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Found 10 results

  1. Moderator note: link to benzo forum thread DMV64: New here from other forum and need advice Hello. I am glad to have found this place. I am currently in a horrible withdrawal from Saphris. Really it is like debilitating terror, beyond panic even. I saw a post from 2014 mentioning Dr. Rob Purssey but the link was broken. A bit about me: I am I guess atypical. I have major depressive disorder and anxiety and ADHD. I respond in unexpected ways to many drugs. Although I do not "fit" the criteria for bi-polar, I cannot take seratonin, it makes me sick and manic. I have been on a lot of
  2. Hello all, just found this site and was looking for some advice on tapering off antipsychotic's. It all started about 11 months ago when I was prescribed saphris for depression by my pdoc to augment pristiq, (I know I should have known better). All was fine until about three months in when I started slowly developing anhedonia, just a complete lack of interest in life, it messed up my endocrine system, and destroyed my short term memory. Having successfully quit seroquel cold turkey in the past I thought saphris would be a breeze.... Boy was I wrong, only managed to make it there days in befor
  3. I'll introduce myself as Yabba, I'm a 22 year old male who has been diagnosed with many things over the past 10 years, but in the past 4 everyone has agreed It's BPD & Anxiety. I've been on various medications from prozac to olanzapine to alprazolam, It all started when I was 12, I was put on psychiatric drugs at this age, this is where it all started really - I'm feeling xyz so they prescribe what they think is right, The symptoms of one medication caused side-effects so they would prescribe another to counter. At one point I was on six medications at one time (16 y/o). So now for
  4. I've been taking saphris since Nov. of 2017. When I 1st. started saphris I thought it was the greatest medication ever made. It helped me sleep, stopped some of my bad habits and manic behaviors and I really felt good. After 13 to 14 months it took it all back. Insomnia, 30lb. weight gain, increased anxiety, terrible stomach issues and I just didn't feel like me anymore. All the things that I used to really enjoy doing were gone. Hardly wanted to do anything. No motivation. Visiting sights like this on the web helped me to see that I was not alone. That other people were having bad experiences
  5. I want to get off Saphris. I was taking 2.5 mg and tried to taper it down over the course of four months, went with three-quarter to one half to one quarter. Became suicidal and so anxious that I almost had several panic attacks. Was manic, and I'm not bipolar. Felt pressure to do things, mostly react with extreme emotions. Went back up to one. Now want to taper down and desperately want to get off of this hellish drug. I also take lamictal (300 mg), Viibryd (40 mg), and Mirtazipine (7.5 mg). I want off of all of them and am horrified at how long it is going to take me. I so want to hurry my t
  6. Here's his stuttertalk website. I know the purpose of this forum is "Books, news, blogs, video, radio -- items related to the psychiatry industry and adverse effects of antidepressants" and this technically does not fit. So what gives, why did I start a topic on it? There's been discussion of saphris lately and I started looking it up. This guy, back in 2010, participated in a clinical trial of saphris to reduce stuttering. I don't have the time right now but I am wondering if (he's a psych MD) he rx's or recommends saphris to people. Gotta keep an eye on him. If he is still taking
  7. I have just started trying to get off Saphris. All these forums and blogs are terrifying me. Especially the story of "acetyl". It was prescribed to me after wellbutrin alone wasn't fixing my depression. I am not bipolar or schizophrenic. I think it was an overly aggressive choice and i wish i had researched it before taking it. I was taking 20mg daily along with 10mg lexapro and 450mg wellbutrin. It put me in a zombielike state. I used to be a high performing software developer, at the top of my field, well respected and capable of great things. After Saphris I was unable to think clearly a
  8. I have found forums like this valuable so I thought I would post my recent experience in case it can be helpful to someone else. My wife has recently been trying to get off Saphris. Here is what she experienced and the problems she encountered. Of course this is just one individual case, your situation may not come out the same. -she has been on Saphris for over 3 years - she tapered from 15mg a day down to 1.25 mg/day over a period of about 3 months going from 15, to 12.5 to 10 to 7.5, to 5, to 2.5 and then finally to 1.25 with zero withdrawal issues. In fact she felt great! side e
  9. Two years ago I was imprisoned, tortured and chemically lobotomized. Psychiatrists convinced me I needed to take neuroleptics or risk brain damage from another psychotic episode. I believed them and I took ziprasidone 160mg for almost two years until I developed tardive dyskenesia. I was switched to Saphris in Feb 2017. Since then I have been tapering from Saphris 5 mg at night. I was tapering 10% every two weeks, which I realize after being on this forum is too fast. Since I started the Saphris I have had a terrible time eating. My last reduction was a week ago. Two weeks before that I had r
  10. Hello, I had a history of depression, moving randomly, quitting jobs randomly, etc. Eventually this culminated in a suicide attempt at age 30 (hotline saved my life, thank you to all who contribute). I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 shortly afterward thanks to family history (depression and anxiety diagnoses for mother, vague diagnoses but committed half her life mother's mother, suicidal death of mother's mother's father) and my behavior. I rejected this and self-medicated for years, volunteered overseas, used St. John's Wort (which was surprisingly effective) and other things but had a manic ep
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