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Found 4 results

  1. It's a simple question. What makes you feel better? Or at least, what helps you stay strong when things are at their hardest? Do you journal? Meditate? Did you change your diet? Start knitting? Who's work speaks to you? For me, I started tracking my daily happiness on a scale of 1-100. I figured if I could get myself to an average of 51, then the scale would tip just enough in the positive direction to justify a life worth living. This was such a modest goal that I found that hitting 51 over the course of a week was possible even if I had multiple crap days that clocked in at like, 23. Having something so concrete kept me grounded even if I was feeling like an emotional tilt-a-whirl. I'd love to see what everyone is doing to self-soothe, and whether or not anyone has come up with any strategies that helped them get through their day to day. Get specific! Pontificate! We're all so strong to still be here, so share what's in that unflinching will.
  2. drugged

    Massage therapy

    Wondering if anyone here has used massage therapy as part of their general self-care toolkit while tapering. When I was running a lot I went for a trigger point massage every couple of weeks, sometimes just Swedish massage for relaxation. I felt it really helped the blood circulation in the capillaries of my muscles and the trigger point work definitely helped with pain over time. I haven't been able to get back to getting a regular massage as I used to know them, with deep pressure, but I found a masseuse here that I'm going to try only I'll specify less pressure. Even so, I know from experience that, when I haven't been for a long while, I can feel quite ill for 2 - 3 days after the first few treatments. Not necessarily muscle pain though there's some of that but more of a just feeling sick. My hypothesis is that this is from toxins being moved out of the muscle tissues and into the blood and lymph. Anyway I am definitely full of toxic chemicals and I was thinking that maybe the manual manipulation might help spur a bit of neuronal growth and remodeling in the periphery, also. Just thinking here. I have an appointment this Thursday and I know I'll feel sick through Friday, maybe Saturday. To get full benefit I'll have to get a massage once every couple of weeks until I stop feeling sick afterward. That's what previous experience tells me ...
  3. I've got some confusion going on about this. Don't know if it is "me", Celexa, post taper, or being sick with a couple of bacterial infections. Or all of the above????? About two weeks back, a friend (over brunch) told me not to talk about my imipramine taper, she said it was old and no one really wants to hear it. The truth is, I never told her about it while I was going thru it. I basically didn't really talk to anyone, except a few who have my back covered. I felt bad. Like I lost a friend. I know I did not innundate her with it. Post taper with the insomnia being so bad, I have stayed in on weekends to try and nap. This is Jupiter Florida. It is beautiful here and I haven't been enjoying the outdoors. I've been 'holed up.' I am findig that I have trouble returning calls. I haven't really been making calls either. I have had lots of issues lately, both physically/personally and don't want to be a broken record. I have also been wondering about having outgrown two friends. You know, reaching a saturation point. Maybe that is healthy. They are not. Other people are not responsible for my happiness. However I am going thru a spell here. I don't want to talk about being sick, I sound like Debbie Downer from SNK I don't feel well. I feel a complete lack of motivation. Everything is an effort, including emptying the dishwasher. Can we talk about this and your experiences, thoughts.....so glad I found you all
  4. ShakeyJerr

    Share Affirmations

    I didn't see this anywhere else on here... And if it belongs in another section, then of course please move it there... I think it would be helpful to have a place to write down our affirmations - our good words to ourselves and each other - so we can record encouragement and spread the hope and love. I'll start: We are each of us going to get better. The timing and the exact steps may be different, but we are not alone on this road. We are good people in need of healing, not bad people being punished. Our infirmities do not define us - our hope does. SJ
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