uncontrolled sweating at the lower lumbar that gave a bad rash and infection. There was muscle jerks that persisted for weeks, feeling of face and tongue paralysis even though I could move. I had some paranoid thoughts about my thoughts in a cyclic fashions and couldn't hear sounds correctly. (eg dog snoring sounded like a kid saying "muma" then changing to a chainsaw outside even though the dog was on the bed) I have had 100s of physical neurological symptoms, too many to list. I have been in hospital 5 times this year due to physical symptoms mimicking other serious conditions like, Spinal injury, GBS/CIDP, heart attack, seizure, stoke etc Due to being so upset and anxiety ridden 3 months post withdrawal I had to reinstate and retapper but chose to tapper from 0.25mg not to go back to square 1 just so I could mentally deal with the debilitating physical symptoms. I couldn't work for months. The reinstating did nothing for the symptoms so what ever was triggered by the withdrawal could not be reversed. During the last 7-8ish months of retapering at 50% reduction each 3 months corresponding to a bit over 10% biological reduction each step I have seen some things improve and some things worsen and many things comes in waves and many new symptoms on the way like tinnius, non sweating hands and feet, visual hallucinations, blindness, narcoleptic like attacks triggered by youtube+ headphone and driving. I am currently at 0.0625mg or 1/32 of the normal dose (2mg which is what I was on) for depression or 1/64 of the schizophrenia dosage. I plan to go to 0.03mg in about 10-12 weeks and then stop 12 week after that. I have also reduced my moclobemine from 300, to 150 and last week to 75mg, although I feel it hasn't got much of an impact unlike the Rexulti reductions which are hell for about 4-6 weeks post reduction, so it's like continuously going through the same cessation over and over while being on it has done nothing to reverse symptoms as mentioned. I am still having bad SD which comes in waves but different combo of symptoms each time. The symtopms are pretty much exactly like PSSD but without anorgasmia or ejaculation issues, quite the opposite in fact. Orgasms are too intense with recently PE being a new symptom I had not had before. I had been diagnosed with FND but I feel this isn't completely correct as this is clearly caused by the Rexulti. Has anyone else had extremely severe neurological symtoms from Rexulti and recovered? If so how long until the recovery? For me this has persisted for almost a year and only partial improvement and I fear it might me permanent like some PSSD sufferers. I have been googling since November last year and still have not come across any cases of this. I seem to be the only one. One other person I talked to only complained of ED and PE that has persisted for years but they got it instantly taking it and only had the mental withdrawals, no neurological ones. Love to hear anyone else had this from Rexulti or other antipsychotics. Cheers!
  2. So I have been tapering off antidepressants for the last year by myself and I am looking for some support. I first was given Lexapro 20 mg about 6 years ago for an anxiety disorder. At the beginning it worked wonders (or so I thought) but after 2 years I started to experience major weight gain and sexual side effects that were unbearable and I decided to get off my medication. I was not informed of any potential withdrawal and ended up tapering way to fast and experienced extreme withdrawal. I ended up going back on the Lexapro and stabilized. After about 4 months I decided to try and get off again but this time I tried a slower taper. I tapered from 20 to 15 mg successfully and then tried from 15 to 10 but the withdrawal was too much. I went back to 15 mg but side effects were really taking a toll on me so I decided to add Wellbutrin. I experienced severe anxiety and could not continue on the Wellbutrin. I tapered off Wellbutrin and the next 2 months were complete hell filled with extreme anxiety. I also started to notice a weird tightness sensation in my stomach that disabled my movement. After 2 months my doctor recommended mirtazapine in addition to the Lexapro. I started to feel great after the addition of the mirtazapine but then after a month out of no where I started feeling extremely anxious and my stomach tightness increased 10 fold. I tried to stay on the medication as I was terrified to go into withdrawal again but after 6 months of the mirtazapine I could not continue. I tried to taper slowly off the mirtazapine and again experienced severe withdrawal and decided to see a psychiatrist (the worst thing I have ever done). She put me on Rexulti in addition to the Lexapro and mirtazapine and I experienced the worst restlessness I have ever felt but the anxiety was slightly reduced. I read online that the restlessness goes away after a while so I continued with the rexulti and the restlessness eventually went away. I then tapered completely off the mirtazapine and my stomach issues resolved slightly. I was still experiencing sexual side effects so my psychiatrist switch me from Lexapro to Vibryd. She told me there were no side effects but I ended up experienced the worst weight gain and sexual dysfunction I have ever experienced. At this point I was so angry and disillusioned I told my psychiatrist off and decided to get off everything. It has been about a year of slowly tapering and every little bit of medication that I get off of the better I feel. That being said I feel as if I am deteriorating mentally. When I do tapers now I start thinking that I am permanently damaged and become suicidal even though I eventually start feeling better every time. I am currently in the middle of a taper and I am feeling pretty hopeless. When I taper I experience a loss of coordination, blurred eye sight, extreme anxiety, stomach tightness that I have started to notice in my spine, suicidal thoughts, slurred speech, headache, and extreme anger. These symptoms describe a condition call Ataxia and I am beyond worried that I have acquired a permanent condition. I know I start to feel better but when I am in severe withdrawal I can't help but worry about permanent damage. I just haven't had enough time of feeling good over the last 6 years to confidently know that I am not permanently damaged. These guys need to pay for what they are doing to people. I hope that this information is used to put a stop to this horrific system.
  3. New here, currently on lexapro for a few years on and off. rexulti 0.5 mgs currently for 3 months. planning on tapering off these meds. I’ve quit lexapro, Zoloft, and celexa cold Turkey in the past. I know what to expect there. Planning to do a slow taper this time as I can’t afforded to be debilitated for two weeks. As for the rexulti I have no experience. I was curious what I should expect from that dosage and duration on. Could I just jump off or should I taper it? Which drug would be the best choice to start with? Any insight would be helpful. Cheers.
  4. Hi. I started Lexapro roughly 15 years ago, 20mg, for anxiety/panic attacks. I did fine on it (although I experience emotional numbness). Toward the beginning of this year, the Lexapro seemed to stop being effective/stopped working, as I was experiencing some depression. The psychiatrist (assistant) added Abilify toward the end of May. It didn't seem to work, so I was advised to stop it at end of June. He then told me to stop my Lexapro all together and start Cymbalta 30mg immediately. I listened and did this on 7/4/2020. I plummeted into withdrawal hell (unable to function/bedridden) On 7/16/20, he upped the dose to 60mg. The withdrawal hell continued. On 8/3/2020, the doctor agreed that I should restart my Lexapro 20mg, and told me to immediately stop the Cymbalta. I did. Withdrawal continued. On 8/19/2020, Wellbutrin (generic), 150mg was added. Started seeing different psychiatrist's office. On 8/29/2020, Rexulti 0.5mg was added, and Wellbutrin name brand was prescribed. I was able to gain some energy, but my anxiety went through the roof, along with heart palpitations. On 9/9/20 Rexulti was stopped. On 9/24/2020, Lexapro upped to 30mg. On 9/27/2020, Wellbutrin stopped. Currently, I am having debilitating migraines headaches every day, depression/feeling overwhelmed (especially in the morning - including suicidal thoughts never had before), nausea, severe brain fog/forgetfulness, fatigue, irritability, crying, and a general feeling of sickness. I started taking a multivitamin, B vitamin pill, iron/folic acid (low on iron), magnesium and Omega fish oil. Although everything is hard to do, I have managed to take care of my young son (ie. meals, drop off and pick up from school, etc.) I am unable to work at the moment, but I am expected back soon. My goal is to get off all antidepressants now, but I am struggling, so I am thinking that I need to stabilize before weaning off of Lexapro (that I just upped, ugh). I would really appreciate any help and/or guidance, as I feel like I'm going crazy and feel defeated ... I really wish that I found this site sooner. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. 2005 - Lexapro 20mg for anxiety/panic attacks End of June 2020 – started Abilify 15mg 7/4/2020 – Stopped Lexapro and started 30mg Cymbalta 7/16/2020 – Increased Cymbalta to 60mg 8/3/2020 – Restarted Lexapro 20mg and stopped Cymbalta 60mg 8/19/2020 – Started Wellbutrin XL 150mg – generic 8/29/2020 – switched to Name brand Wellbutrin, same dose 8/29/2020 – started Rexulti 0.5mg 9/9/2020 – stopped Rexulti 9/24/2020 - Lexapro increased to 30mg 9/27/2020 - Wellbutrin stopped
  5. Hello all, Been reading this forum for the past 3 weeks as I have been struggling from heavy withdrawal post cold turkey'ing off of 2 antipsychotics (Zyprexa & Risperidone) that I have been on for just over a year. I also stopped taking Clonazepam after about 4 to 6 weeks. I realize this was a bad move but I had no real choice as the Psychiatrist I was working with will not renew my prescriptions and has since put me on Rexulti (I am also currently on Sertaline and Buspirone). I knew that I would be experiencing withdrawal, I just didn't know it would be this debilitating both mentally and physically it was going to be. Between the horrible insomnia, to dizziness, diarrhoea, lack of appetite, muscle fatigue, fatigue in general from not sleeping, feeling like I am suffering from a really bad hangover after I wake up, sweating, anxiety, Dissociation, clenching my jaw, and the list can go on. I feel like every single symptom one can mention I am suffering. I truly would not wish this on anyone as it truly has kicked the s**t out of me. I think I am too far into quitting to go back. I am scared as hell some days. I know this was not the optimal way of stopping but there is nothing I can do about that. Looking for anyone to share their story about withdrawal, quitting cold turkey, symptoms, or any sort of advice or success story...just looking for a friend during this extremely difficult time. Thank you.
  6. Hi anything would help. i was prescribed Zoloft, prestiuq,rexulti, lamotragene,Paxil during a 14 month period all at separate times and tapered off in 8 days. Also experiencing black mold toxicity. I’ve been off meds for almost 3 months. And out of the apartment for a month. Very desperate. I’m experiencing derealazation , massive depression and anxiety. I have no idea where to start to address these things. Psychiatrist wants to put me on Prozac and and taper in 3-4 months. Symptoms from both are conditions are similar and again don’t know where to start.
  7. My story is one that spans many years. I now look back and feel like a fool, but I own all the decisions. Started 20+ years ago when I had some stomach problems and went to a doctor. We went through Prilosac and an assortment of stomach drugs to no avail. Then he said try this, at that time it was Effexor in the shield style tablet. It was a miracle drug for my stomach condition, I guess I was worrying too much and causing an almost ulcerous condition and this stopped it. Well we can now fast forward a number of years and the drug was continuously refilled as I guess doctors are afraid to stop drugs like this and just avoid the subject...FYI I also stopped the pills numerous times over the years to see what would happen and I got through what I thought were the "withdrawals" slight dizziness etc. but I always started to get real anxious etc. so I just started them again and all was well. OK fast forward to a year ago where I had the great idea that maybe there was a better drug out there and asked my GP what he would recommend, he said Lexapro because he had the least amount of complaints about that one... I did not like it as I got all the anxiety and stuff that I had when I quit Effexor. I now understand it was likely Effexor withdrawal showing through. Anyhow I decided I needed a more professional opinion so I went to a psychiatrist and we talked and she changed me to Welbutrin and Rexulti. I tried that combo for a couple months while tripping around EU on vacation and it also seemed to let through the fear and doubt. So I went back and we then went on straight rexulti .5mg and that worked well for a couple months until I lost all interest and ability to worry about anything. This was 6 weeks ago and I quit Rexulti cold turkey and had no real effects until a bit of a anxiety started coming back, but not as bad I think as previous times. I also had calf cramps at night for 4 weeks which finally started subsiding. I was beginning to feel a bit normal but still quite negative about stuff, but I had definite glimpses of what I think are my real feeling come through (like 5 minutes at a pop) and I really liked that. but I was still not liking the anxiety I had etc. so I went out the the internet for help and came across this site, turned my world upside down. I am a pretty smart individual with a good profession and now I feel like a...let's just say I am sad and humiliated. I really never considered all the things I have now read about, I am a bit scared... Then with all my wisdom I decided to try to reintroduce the Effexor 75 (I have a stockpile of all meds) and see if I could then do the taper I have just been informed I need to do, or should have done. I did 5 bb's out of a TEVA 75mb Venlafaxine capsule that contained about 70. first day was great, all signs of dread were gone and I have confidence like I hadn't felt in weeks. Then day two I took another 5 beads (maybe 3 hours earlier in the day) and I felt like I had just lit all my rockets, I was off to the races, couldn't sit down, chest was tight etc...this went on all the way till bedtime and I didn't sleep much. so day 3 I decided I better not take any more of that and stopped that. I was pretty ill most of day 3, still golfed etc. but got chills and did not feel good at all. By the end of that day I was feeling a bit better, slept solidly for half the night. now I am on day 4, little nauseous this morning and decided to write this letter to all of you and bare my soul. I am unsure what to do - try the effexor for 4 days like things here say, did I take too many bb's? try going back on the Rexulti? I truly want off of all of this mess. I am fearing (lot's of reason for my bad sleep last night) that I am screwed and have no where to turn but to go through the heavy withdrawals. I have a life like I am sure all of you do and cannot or wish to not be bedridden etc. I like I said below am a bit worried about what the future has in store for me.
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