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Found 1 result

  1. Hi. I'm about to start a Risperidone taper using milligram scales. I was on 1.5mg but 3 wks ago I lowered to 1mg and felt fine. I'm going to wait another couple of weeks before commencing slowly steady 10℅ drops as I successfully tapered Diazepam this way in the past. However 2 weeks ago I also dropped one of my 3 x a day 300mg gabapentin so now I'm on 600. The capsules being 300 mean I'm just taking 2 doses at 8am and 8pm rather than the usual 3. I've felt pretty much Ok although I can feel short lived definate withdrawal symptoms at 8am and around 7pm. Will I be ok to stay like this whilst I begin the Risperidone taper? I suppose ideally I should at least try split the 600mg into 3. How easy is it to split the powder? I would need 2/3rds of a capsule each dose. Part of me is thinking just go back to 900mg and get the Risperidone dealt with first instead of starting compromised. From what I can gather both are terrible drugs to get off. After my Diazepam nightmare a few years ago I'm really sickened to end up with these problems again. I'm also on 30mg of Amyltryptline due to chronic inner thigh pain. This did nail the constant agony whereas the Gabapentin didn't. Im not sure it was ever very helpful. Would be great to hear from anyone e who got off these succesfully., and any advice would be appreciated.
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