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Found 22 results

  1. Hi, I’m new hear, I’m sorry if I have any gramatical errors, my native language isn’t English. I’m 18 years old female, I started sertraline at 14 and was been on and off sertraline (I used it total for about 2-3 years) I started when I was 14 and Stopped at 17. My last dose was about 4 months ago and I was on sertraline for 4 months (50 mg I think). I stopped because I learned about pssd. However I don’t think I tappered correctly. I didn’t knew how to. I’m now battling with pssd, a really severe depression, really severe derealization, brain fog, and I’m really suicidal. I don’t know what to
  2. So I dont know where to start, so i guess ill just jump right into it straight away. I'm a 21 year old guy and im in my 3rd year of university. I was prescribed Citalopram 10mg when i was 20 years old for anxiety. I never really had any depression or any other mental problem, apart from the anxiety, which kind of affected my life a bit. Nothing i couldnt manage, but still decided to try out SSRI's to see whether they would help. My doctor prescribed me 10mg Citalopram and it took a while for it to work, about 4 months. Honestly, i felt great after that period of time, i was still kinda myself,
  3. Hi all, I'm very brain-foggy today so I don't know how much detail I'll type out. I also have ADHD & undiagnosed autism so I may forget to update regularly but will try. I found this forum from an article by Rose Yesha that she wrote for Mad In America, and thought I would check it out. I'm pretty sure that being on Sertraline (Zoloft for the Americans lol) has permanently damaged my gut and possibly caused mild brain damage. I was on Sertraline for 5 years & came off it suddenly in August 2020. I was put on it because I was really struggling in the aftermath of
  4. I feel low & numb & anxious & stuck in my own head & struggling with intrusive sucidal thoughts. I first started panic attacks through a couple hangovers didn't no much about them which they were scary, went to doctors to ask advice straight away given citalopram told to take once a day did so for a few weeks till I realised I didn't want to be on these and they were antidepressants, then the trouble started panic attacks everyday so went back to doc & given sertaline tried for less than a week and symptoms was to bad stopped then went back to doc & given citalopra
  5. Hello to everyone on here I’m so glad this site exists because it’s gave me a lot of hope and knowledge to help me through my withdrawal. Im gunna try to describe my experience the best I can but my memory has suffered a lot through this. In October of 2016 I was put on 50mg of sertraline because I had anxiety and depression. I was on this dosage right up until summer of 2018 then I had my dosage increased to 100mg. I then stayed on 100mg until May 2020. I then tapered off the meds very quickly and by august 2020 I was completely off them, I was just following the doctors advi
  6. HollyHope


    Hi all, Firstly, I am so grateful to have come across this site and I hope that by sharing my experience I might be able to help others and also gain some help and support in return . So, my story - I have suffered on and off with depression since my late teens, I have now just turned 30. I was first prescribed the antidepressant citalopram when I was 18, I took a low dose of this (can't remember how much exactly). I took this for about 6 months and then stopped as felt a lot more in control of my life and generally happier. I unfortunately relapsed about 5 years later and was prescri
  7. Hey guys, I have to apologize for my english, hope you can understand me. This is my first post. I have been writing in a german forum, but I was hoping to get some more feedback about my specific situation here. So this is my story: In 2017, I suffered from some kind of delayed postpartal depression and anxiety (first time in my life), caused among other things by severe lack of sleep and hormonal changes. A colleague (I am (or better: I was) working in the health system myself) prescribed sertralin, which made me very agitated, I had trouble sleepi
  8. Hi all this is my first post. I’ve put all my medical info in my signature as requested but if I’ve missed anything please let me know. Full case history: n.b. I don’t expect anyone to feel they have to read all this, I just want to get it off my chest! I’ve had issues with depression and anxiety since childhood (no particular trauma: suspect a strong genetic component as evident in other family members too). Severe depression around 19/20 due to college stress led to me going to the doctor. Was put on 30mg citalopram which made me suicidal and gave me auditory h
  9. Hi My doctor prescribed me to take 25mg of Sertraline in the night for a week. My condition is Pure OCD. The drug was a brand name medication (Zotral-50) which I got from the pharmacy. Within a week of using 25mg in the night, my symptoms became mild and controllable and my mood became better. On the 2nd week, I was told by the doctor to increase the dosage as follows. This time what I got was a generic sertraline medication. Week 1: Sertraline 25mg in the night Week 2: 25mg morning, 25mg night Week 3: 50mg morning, 50mg night I'm in the 3rd week now and I'm
  10. April 13- started 5mg/5ml liquid escitaloprám oxalate for 18 days, had bad side effects-constant headache, migraine, panic attacks at night(never had before), leg/body jerks at night, dizziness, sensitive to light and noise, nausea, sore throat, dry eyes, lack of appetite, higher level of anxiety than before. Dr switched me to liquid sertaline on April 30 that I was to ramp up on from 20mg/1ml up to 3ml. I decided I wanted to not be on the anti anxiety/anti depressants anymore, Dr said I should just stop cold turkey. So I only took the 20 mg/1ml. Then I called pharmacist for taper instructions
  11. Hello! I am new here. Please forgive how long this is, but I’m trying to be as concise as possible from the beginning for the moderators (and have a bad habit of digression, ha!). I so appreciate this page. I’ll try to add on my drug signature. But if I don’t do that correctly at first, I apologize in advance, as well as, for any repetitiveness, since my brain isn’t always on par and I just may not feel like overly editing any repeated information in different sections below. Please see my “thoughts about this forum” below “my history and withdrawal symptoms
  12. Lc79 Hi everyone! I had been on setraline 100mg for 8 months. I was feeling pretty good so decided to taper off this is what I did: 75 mg two weeks 50 mg two weeks 35 mg 1 week 15 mg 1 week Then off for past 8 days... Each drop down I got two days of irritability but then felt ok . I have been off completely for 8 days , next day felt exhausted, with rage that flairs up from nowhere. Have had to have daily naps, frequent brain zaps when I look around, weird heart beat when I look side to side and more ringing in my ears.
  13. Expected810 Hello all! I have been reading a lot of posts on SA, and they have been very helpful and encouraging! I am grateful for finding this forum and am seeking help regarding my current mental health situation. I am somewhat stuck on what to do and would really appreciate any advice. So, on January 27th, 2020, I had my first ever panic attack, went to the ER, thought it was a heart attack and it took them over 2 hours to calm my heart rate down with intravenous Ativan. This was the first time I had taken a benzo drug or any anxiety drug. After that first epis
  14. Questions: I have been withdrawing from Sertraline for 9 weeks. Doctor put me on two sleeping aids in between to help with insomnia and had Serotonin Syndrome again (trazodone and mirtzopan). Did this put me back at square one with withdrawal symptoms from Sertraline? 9 weeks ago my body began rejecting Sertraline after I was tapering (bad tapering for a year). I developed Serotonin Syndrome and was told to stop the medicine cold turkey. I have been on Sertraline for 7 years transitioning from Cymbalta right before that b/c of pregnancies. Was on it for 5 years) After 3 weeks I ha
  15. I'm desperate to get off lamotrigine. I started it a bit more than a year ago, tapered up to 100 mg over the course of a couple months, along with trialing escitalopram, quetiapine, and settling on sertraline (now 25 - 37.5 mg/day, with the higher dose during PMS time). It was fine at first, I went from not being able to make myself any food more complicated than opening a bag and getting extreme exhaustion from trying to hang my clothes to dry to being able to cook and clean more or less normally. But then I started getting migraines and restless leg syndrome more often than normal. Both are
  16. Hi all, I'm attempting to taper from 100mg Sertraline starting July. I had been taking AD only since January so went relatively fast. Got down to 50mg by end July, 25mg mid August, 9mg about a month ago. I couldn't cut the tablets any smaller (the smallest available here in NZ is 50mg), so obtained some tapering strips from the pharmacy in the Netherlands to taper from 10mg to 0mg in 28 days. After about a week I started feeling much more anxious and depressed, similar to how I was feeling when I was put on AD at the beginning of this year. I stopped the taper at 5mg and have
  17. Hi everyone, I’ve just come across this website and sounds like there is some great forums and support. So hoping for some guidance and assurance! So I’ve taken 100mg of Sertraline for approximately 10yrs. Initially prescribed for post natal depression and anxiety. While on medication I experienced a traumatic incident, therefore medication was increased to support with the depression and PTSD. I’ve attempted to taper off Sertraline before, without success. I had recently forgot to collect my prescription and after around 3 days of no medication. I thought it could be an opportunity to co
  18. Hello all, I will have be en on Sertroline at a medical grade of 110mg for 6 months and I believe was on the 50mg dose for a month or two before that. I took them further to experiencing post natal depression and anxiety for around 3 years before that. I’m keen to come off them but want to do it slowly and not put myself more steps back than I’ve progressed. I believe that a lot of the stressors that we’re present before have been improved. One thing I can’t work out is that I am still very sluggish and wonder whether this is the meds or n
  19. This is pretty much my journey with Sertraline: Started taking 25mg Sertraline in February 2018, 50mg Sertraline from mid February 2018 to November 2018 25mg Sertraline from November 2018 to February 2019 12.5mg February 2019 - April 2019 Intermittent 12.5 through May 2019 Took last Sertraline dose May 27th 2019 I started taking Sertraline when I was diagnosed with clinical depression in a rehab program back in February 2018. Being medicated really helped me understand I could live life differently but eventually I started thinking that I wanted to be clean from any drug
  20. Zoloft withdrawal success - my story When I first decided to wean myself off of Zoloft, I searched the internet for stories about people who had successfully gotten off antidepressants and had trouble finding them so I promised myself that if I made it I would post my story. Tomorrow, will mark my "no Zoloft for one year" anniversary. In that time, I haven't used alcohol or any other mood altering substance either, and I'm doing fine. It hasn't been easy, and it took a while, but I made it and I was able to function, to work and to take care of myself throughout. Diagnosed with
  21. Im New to this forum. For many years I took 100-150mg sertaline and the only side effect was weight gain. My depression was moderated but not completely gone. Got a New doctor who recommended Pristiq. I've been taking 50mg for about 6 months. It was going fine. Suddenly I'm noticing frequent headaches, trouble remembering and nausea. Also increased anxiety. I'm not functioning and can barely get to the grocery store. I live alone and am scared. I've read about the symptoms of withdrawal and I seem to have all of them, except I have not changed my dose or time of day (night) that I take it. Has
  22. Anyone taking It? How do you feel about it because I have zero clue if it's a good thing or a bad thing for me after being on it for one year now...
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