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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. I've been on 20mg Seroxat per day since my first panic attack in 2014. I have reduced the dosage according to my home doctor's guidance recently. I reduced to 10mg Seroxat per two days on 1st Nov 2019. Then, a serious tinnitus (a low, constant buzzing) in my right ear started on 6th Nov 2019. (I didn't take any Seroxat on 2nd, 4th and 6th) The local doctors checked my ears and they say the eardrum is fine. So I continued the dosage reduction until 28th Nov. I finally contacted my home doctor and he said it is caused by anxiety (I've been bullied throughout Oct 2019) and Seroxat dosage reduction. He advised me to increase the dosage back to 10mg, or even 20mg Seroxat per day. There's no change in my tinnitus even until now (neither better or worse), which my dosage has increased to 30mg Seroxat per day according to my home doctor's guidance. The tinnitus affects me most when I'm asleep. I'm trying to not fall into a vicious cycle, but I have to wait until 5th Mar, 2020 to see the local Ear, Nose and Throat to have a checkup with professional equipment. Do you think my stress lead to tinnitus? Do you think the Seroxat dosage reduction leads to tinnitus? How and when can it stop? I want to sleep normally! Thank you P.S. On another forum people said that my tinnitus is caused by Seroxat, and they asked me to not trust the doctor because doctors know nothing about tinnitus. Do you think I should do so?
  2. pinciukas

    pinciukas: Short of breath

    Hello guys, My name is Linas i am 34 years old. First i was prescribed Seroxat for anxiety disorder and panic attacks in 2005 sinds then i am on/off for 14 years. I tryed to tapper but that was not correct tappering system. So now i am tappering sinds 2018 March and currently i am on 6 mg Seroxat from 20 mg. So far so good but after every drop i have few weeks high anxiety and almost getting panic attacks. Major thing is annoying my sleep night terrors i don't know how to call them. Just seconds before fall a sleep I am jumping in my bed with feeling that I can't breath then I can sleep but usually I am getting those things 3-4 times. It is so scary luckily do not happens every night. I had this thing in the summer during my day naps in the midday also few second before I shut down. It is so scary I never had this on full dose Seroxat but had very bad night sweats so now they are gone and those night micro panic attacks (ny brand name ) annoying me. Sinds my second drop actually. I believe it is just my anxiety and nothing bad. All the test are good and my doctor don't think that's sleep apnea because happens not always and also only when transitioning from awake to sleep I also sometimes scream (not loud). This is my story i am trying to stay strong and positive!
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