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  1. Hi all this is my first post. I’ve put all my medical info in my signature as requested but if I’ve missed anything please let me know. Full case history: n.b. I don’t expect anyone to feel they have to read all this, I just want to get it off my chest! I’ve had issues with depression and anxiety since childhood (no particular trauma: suspect a strong genetic component as evident in other family members too). Severe depression around 19/20 due to college stress led to me going to the doctor. Was put on 30mg citalopram which made me suicidal and gave me auditory hallucinations among other symptoms almost immediately. Doctor told me to ‘keep going’ but decided to stop - a million percent the right decision and one I wish I had made later. Was put on a low dose of paroxetine either once or twice (not sure) for short periods in my twenties after going to the doctor with anxiety/depression. No severe side effects I can remember, seemed to see a noticeable improvement, and came off drugs without issue. In my late twenties I went to the doctor again with depression and was prescribed 7.5mg paroxetine. Again no side effects and a noticeable improvement. After a few months I went back to the doctor and told her I was feeling much better and would like to come off the paroxetine. She told me this would be a mistake - that people often thought they should come off and actually got much worse when they did, so I should stay on the drugs. I accepted this, assumed that I was just one of those people who needed this medication to be ‘normal’ (I believed completely in the chemical Imbalance idea) and continued taking the medication. On a personal note this is the part of my medical history that makes me the angriest. There was a window at that time in which I was trying to do what was best for my mental health, and trusted my doctor against my own instincts. I may well have suffered adverse reactions if I had stopped taking paroxetine then, but I personally suspect strongly it would have been less severe due to the low dose, shortness of duration, and the fact I was younger. I may be wrong but I’ll never know. I stayed on paroxetine for the next ten years. Over time I felt the medication was getting less effective, and every time I went back to the doctor I was prescribed an increased dose (to be fair I’m sure at least once I requested an increased dose as I thought it was what I needed). I don’t remember the exact details but I ended up on 40mg. In the last couple of years I’ve had a very difficult time personally and it became clear the medication wasn’t helping me. I talked to the doctor In early 2020 about coming off paroxetine and trying a new medication - they advised me I would need a couple of ‘quiet’ weeks in a secure environment to do so to manage the change. When the pandemic happened and I was able to work from home full time, I felt I had the space to make the change. The doctor gave me a tapering schedule that was approximately as follows: 3 days on 30-40mg, 3 on 30, 3 on 20-30, 3 on 20, 3 on 10-20, 3 on 10 and then nothing. i had no symptoms during the tapering window and naively thought I had been lucky. I decided to hold off on taking the sertraline because I wanted to see how I managed with no drugs in my system, again I was very naive. Three days after my last pill I became profoundly unwell - suicidal, brain fog, brain zaps, diarrhoea, hypothermic temperature, severe weight loss (21 pounds total in a few weeks) I can’t even recall all the symptoms. I tried to ‘stick it out’ for a couple of weeks until a very sensible friend whose mother is a pharmacist told me I couldn’t keep going like this and my taper schedule had been much too quick, I needed to go back on a low dose. I spoke to a different doctor and agreed to go back on 10mg for a month, then 5 mg for a month then nothing. This still felt too steep so I actually added in three weeks of 5 and 0 alternating (I now realise alternating was a mistake too). My symptoms improved slowly but never disappeared and when I tried to stop completely, again severe symptoms reoccured. Went back to a 5/0 alternating dosage but remained quite ill. Spoke to yet another doctor after a couple of weeks who advised as I was now at such a low dose of paroxetine I should stop taking it completely and start taking 50mg of sertraline immediately. I was so desperate at this point that I felt if the sertraline would set me free from paroxetine I was willing to do this. The next four weeks were pure hell. I suspect because my body was dealing with withdrawal from one drug and reacting badly to another all at once (plus my contraceptive pill was changed due to stock shortages but that’s another story). My physical symptoms were bad but not as bad as before, but I was persistently suicidal. I have an amazing family who took care of me during this period. Even with their help I came close to the brink several times. I was referred to the mental health crisis team who said they would get my doctor to prescribe me mirtazapan to help manage the symptoms. They never processed this and I never followed up as I was determined not to add any more drugs to my regimen. I stayed on the sertraline because I felt I had no choice - all I could do was keep going and hope to make it to the other side. The last six weeks have been bad but I’ve seen an improvement. I have suicidal days but also good days and I am more able to manage my own healing. I am back at work after a month of leave. My physical symptoms have lessened but do re-emerge periodically. I am eating all the right foods, taking the proper supplements, exercising, meditating, journaling and doing breathing exercises. I desperately want to come off sertraline but I know I have to get myself in a stronger and more even position before I can do that. The thought that I am trapped on another drug, that coming off it will take literally years, and that I am still so unwell, is profoundly distressing. I feel this experience had almost destroyed me. Forums like this one have been my only comfort at times - seeing other people’s stories has made me feel less alone. so I’m sharing mine in case it chimes with anyone else. I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for here. I cannot taper right now even though I want to so badly I want to throw all my drugs away (obviously I won’t!!). I feel this site has given Me the information I need to tackle it when the time is right, which I am grateful for. I guess it’s just been such a personally devastating experience I wanted to share it in a place it would be understood. Basically, I’m very frightened.
  2. I have been off zoloft for 14 months and still have nausea and anxiety. I am considering reinstatement but have read on the forum that it might be a bad idea after such a long time. . I'm scared to try it and make matters worse.
  3. oliviaw11

    oliviaw11: Symptoms

    Hi everyone, I stopped taking Zoloft at 25 mg about three weeks after after tapering from 50 mg. I was getting withdrawl symptoms at first which seemed to resolve except for my dizziness/vertigo. It feels like the ground is moving when I walk and that I am very off balance. I’ve also noticed tinnitus and weird head pressure feelings that come and go and are must prominent eggs I am laying down in bed. Will these symptoms go away? my doctor and psych told me these are “unrelated” to stopping the antidepressant but I don’t think they are right. What should I do
  4. Hi all, Need some advice about whether or not to reinstate a low dose to cut WD symptoms. My history is as follows: 2003- 2010 Effexor 150 mg switched to 150 mg of Zoloft 2010 - 2021 2021 Slowly went down to 100 mg of Zoloft February 2022 Began too fast taper. Down to 50 mg March 28, 2022 - dropped to 25 mg May 15 W/D symptoms began with a vengeance This was done under the advice of a psychiatric NP. Now I know it was wayyyy too fast. My last taper of sertraline was from 50mg to 25 mg on March 28. Didn't feel any symptoms until May 15th. The last 2 day have been hell- racing thoughts, shivers, brain zaps, nausea, diarrhea, feelings of doom/dread, mental fog, insomnia, restlessness in limbs. I am miserable and contemplating how I can even go to work. I know from reading the files not to reinstate at 50 mg but am confused what level I might return to have some relief from these WD symptoms. My plan would be to hold for a longggggg while (seriously thinking a year) before trying any future taper. Once I figure out the best dose to reinstate at, do I ask for liquid sertraline? Any help would be so appreciated!
  5. Hi all, i'll try to describe my problems and my situation and maybe I can get some advice? I'm 28 y/o, have had depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, intrusive thoughts, racing thoughts 24/7 (my mind is never silent) attention problems, and executive dysfunction notably since at least 16-18 years old, and i've had OCD like features since I was like 7 as far as I can remember, particularly strong since at least 16 years old. Refused to try any medication up until 2018. Had a scary first bout of what was arguably psychotic thinking in 2016. Here's a brief history: March-ish 2018: Took Wellbutrin about a handful of times, can't remember doseMarch-ish 2018: Took Seroquel a handful of times, can't remember doseMarch-ish 2018- November 2019: Took Sertraline, went from 25 mg to 125 mgs. Foolishly cold turkeyed February 2021: Took Buspar a handful of times, can't remember dose February 2021: Took Luvox maybe like 6 times, nearly killed me and devastated me for months beyond belief March-June 2021: Reinstated Sertraline in an attempt to stop the horrible effects of Luvox (tapered over 2 weeks I think, i'm a little surprised at how my memory seems a bit shot atm) I cold turkeyed Sertraline foolishly out of ignorance and due to life circumstances, and I think I remember not taking it as prescribed daily all too well in the first place. Over the last 2.5 years since then, I have noticeably declined and I believe it is likely protracted withdrawal. I now suffer from everything I mentioned previously but it's all generally worse than a few years ago. Since mid 2020 I have really gone down hill and now suffer from the following daily/regularly: - A considerably more panicked and anxious base level of consciousness - Constant racing thoughts, my mind is never clear/scary intrusive thoughts - Recurrent terrifying "depression attacks/bouts" where i feel depression/anxiety that is so intense in their particular windows that they feel like panic attacks but more "depression-like" if that makes sense. - Body temperature disturbances where I feel regular hot flashes/heat sensations running down my body - The Luvox I tried last year gave me the worst panic and depression of my life, I felt like I was in a 2 - 3 month prolonged panic attack and I got burning skin sensations that felt like being burned alive that thankfully have dissipated now but lasted from about February to July 2021. - Chronic fatigue and a constant feeling that someone is pulling me down from my back, making me want to just lay down on a bed. When I feel the fatigue + hot flashes + depression attacks + some confusion at the same time it feels like i'm in hell. - Severe executive dysfunction coupled with OCD, makes it so I feel like i'm paralyzed and at the same time I feel like the only thing i can keep doing and keep my attention on is watching youtube. I'm a school teacher and the school year just ended, I could never get anything done because of my executive dysfunction and it is an absolute miracle that I lasted the whole year. I do feel though that when i'm totally into what i'm doing at school there are times where I, dare i say, feel "normal" and "fine," with the exception of lingering social anxiety and severe executive dysfunction that is always there." Now that vacation has started it, i've gotten worse, same thing happened every school weekend. I go crazy when just at home. I'm currently trying to fight through my executive dysfunction in order to set up a new PCP and finally make a doctor's appointment to see if I can get a "full work up," whatever that means, in order to gauge my health and rule out auto immune diseases or other things. It's a miracle I can even hold my attention long enough to write this atm, what tips can you give me in regards to things I can do to naturally heal, things I can ask my doctor, tests that I should request my doctor, etc? Honestly a few weeks ago I kept daydreaming about trying stimulants (bare in mind that I am very skeptical towards psychiatry now) because of how bad my executive dysfunction is but now I feel more mentally damaged in general now and I have no idea what to do.
  6. Expected810 Hello all! I have been reading a lot of posts on SA, and they have been very helpful and encouraging! I am grateful for finding this forum and am seeking help regarding my current mental health situation. I am somewhat stuck on what to do and would really appreciate any advice. So, on January 27th, 2020, I had my first ever panic attack, went to the ER, thought it was a heart attack and it took them over 2 hours to calm my heart rate down with intravenous Ativan. This was the first time I had taken a benzo drug or any anxiety drug. After that first episode, I went a full 3 weeks of having panic attacks and just bad anxiety (mainly at night), so I was taking one 0.5 mg Ativan nightly during those times, and during the day time I was taking my daily vitamins (vitamin d, centrum) along with omega 3 fish oil and GABA 250 mg supplement twice a day to keep me calm. I was convinced my body had become dependent on Ativan and it was just making my anxiety worse, so I decided to get off of it by cutting it in half for a few days after three weeks of use. After the three weeks, I had about one week of intense physical anxiety (stomach cramps, churning, agitiation, depression) after stopping. Then the following 3 weeks after the first week off, I had lots of dizziness after eating meals, and lots of nights with insomnia, where I would have to take hydroxyizine 25 mg for. But in that 1 full month after stopping Ativan, I had not had a real panic attack like my first one. Then my 2nd month off Ativan started and I started getting really bad churning in my stomach, and it led to a full blown panic attack which forced me to take hydroxyzine 25 mg as I didn't want to start Ativan again. After that I had full week of these panic attacks which lasted 5-6 hours daily becoming rolling panic attacks, with almost every physical symptom with numbing of my arms, choking sensation, churning stomach, dizziness, lightheadedness, high heart rate, and diffculty breathing. After my panic attacks returned, I went to a psychiatrist, and they diagnosed me with panic disorder and prescribed me Sertraline 25 mg. I started taking it daily on March 22, 2020. After a week my panic attacks subsided and haven't had one since the almost seven weeks I have been on it. However, while I am thankful my panic attacks are gone for now, I cannot handle the daily side Sertraline side effects from stomach pain, dizziness, tiredness, lack of motivation, lack of focus, mood swings, and bouts of depressive thoughts. Most of these I never had, especially the depressive thoughts. Its like I'm just waking up to wake up, I really can't function like a normal human. My psychiatrist has recommended I go up in dosage, but I have politely refused, because my goal was to only treat my panic disorder, which it has been and I don't want to go higher because I fear it might become more difficult to get off. So thats my story, I really need advice on how I should proceed, I want to stop the Sertraline and try to treat my panic disorder other ways, but I'm somewhat fearful of the withdrawal and unsure how to taper off a low dose like this. Thank you!
  7. Hi All! I was born March 1997, meaning I began antidepressants at the age of 15, 2 years after my father died suddenly. I now believe I shouldn't have been started on them, as my problems were likely caused by raging hormones and a significant life event and probably better treated with talking therapy. These medications were initially prescribed to treat what presented as daily panic attacks and 'troublesome behaviour' (staying out all night, risky behaviour, drinking excessively, self-harm). I would like to mention that some of my mental health symptoms (rejection sensitivity, oversensitivity to criticism and suicidal ideation) have been present since I can remember. My only other symptom is panic attacks, which begun as soon as my father died suddenly. None of these symptoms have ever disappeared, regardless of being on medications. The only things that seem to help are exercise and a good social support system. I am currently attempting to taper down from Sertraline 150mg (see signature for full dosage history). The smallest possible tablet I can get where I am is 25mg and it is tiny, so I am quite nervous about how to taper when I get to the smaller doses, especially when they become very specific according to the 10% schedule. I have bought a scale which says it can weigh down to 0.001mg, but I couldn't afford a very expensive one so I'm not sure how accurate this will be. I'm also really keen to come off Sertraline probably sooner than 10% every 4 weeks, although I know this isn't recommended. I just have never felt like it has really helped me and due to my recent ADHD diagnosis, I feel that my problems are better dealt with by my newly prescribed ADHD medication. Would welcome any advice on a quicker tapering schedule, as well as how to deal with micro-doses when you are unable to get smaller pills than 25mg.
  8. Hi- I’m 34 and started Zoloft April 2022 at 25mg and 15mg buspar(as needed). A week later was told to increase to 50’mg zoloft. At 4 weeks increased to 75mg Zoloft and upped buspar to 15mg twice a day. If I want to taper which med should I start with first? I’m terrified of withdrawal symptoms. I started taking these meds because of the worst anxiety and panic attacks I’ve ever had. Anxiety has gotten better but I did have another mild panic attack a few weeks ago. Maybe I’m not ready to wean off yet? I just want to get a head start on thinking and planning of tapering off and wanted to know the best course of action. Thanks!
  9. Hey all, I was put on 50mg Zoloft in 2012 (21 years old), and been on them since, raising the dose to 100mg in 2015. I started tapering down in June 2021 with about 25mg reduction every 2.5-3 months, hit 0mg in the beginning of April 2022. Didn’t feel any noticeable difference until the morning after a night of drinking on June 10th 2022 and have been having terrible morning anxiety / hopelessness / intrusive thoughts about life regrets every day since. Is it normal for Zoloft withdrawals to suddenly hit you after two months of zero dosage? I was hoping I got lucky after the 1 month mark without feeling any WD symptoms. Also, the withdrawals seem to all but dissipate after ~6pm when it feels like my body is just exhausted which usually brings me relief, I go to bed just to wake up at 03:00-05:00 from pure adrenaline and the cycle repeats itself. What I have been doing to help my recovery is meditating, exercising, saunas, meeting friends as much as I can. I also took a single 7.5mg of Imovane before bedtime two days ago and was able to sleep until 07 which helped the rest of the day tremendously but I don’t want to keep doing that as I want to get back to normal naturally.
  10. I have gone through withdrawals for Paroxetine 20mg and escitalopram 30mg before so I have experienced effects of withdrawal before. The reason I'm getting off of Zoloft is because I don't feel it's actually helping me after 3 months. I got on it for c-ptsd and I noticed some mild improvements at first. Now I think it's no longer helping. I just started 200mg a week ago after dosing up in increments of 50. Now I realize I will have to dose down much slower. I see the recommendations stating to go down 10% at a time of the current dose every 2-6 weeks. I can do that however I do not have a scale to weigh my sertraline as it is in 100mg capsules. My preference would be to taper to 150mg right away because I have only been on 200mg for a week and this week has been when things got much worse (sweating, insomnia, emotional lability, brain fog). Any advice regarding dose measurement such as what scale to buy or methods to use would be appreciated.
  11. Hey all. My name is Kelly. I’m new here, but I’ve also been apart of a few Facebook groups that led me here. I’m going to try to make a long story short. About 2 years ago, I was placed on 50 mg of Zoloft because I was tearful and told my OBGYN office that I was feeling overwhelmed and uninterested in sex with my husband. At the time, I just gave birth to my newborn twins, I had an 11 month old at home and a 4 year old step son. Life was very stressful and chaotic. I didn’t feel depressed or anxious before beginning this medicine. Fast forward about 3 months of being on, I and the people around me felt the medication was changing who I was. I was becoming angry and just not my normal self. I forgot to take the Zoloft for about 2 days and I felt like I was okay and getting back to feeling more normal. I decided to continue to skip taking the medication. About 5 days after abruptly quitting, I was going to lay down with my 11 month old in bed, and I got the fleeting thought of “What if I just smothered her right now and nobody was here to save her?” The scariest feeling came over my body. I was terrified of myself, am I actually capable of hurting my sweet and precious girl? Following this came many more intrusive thoughts about harming my babies, my husband and myself. I had thoughts and visualizations of me hurting others, cheating on my spouse, etc. I felt like I was going insane. I had crazy anxiety, I couldn’t sleep, heart palpitations, dizziness to the point I thought I was going to pass out, I felt depressed, easily angered, agitated, I was having vivid dreams, I had increased awareness of every noise around me, depersonalization, I would cry every single day because I didn’t know what was happening. I checked myself into the hospital where they tried to give me more medication and I refused it. I was lucky enough to have a nurse that googled for me “What happens when you abruptly stop taking an antidepressant”. I was so shocked to find just about every single symptom on the packet she printed me, I was experiencing. I showed the packet to the doctor and he agreed. I was released 3 days later. It’s been a roller coaster ever since then. I am now 19 months off of a cold turkey Zoloft and I feel so much better, but I still suffer with waves. When the waves come, the repetitive thoughts return and my brain feels so out of whack. I feel anxiety and feel down. I never experienced real anxiety and depression before until after coming off of the Zoloft. But it passes after a while when I go into a window. My life at home is so chaotic and I know it does not help. I am happy I am able to live a normal life now compared to when I first came off. I can tell I am healing, but it has just been so rough. It’s taken a toll on my relationship, I feel so much guilt from the thoughts that I’ve had about harm, cheating on my spouse, and more. I carry this big lump of guilt that mostly makes an appearance when I feel myself going into a wave. I will say that my husband has been my biggest supporter this entire time. He is actually the one that told me from the beginning when I got the prescription, “Kelly if you take that pill it’s going to mess you up”. I wish I would have listened to him. I guess I’m just writing here to get some support, to see if anyone has experienced something similar, and just to express myself. I had no idea withdrawal was even a thing from antidepressants until I went through it. I would have never touched these types of medications if I knew I was going to go through this. Any advice, success stories or anyone that can relate to me would be so appreciated. (At one point I went on Lexapro to “help the thoughts” but it made everything much worse and I decided to taper down. I even believe at one point I had an auditory hallucination after I abruptly stopped, but it was only one time. The rest of the time it was just intrusive thoughts). Thank you for reading if you made it this far!
  12. TW: suicidal thoughts, self harm Hi I'm a recently diagnosed autistic woman from the UK. I've suffered with depression and anxiety from childhood and found adult life hard trying to cope with things. After leaving an abusive relationship about 3 years ago I was suicidal and felt like I couldn't cope after 6 months or so I decided to start taking ssris. First prescribed sertraline but came off it after a few months as it made me really drowsy and then changed to esitalopram. Escitaloprám probably saved my life if I'm honest but due to the pandemic I stayed on it for a long time and just ignored the feelings of no libido as i felt it didn't really matter due to lockdowns. About 3 months ago I discussed coming off them and have tapered off over about 3 weeks or so and been off about 2 months. I don't feel much different I'm still numb, still No libido but now all the ugly suicidal thoughts are swirling and the urges to self harm are getting worse just so I feel something.
  13. Have been taking zoloft at 150mg since December 2021 and have decided to go off. Over the last four weeks I tapered and completely discontinued usage on 5/15. I hadn't found this site yet, so I didn't know a slow taper was advised. It all went pretty well until yesterday (5/17), and now I'm feeling some weird effects. Major difficulty concentrating, a weird tingling all over my skin, dizziness, fluctuating vision, and a mild return of the anxiety that put me on the med in the first place. I'm sort of debating whether I should try to reinstate a smaller dose, or just push through since I wasn't on it for terribly long. Current meds: no zoloft (tapered from 150mg since December 2021, last dose 5/15/22 100mg gabapentin daily (tapered from 600 mg since December 2021) 5mg ambien daily (tapered from 10mg in the last two months- have been on this for many many many years, I don't even know how long) Goal is to get completely off all of it. Open to any input/thoughts/etc.
  14. I got on Fluoxetine after 2 years of aggressive anxiety and deep depression. I was prescribed 10 mg and then 20mg and eventually to 30 mg at one point. I didn't know better at the time but I was constantly fatigues I had slight depression and not much anxiety after the 2 years but I had no energy and headaches. When I started the Fluoxetine it gave me the energy I was craving. I was sleeping 8 + hours prior to the fluoxetine, eating healthy and very often and then napping before soccer practice (I played college soccer) just to try and have enough energy to go 75% at practice. When I got on the fluoxetine I didn't have to sleep as much, and I had energy! It was awesome. I didn't really look into side effects or other options at the time because I just wanted to have the energy to play soccer. It relieved headaches and removed my fatigue. It felt like the vitamin my body was craving but I couldn't ever get it satisfied with the healthy eating and sleep. I had spouts of extreme anxiety flare ups whenever I would try and get into a relationship. So during my 4 years at the university I tried one relationship for a year and it was extremely difficult causing out of body experiences, anxiety, and overall felt like my nervous system was dying. I continued on the fluoxetine at the time but it didn't solve for the OCD / Anxiety I was experiencing and I didn't have the skills to know how to lean into it and start trying to think about things differently and change my brain and nervous system. I finished my soccer career and moved from a very warm environment to a part of the state that has very cold winters and hot summers. The winter brought on all sorts of depression and hopelessness. I was working at a Bank at the time. I pushed through that winter and started working on trying to change the way I was thinking and the beliefs I was holding. I felt that I had made very good progress and decided to start tapering my fluoxetine. I dropped to 10mg for a few weeks and then I just stopped taking it all together. I started to experience sever brain zaps. I re instated at 10mg every other day for a month or so. I then stopped and the brain zaps were gone! I thought I was home free! But I was not, 4 months later I started having the headaches I was having before I started taking the fluoxetine. They were so severe and would come on so strong around 1 or 2 pm in the afternoon. I started experiencing brain zaps again as well. Then one night Tinnitus hit me like a sledge hammer. My ears started ringing so loud. And on occasion they would hurt. I couldn't sleep, the ringing had gotten so loud. I went to every doctor I could see. I saw my general doctor and she said to try sertraline. I got on 25 mg of it for a few weeks. I had all kinds of symptoms trying to get on it. I was fatigued, felt like I had the flu, achy, headaches, etc. It wasn't solving the current headaches, fatigue, and tinnitus. We then switched me to Fluoxetine 10mg it was just giving me different kinds of headaches along with the ones I was having. When I got on Fluoxetine the first time I did not experience any side effects at all. I had CT scans done to see if I had tumors. Nothing. No doctor could explain what was going on with me. I had enflamed sinuses so they gave me some steroids to help with the inflammation which helped a little bit. I eventually tried just doing 5mg a day but that was still an issue. So went back down to zero. I have been struggling with headaches for over 12 months and tinnitus for over 8 months now. My vision has gotten blurry and I have tried to get glasses to see if that was causing some of the headaches. It has been a living hell. I found this website and some success stories. Trying to figure out what to do and how to move forward. Wondering if I should try and get back on 5mg of fluoxetine a day and see if that will clear the headaches without the reinstating headaches and then taper from there? Would love to hear any and all experiences that could help. Thanks.
  15. I was away from home and took enough ecitalopram with me to cover the duration, I also thought I had a large stuck at home but it turns out I've miscounted. With the state of the waiting time for a GP, and the pharmacy being out of stock at the same time, I've now missed my 10 mg dose for 10 consecutive days. Luckily I was on annual leave so I've been able to nap a lot, I'm feeling extremely fatigued, disoriented, have massive brain fog, feeling low in mood but manageable, mostly feeling agitated and irritated. No withdrawal symptoms and now at the stage where I feel like I can manage them if they stay as they are, however I know they are likely to get worse. I can get a repeat prescription to pick up this week, and I have asked for a GP appointment to review the medication, but this won't be for at least 2 or 3 weeks time. Do I reinstate an amount of lexapro, I keep going cold turkey and hope that I'm well into the withdrawals. I've been taking ssris for nearly 10 years, only recently realising I might I have ADHD and I am in the process of getting diagnosed, I'm much more capable of dealing with my mental health and want to come off medication. Any advice is welcome. I already take cod liver oil, magnesium. Thanks in advance.
  16. I have been on zoloft and nefazodone for years. In August of 2020 nefazodone* went into shortage until December of 2021. I was forced to greatly reduce my dosage from 600mg to 200mg. I was at 200mg for about 8 months. At that time my anxiety was breaking through quite a bit. * Additional Information provided by member: Once BMS withdrew the Brand Name Serzone the generic nefazodone became available in the U.S. With the exception of the shortage Aug-2020 to Dec-2021. During the shortage we ran into a lot of trouble from pharmacies telling us it was discontinued. Nefazodone - Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Nefazodone Nefazodone, sold formerly under the brand names Serzone, Dutonin, and Nefadar among others, is an atypical antidepressant which was first marketed by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) in 1994 but has since largely been discontinued. BMS withdrew it from the market by 2004 due to decreasing sales due to the rare incidence of severe liver damage and the onset of generic competition.
  17. I had really bad nervous breakdown in 2018. Prior to that i have had on and off anxiety for years. So in 2018 i was put on sertraline 50 mg. i was on this dose for 3 years and after feeling good i decided to come off. I tapered in 2 months starting in June 2021 and coming off fully end of July 2021 by advise of GP by taking half dose on one day and missing the next. Initially i had brain zaps for 2-3 days and they settled. Then i was feeling very tearful and had anger issues. These two have settled. Then i had episodes of feeling moody and at times depressed ( i never had depression before) and it seems this settled too. Now at almost 6 months out i have been having anxiety episodes over some trivial things like bodily sensations or any other stupid thing. I have also started to have sleeping issues like having a broken sleep. Some days i only manage few hours and in morning i feel anxious. I have been taking the following supplements - - vit D - multivitamins - 5 htp - magnesium Please can you advise if this is withdrawal? Did i taper to fast? What to do if things dont get better with my sleep and anxiety? Pls help
  18. Hi - New to the forum. I am actually trying to help my daughter (teen). She was on duloxetine (60 mg) which we tapered up and then down over 6 months. She was having significant joint pain and numbness in her legs and feet. Well, she got off it towards Christmas time 2021 but she is suffering from withdrawal symptoms - body sweats, dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhea, nausea, tinnitus, brain zaps. Well, doctor slowly added in fluoxetine 1 mg at a time given her history of serotonin syndrome / sensitivity. We are up to 6 mg of fluoxetine. Most of the symptoms have faded. Brain zaps first to go, body sweats, nausea, tinnitus definitely disappearing or on verge of disappearing. However, stomach pain is intense, constant, and at times pulsing pain to the point that she's doubled over. Preliminary blood work and x-ray have ruled out simple GI issues. The question is that the GI issues appeared 10 days after discontinuation and much later than other withdrawal symptoms. Could this be withdrawal? If yes, will going up on fluoxetine help? Any other thoughts?
  19. Hi, I’m new hear, I’m sorry if I have any gramatical errors, my native language isn’t English. I’m 18 years old female, I started sertraline at 14 and was been on and off sertraline (I used it total for about 2-3 years) I started when I was 14 and Stopped at 17. My last dose was about 4 months ago and I was on sertraline for 4 months (50 mg I think). I stopped because I learned about pssd. However I don’t think I tappered correctly. I didn’t knew how to. I’m now battling with pssd, a really severe depression, really severe derealization, brain fog, and I’m really suicidal. I don’t know what to do, I’m really really bad mentally and I’m desperate for help, for someone to bring hope to my life, but I don’t want to go with a psychiatrist, should I go with a therapist/ psychologist? I’m extremely depressed and derealized and can’t stop thinking about killing myself. (I’m not sure if I can talk about this here, but I really need help). I just want some hope about pssd, I’ve read here that pssd is just like any withdrawal symptom, it can take years to get better but it will improve and I really wish this happens, I also really wish to be myself again and not want desperately to die.
  20. So I dont know where to start, so i guess ill just jump right into it straight away. I'm a 21 year old guy and im in my 3rd year of university. I was prescribed Citalopram 10mg when i was 20 years old for anxiety. I never really had any depression or any other mental problem, apart from the anxiety, which kind of affected my life a bit. Nothing i couldnt manage, but still decided to try out SSRI's to see whether they would help. My doctor prescribed me 10mg Citalopram and it took a while for it to work, about 4 months. Honestly, i felt great after that period of time, i was still kinda myself, but without the constant worry and shortness of breath when i was in social situations, especially presentations and job interviews. Then, something went wrong. The anxiety was still under control and I felt very confident, but my emotions started becoming numb. I no longer felt happiness the same way, like i could still tell that i was happy, but it was like kinda meh happy. I stopped enjoying things i used to love, like gym, running, video games, writing music, etc. I kinda became complacent with everything, but not in a good way. I stopped striving for success, because i constantly had this fake euphoric feeling like everything is always gonna be alright, so i dont need to worry about achieving anything. Anyway, I went to my doctor again and got prescribed 20mg Citalopram after using 10mg for 6 months. That dosage didnt really do anything apart from introduce procrastination and anger. I became very snappy and always delayed everything until the last minute. (I used to be the type to finish everything on day 1 and then relax). That apathy feeling of not wanting do anything also increased. I just simply stayed patient, hoping that my brain will adjust to the new dosage. I waited 3 months and although i felt ok-ish, something felt off. Even my friends told me that i kinda became boring. I used to be this euphoric, overly excited class clown and then months later became this sleepy depressed guy. Also, got this crazy brain fog which made me really incompetent at things i used to excel at. Used to be a human calculator back in school, then after 9 months on SSRI's could barely do 7x7. My memory was impaired, libido non existent, ED, speech slur, and a bunch of other BS i never had. The worst part was that i could no longer write music. Before, i would be able to come up with lyrics in my head no problem, whereas after SSRI's, my brain was just silent, its like there was no thought processes going on in my skull anymore. Went to my doctor again, and tried a different SSRI. I got prescribed 100mg Sertaline and used that for 2 months, which kinda worked better than citalopram but when it did start working, i started experiencing withdrawals from Citalopram, which kinda oversaturated the effectiveness of this new SSRI. So I went back to doctor again and got prescribed 10mg Citalopram again, since that had the best effect on me in the first 4-6 months i started using them. Long story short, I started withdrawing due to minimising my dosage, so i kind of reached this F it moment and said "im done". I did a quick taper of 3 weeks. 2 weeks of 5mg and 1 week of 2.5 mg and i just quit. To make it clear, I did 6 months of 10mg Cit, 3 months of 20mg Cit, 2 months of 100mg Sert, and finished off with 10mg Cit again. This is where my visit to hell happened. Im going to keep this short for those who are like me and cant be bothered reading long paragraphs, so ill give you my withdrawal timeline. First 3.5 months - pure hell. Brain impairment, which included the usual things you hear. Crazy bain dog (I felt completely stupid, like an inexperienced 8 year old in a 21 year old body) All grades went down. Went from the brightest student, to an absolute abomination of a human. The worst symptom was irritability. The amount of arguments and things i broke in a span of 3.5 months is just crazy. Fought a bunch of men who tried dating my mother. Also started losing a bit of hair, which fortunately started growing back, and pretty much every other symptom you see here, like depersenalisation, dissociation, atpathy, etc. Around the 4 month mark, i started getting the windows and waves pattern. So there were days where i felt ok-ish and then other days where it was back to the pure hell experienced in the first 3.5 months. This lasted to about the month 5 month mark. Around 5 months, still windows and waves but now the windows were longer and waves shorter. Still experienced some brain fog and irritability. Around 5.75 month mark, my old personality started coming back. Irritability started vanishing. More positive outlook on life came back. IQ started increasing back up, so i no longer felt a bit daft. Actually started enjoying things again. Now, im around the 6.5 month mark, maybe 6.75 and i feel even better. I havent experienced that withdrawal feeling (YET). There are days where i feel a bit odd, like not myself but they only last a day, maximum two. To conclude, I feel like the major withdrawal symptoms are gone, because i felt good for the past month. Not a single anger outburst, or days where i have brain fog. One thing that i still struggle with is a bit of ED and low libido, but i feel like that will improve over time. I still have that voice in my head telling me that another huge wave might hit me down the line, which scares me quite a bit, but im already so far into this recovery process that i dont really give a damn. I feel like i have another 10-15% left to recover, but honeslty this will do, compared to what i've went through. Anyway, i hope this encourages some people, and helps you get through this atrocious mental state, because i feel like if the withdrawals lasted any longer, i doubt i'd still be here honeslty. I just wanted to share this for anyone losing hope like i did, when i watched a bunch of YouTube vids of people saying how their withdrawals were over after like a month, and then there was me just dying 5 months later. Ps. Ignore the horrible grammar, i was typing this super fast.
  21. Hello. I quit sertraline cold turkey on November 6 after three years of taking it. I was with a 50 mg dose. I am suffering abstinence symptoms since the end of December. Right now the dominant one is a terrible insomnia. I only manage to sleep some hours when I take zolpidem. I am becoming super sleep deprived and I am afraid of the future impact that this will have in my life. I tried supplements: one with various vitamins (Magnesio Ok +), Passiflora, 5 htp, fish oil and melatonin. I also took lexotan some days (doctor’s advice) and victan for panic attacks. The only thing that makes me sleep last days is Zolpidem, but not for much hours. Before my situation becomes worst, what do you think I should do?
  22. I came off 25mg april this year. I had been on them 9 years. After a few weeks the withdrawal has been awful so today decided to go back on but crush my pill and take 5mg as an intro dose. I have just put the powder into water and drank it. Is this ok?
  23. Hi all, I'm very brain-foggy today so I don't know how much detail I'll type out. I also have ADHD & undiagnosed autism so I may forget to update regularly but will try. I found this forum from an article by Rose Yesha that she wrote for Mad In America, and thought I would check it out. I'm pretty sure that being on Sertraline (Zoloft for the Americans lol) has permanently damaged my gut and possibly caused mild brain damage. I was on Sertraline for 5 years & came off it suddenly in August 2020. I was put on it because I was really struggling in the aftermath of an abusive relationship which involved further abuse, stalking, & harassment from afar. There's also a history of intense psychological abuse through my childhood. I had planned to come off it by tapering slowly over the 2020 Xmas break (I'm doing a BSc), but Pharmac funding changed so the brand of Sertraline I had previously been on was no longer available, and I was getting horrible side effects from the new generic brand. I decided that if I was going to get side effects anyway, I may as well just come off the horrible stuff. I had enough of the previous brand left to have 50mg for a day or two then 25mg for the next two days. The withdrawal waves were terrible - severe nausea, diarrhoea, waves of rage, intense brain fog, brain & body zaps, and several absolutely horrific periods that were far more heavy and painful than usual (and I do already have horrible ones so that was super fun). I'm pretty certain that the Sertraline damaged my gut, & possibly brain, permanently. I already had some mild (comparatively) gut issues, which I suspect may be linked to the autism & ADHD (there's a higher prevalence of gut issues in the autistic population than the general population), and I already had sensory food aversion that was made worse by being force-fed as a child and bullied by one of my parents around food. During- and post-sertraline, my gut has become extremely sensitive. Doing keto for a while seemed to help but was very difficult to maintain as I'm also vegan, and low income (because of studying). It's getting to the point where I'm afraid to eat because anything I eat could cause an upset stomach and diarrhoea. I'm often nauseous, and food generally makes me bloated and gassy. Re: the damage to my brain - I find it a lot harder to focus than I used to pre-Sertraline, my hypersensitivities seem to be worse, & when I'm tired I feel like I'm slurring my words. (Partner hasn't noticed the slurring but I do feel like it's happening.) I struggle with a baseline of fatigue & brain fog, which I fight against to get up in the mornings, but I'm grateful to be able to get up at all - in 2016 I crashed & burned, & was bedbound for months. It's only through a lot of support & encouragement from my partner, my father & his partner, & my partner's mum that I've managed to get to the point where I can be up and about at least 50-75% of the time. Not sure what else to write at the moment but this sort of covers the gist of it.
  24. I feel low & numb & anxious & stuck in my own head & struggling with intrusive sucidal thoughts. I first started panic attacks through a couple hangovers didn't no much about them which they were scary, went to doctors to ask advice straight away given citalopram told to take once a day did so for a few weeks till I realised I didn't want to be on these and they were antidepressants, then the trouble started panic attacks everyday so went back to doc & given sertaline tried for less than a week and symptoms was to bad stopped then went back to doc & given citalopram liquid tried for couple weeks had like a high effect which wasn't good & finally given mirtazapine was on it for over a month with really bad lows and symptoms at first then started to ease but I still didn't want to be on a mind altering drugs! So I got told to just stop. Now from July 10th 2018 that's when all the issues have started been a rocky road ups & downs but I'm sat here thinking what's the next steps as I feel low and numb and sucidal thoughts all the time shall I go back to the drugs or ??? Struggling with no sleep Sucidal thoughts Anxiousness Low mood Snappyniess No interests in life
  25. Hello to everyone on here I’m so glad this site exists because it’s gave me a lot of hope and knowledge to help me through my withdrawal. Im gunna try to describe my experience the best I can but my memory has suffered a lot through this. In October of 2016 I was put on 50mg of sertraline because I had anxiety and depression. I was on this dosage right up until summer of 2018 then I had my dosage increased to 100mg. I then stayed on 100mg until May 2020. I then tapered off the meds very quickly and by august 2020 I was completely off them, I was just following the doctors advice. The reason I chose to come off the meds was because I had really awful side effects such as brain fog, vision impairment, derealisation, worsened depression and anxiety and the list goes on and just wasn’t ‘living’ anymore, I was merely dragging myself through life while on this medication. I didn’t feel pleasure anymore and felt like i was having to force my emotions out. I didn’t feel like I used to anymore I didn’t feel alive and thriving like I should’ve been. Everything seemed dull and Grey and I couldn’t enjoy anything. I have been off the meds for six months now and the withdrawal has been utter hell. The first two weeks of withdrawal I also had tested positive for covid 19 so that made me even worse I was literally curled up in a ball on my bed trying not to die basically. the withdrawal has by far been worse than the side effects of the meds, I suffer every single day, I get really obsessive thoughts, suicidal thoughts, derealisation/depersonalisation, memory problems, vision impairment, crazy dreams, I have alcohol and food intolerance, severe brain fog it’s as if someone’s holding a sheet over my eyes and I can see through it but just not properly, I feel disconnected from the world, everything seems weird to me like technology and I find it hard to do simple things like watch a film or play a game it makes me feel weirdly sick. Although I’m going through this I’m VERY determined to beat this and will never give up. any advice will be greatly appreciated. thankyou
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