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Found 1 result

  1. Hi All, im newbie here. Here is my story...on 19 Dec 2016 i started to took antidepresssent called lexapro 5mg and lorezapam 2mg due to my sleeping disorder. Over a 8 month i take those drugs so i decided to taper off all my medicine....firstly i taper off my lorezapam first following another 1.5 mth off lexapro followed the astron method. For the first 2 months all withdrawal hit me majority 70% like a waves come over...like symdrome i dont have before esp depression, heart pounding so extreme, shaking,mind racing, anxienty and a lots more...times passed i already off for lorezapam over 6 mths and lexapro 4++ mths. But those panic atrack and anxiety to flare up more extreme than before. I insonmia for about 2 weeks occassional sleeping disturbed, walking up at night, heart punding like a heart attack , high blood pressure, pulse racing, hot or cold sensation and a lots more. But recently 3 days ago, i feel like something stuck at my throat or choking feeling ....feel stomach bloating , gas come out from mouth and chest fullness....might suspect of acid reflux. Just wanna to ask buddies here have everyone exprience these and its also one of the withdrawal? I really mix up and confused Wanna to try some natural supplement to help ease my withdrawal but affraid because my body over sensitive now. Hope i can get more information regarding release anxiety supplement .....right now i just take high omega fish oil and magnesium only. Thanks so much.
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