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Found 6 results

  1. Ive been trying to taper off 100mg sertraline since September 2018. Was prescribed 100mg Sertraline in June 2018 for PND. I was previously on 50 mg in March 2016 for 17 months. second time round, horrific start up side effects, some symptoms abated, some have persisted. Mostly psychiatric, such as vivid dreams, racing thoughts persist. Ive tapered down to approximately 9mg, with varying success. Made a big jump in August and suffered, uncontrollable crying, racing thoughts, suicidal thoughts etc. Have been paralysed by fear to make any further cuts since August 2019. Ive found a pharmacy in the Netherlands that develop tapering strips and I’ve ordered the strips, starting with 2 months of 9 mg ( approximate current dose of sertraline). I’ve done plenty of research and I do believe them to be legitimate. However I’m very nervous to switch as this is a generic brand and my past history of horrid side effects and withdrawal symptoms. I know this is much more accurate that what I’ve been doing myself. Has anyone on this forum used tapering strips and should I be so concerned about switching from one brand of sertraline to another?
  2. Greetings everyone! I'm hoping for some advice from my fellow members. I've been on Zoloft (50 mg) for 20+ years for depression. I tried getting off Zoloft twice during the past 5 years due to zombification (I was no longer crying or laughing) but both times experienced brain zaps and severe depression during the taper. (As an aside, my primary care physician, who knew I was tapering, told me to undergo a brain MRI because of the brain zaps. Neither of us realized the brain zaps were from the SSRI discontinuation.) Ten months ago, I decided to try to get off the poison once again. I've been tapering more slowly and am now down to ~10 mg/day but am feeling depressed again. No brain zaps this time. I take magnesium, fish oil, Vitamins B, C, and D. A week or so ago I started taking 5-HTP 100 mg at night to help boost my serotonin level now that I'm on a very low dose of Zoloft. Unfortunately, I'm now also experiencing acute anxiety, which I've never had before. Has anyone else experienced new onset anxiety either during SSRI withdrawal or from 5-HTP? I'm determined to succeed this time but am struggling immensely with crippling anxiety. I'm looking forward to death. Any help, including supplement or diet recommendation, would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi, I commenced Sertraline at the beginning of April 2021, two weeks after the birth of my baby. This was recommended by my doctor and a psychiatrist in response to a traumatic event during pregnancy that created extreme anxiety about the health of my baby. I was very hesitant but I understood the effects of a depressed and anxious mama. I was reassured by them that it was safe to continue breastfeeding. I commenced on 25mg for one week and then moved to 50mg. 10 weeks later I am doing a lot better and believe this is not necessarily down to the medication and rather the progression of time and seeing my baby thrive. I would like to get off Sertraline asap for both my health and that of my baby. I have read about the 10% taper of the last dosage every 4 weeks and understand the principle for harm reduction. However, I would like to get my dose down asap in case there is a risk for the baby and to minimise my dependence on it. As I have only been taking the medication for 10 weeks would a quicker taper be possible? Is there a chance my baby may experience any withdrawals? Many thanks.
  4. Hi guys, I've been taking 100mg of sertraline for the past 10 years. And It really helped me with my depression symptoms and managing difficult situations in my life. But now I've decide to com off from the drug slowly. However, I am afraid of the withdrawal symptoms. Looking for people out there who can help me go through this journey and anyone who has advise for me. I would be grateful for anyone who can help. Thank you! 🙏🏻
  5. Hello World, I have been lurking here for a couple months now and decided it is time for me to join the discussion. After browsing through a couple dozen threads both in the introductions and success stories I hope that by tracking my progress that it may inspire hope to those that follow along. This site has validated many experiences that I encountered in my life that I brushed off as "other issues" -- whereas now I realize that these were and are related to Sertraline use. My story up to this point: As a child I was extremely anxious. There was a family dynamic that played into my development of anxiety, without getting too personal. I also had some health issues that were extremely embarrassing and discomforting as a child. By the time I reached my mid-teens the anxiety was reaching an all-time high as I was putting myself in new situations -- due to embarrassment over my health issues I never had many friends growing up. There was a crippling fear within me that everyone was judging me, criticizing me, making fun of me; I generally felt like I was never "good enough" for people. Eventually this culminated into unrelenting anxiety to which I finally confided to a family member I was experiencing; more of a plea for help. In a visit to my GP she advised my family to take me to the ER to be evaluated for hospitalization. Repeated I was asked about self harm, suicidal ideation, depression, etc. I reiterated many times that I have never harmed myself in anyway and had no intention of doing so. I was strictly pleading for help in dealing with this unrelenting anxiety being experienced. You can probably guess I was hospitalized. Sitting with the doctors and my parents I expressed I did not want to be medicated. We were hit with the famous "chemical imbalance" mumbo jumbo and that these medications were safe. Being a minor and hospitalized there was limited medical autonomy. This is where I started Sertraline 25mg. Without boring with details here I dabbled a little bit with lithium but did not last long. Eventually I ended up on Sertraline 100mg. There I stayed from about Mid-2012 through Approx. Dec 2018 / Jan 2019. During this time I was very stable. To be honest, I do not think I experienced a ton of side effects (or so I thought). I experienced manageable amounts of anxiety, although there were times the thought "my emotions seem very dull" crossed my mind. "Highs" were not always very high and "lows" were not very low. This got me through college well enough. I started my career post-college as well. Knowing it can be difficult to get off these "medications" I always put off tapering because of school... new job... the excuses. After years and years of being "stable" on Sertraline 100mg I confided to my ("new") GP that I thought it was time to come off. From about Mid-Dec 2018 to maybe Feb 2019 I tapered. Went from 100mg->50mg for a month, maybe 50mg-> 25mg for a month then a week or so of 25mg every other day. The experience was emotional. Essentially my entire adult life to that point was to take 100mg of Sertraline before bed. From 17 to about 25 that was my ritual. Then I crashed. Over the next couple of months I experienced debilitating anxiety. At first I thought "push through it, it is your body adapting" but as time kept passing eventually those thoughts dissipated. These thoughts became truly obsessive to the point I thought I had OCD. Any sort of critique would send me into an emotional rollercoaster. I doubted everything I did. Everything felt so flat, even things that used to bring me bliss, including hobbies, friends, sex, I felt so flat. At some point therapy became an option. This is who my true self is. Called a local mental health center and signed myself up. Over a few sessions I poured myself out to my therapist (who I still go to today) proclaiming that yes I have had anxiety my entire life but I have never felt like this. I felt like every day I was fighting for survival. Anything stimulating fired off extreme reactions: scary movies, which I used to love would create days long adrenaline rushes, for example. This continued for a few months which then coincided with a major health issue which took about six months to recover from. This led us into the Coronavirus pandemic which did no favors. During the early stages of intense panic I felt necessary to re-instate Sertraline. I could not function. After a few weeks of ramping up to Sertraline 100mg I began feeling "whole" again. This did not save a long lasting relationship that had been strained over the prior 14mo, partly due to coming off medication. In the middle of this year I met a knew partner. They are absolutely wonderful but for the first time I truly realized that I have not physically desired sexual contact in quite some time. I decided that it is likely due to Sertraline and wanted to taper off. Where We Are Today: I found this website after looking for information on sexual side effects of AD use. I noticed in 2019 after coming off Sertraline that my libido had significantly dropped, I assumed was due to the "real me" anxiety coming back. I tied many side effects back to the discontinuation of Sertraline which I will outline below. In early October after tapering from 100mg to 50mg for a few weeks, then tapering from 50mg to 25mg for a few weeks I tried to go to 12.5mg for a week (at the discretion of my psych) and ceasing. I did it for two weeks. After a few days I noticed intense w/d symptoms (brain in vice feeling, pressure in head, agitation/restlessness, increased emotional flatness, continued sexual dysfunction). After finding this site and realizing that I was apparently not one of the lucky few that can taper that quickly I decided to re-instate at approximately 6.25mg daily in attempt to see if I can stabilize there before doing anything else. I think this allows me to see if I need to move up in mg without completely re-instating. I did find some relief from re-instating to 6.25mg. Current Symptoms: Heavy anxiety emotional blunting low libido / ed -- I have a mental desire for sex (as I know what it "was" on Zoloft the first time, but virtually no physical desire or ability) some agitation/restlessness cortisol spikes in morning (from this site, this is what I think I am experiencing. I sometimes wake up and feel UP with some adrenaline). Very obsessive thoughts I am thankful that my sleep for the most part has not been impacted. What am I doing now? Regular use of: ~200mg magnesium omega 3 fish oil (1000mg, I think) multi-vitamin (I know I know...) regular exercise 3-4x/wk CBT therapy low dose of sildenafil as needed Remind myself that these are side effects of medication use and discontinuation. These feelings are not me. Closing thoughts After finding some relief re-instating at 6.25mg I plan on sticking out here for quite a bit of time, at least 2mo. This will allow me to determine if I need to start the taper say at 12.5mg instead of 6.25mg. If w/d symptoms get worse over this time then I know I may need to bump up. A time frame of at least 2mo allows me to see if I get any delayed onset symptoms. As this journey begins on SA I look forward to journaling my experience. Those who have documented their success (whether through a success thread or long term introductions which lead to suns) have inspired me to believe truly that these symptoms will go away. We all want them to go away today but there are many examples here of people who have suffered for a long time who are back to their full lives. I'd wager a lot of money that most who start threads here and disappear recover. So again, while I am about 8.5 years in (about 7 on Sertraline, 1.5 on/off) I am thankful for this site. Much of what I am going through and what I have gone through has been repeatedly validated by hundreds and hundreds (thousands?) of other members documenting their experiences. It is such a relief that there are many others who understand the anguish these "medications" cause.
  6. aclb Hi, I've taken sertraline 50mg for approx 1,5 years due to a severe depression (suicidal), and with doctor's prescription started to withdraw a month ago. At the time being I was not fully aware of the tapering symptoms one might have, as I've never done it before and my doctor did not inform me. However, she prescribed 25mg for me to start with the next day (and therefore going from 50mg to 25 mg in one day) something I had 'physical' symptoms straight away from during the first week (head ache, dizziness, lack of balance etc). The mental symptoms have been sneaking up during these 4 weeks, now being emotionally labile, with great anxiety and depression-vibes combined with sudden high tops. According to by doctor's prescription I'm supposed to be at 0 mg tomorrow that does not feel very well. My question is how to go next - my aim still being to one day be fully free from my AD: should I go back to 50mg and withdraw the medicine controlled and by 10%? Or should I accept this altered mood at 25mg and step-by-step go from here down to 0mg? Sorry if I'm writing in the wrong forum, I'm just eager for information and advice in my situation...
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