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Found 9 results

  1. I had been on 50mg of sertraline for 5 years due to depression after being diagnosed with an auto immune disease. Due to tapering my steroid dose (Prednislone) to lower than 7.5mg I was struggling with a lower mood again so my sertraline was increased to 75mg. All good for 6 weeks and then had severe anxiety and sinus problems so I was told to go back to 50mg sertraline which I did over the space of 4 weeks. 6 weeks of bliss feeling normal again and then withdrawal hit ! Im now 10 months in on 50mg and I am improving but at a snails pace Tinnitus has gone blurry vision has gone runny nose gone but I’m still having some nightmares, food intolerances and terrible morning anxiety. Things were getting a lot better but this wave 10 months out has been quite bad especially the anxiety. Ive now decided to stay on 8 mg of Steroid (Prednislone) as I feel that is the dose that I’m good on without stressing out my body. Hoping to stabilise some time soon.
  2. Will try to keep this succinct. Depression runs in my family and I've suffered with it over the years, seeing therapists at various points in my life. When I was in my mid-thirties (in the mid-80s) my therapist persuaded me to go on Prozac, and it really seemed to help. I bought into the "if you were diabetic, wouldn't you take insulin?" argument, and I was happy to feel that there was something that could help. So for the next 30 years I was on some form or other of antidepressant, most recently Sertraline, at doses up to 150 mg/day. A few years ago I lost my faith that this drug was working for me or was even good for me, and decided that I did not want to be on it for the rest of my life. I began to very gradually taper off, cutting my dose in half for several months, in half again for several months, and so on, until I was taking only 25 mg. I took my last dose on February 28, 2019. I find that I can go several days, maybe even a few weeks, feeling "normal," or what is my best attempt at normal, and then for whatever reason I just crash. I use a lot of self-talk to try and stop the downward spiral. Sometimes I'm successful, but sometimes I am SO down that I wish I was dead, because I can't stand feeling that way anymore. I'm not suicidal, in that I don't plan to off myself; it's only that in those times I feel like I and the entire world would be much better off if I was gone. I also am often extremely irritable, and often angry. I attribute some of it to the crazy world that we live in these days, but it feels extreme. I sometimes get very angry when I am driving and sometimes worry that I will do something really stupid. It's the extremes of emotion that scare me. I'm also dealing with facing old age (I'm a youngish 67), which scares the sh*t out of me. My parents are long dead, many of my cousins and some of my friends have died, and I never had kids. So the future is a little scary. (I do have fur-kids -- two dogs and a cat -- that I adore, and with the dogs especially, I don't want my bad episodes to affect them. I did have some genetic testing done that revealed some mutations that interfere with certain metabolic processes that are believed to influence depression; and as a result I'm taking several nutritional supplements that are supposed to balance out that insufficiency. I can't honestly say whether they help or not, but I'm committed to continuing them for the near future. So that's my story in a nutshell. I'm drawn to this group because I need information in order to help myself. I hope that things will get better, because I want to feel happy again and enjoy the rest of my life.
  3. So I started using my brothers antidepressants without a doctors recommendation. I know... What was I thinking? Anyways I've used sertralin Krka about 25mg a day for about 1,5 months. I tried going cold turkey on it completly about a week ago but it went bad. I suffered a mental breakdown and literally cried my-self to sleep. The day after that mental breakdown I took another 25mg and been on it since. My question is what the f should I do now? I'm a 21 year old male living in Sweden as far as I can tell i've been depressed for a very long time with repeating thoughts of what the meaning of life is and how everbody else seems fine whilst i'm not. I also have a history of using a variety of drugs mainly becasue I felt bad and the drugs made me feel good.
  4. Hello there, I am currently 7 months off from stopping sertraline which I took for 6 years, before that citalipram and before that sertraline again as well as a number of other antidepressants going back to age 14 (I’m nearly 36) I had weaned off the sertraline very quickly from 200mg to zero in just a few months. Looking back I didn’t think I had any withdrawals from the sertraline at first in fact I felt pretty good for a month after. I certainly didn’t have any physical symptoms although looking back, around 1 month after stopping my health anxiety went into overdrive and I spent the coming months in a very anxious state on and off with panic attacks and time off work. I’ve also just remembered that in November last year I was beginning to try to reduce my sertraline dosage by using cbd oil and by the end of December I ended up in hospital with a heart rate of 170bpm. This was put down to my thyroid being out of whack and I was started on beta blockers which I still take. Maybe the heart thing was in part related to the sertraline being lowered. I was lowering them by large amounts which can’t of helped. So fast forward to end of October this year when I started with what felt like a bladder infection, I couldn’t stop peeing all day. Next came the bladder pressure and feelings of crawling and tingling on my private area along with weird muscle twitches. I also had an unwanted sense of arousal which I figured out was Pgad. Over the weeks this died down and I began with this internal vibration in my legs one night. This carried on and then I began to tremble all over. My anxiety went sky high and I felt like I couldn’t keep my legs still. Then muscle twitches and vibrating all over my body even my face. I’m still experiencing this vibrating which comes and goes often starting in my legs and I have a tremor which is often in my whole body where my arms and legs and head even shake. I’ve had pulsing electric sensations in my thumb and leg/groin as well as the ongoing crawling/pins and needles sensations down below. I’ve also had intense feelings of terror which come and go along with what feel like adrenaline surges starting around my bottom and going up through my body. I’m so frightened especially as my legs often feel like jelly and like I’m about to collapse. I’m still struggling to accept that this is withdrawal from the sertraline but the good news is I’ve found a gp who believes it could be related. I’m being referred to a neurologist but this could be a while. Could these delayed symptoms which didn’t start until 6 plus months later be due to sertraline withdrawal? I currently take propranolol, amitriptyline and levothyroxine. I’ve been on the amitriptyline for well over 2 years but it really helps with already existing nerve pain so I’m very scared to stop taking it. Just looking for some reassurance and support xx
  5. Hello, I'm new to this site but have known about it for awhile. Two years ago I went through a detox to get off alprazolam (benzo) and alcohol. I was a mess for several years before that. I know now I was experiencing inter-dose withdrawal for years. Alcohol is cross-tolerant and I was using it increasingly over the years I was on alprazolam. I had been on sertraline for several years prior to starting the benzo and continued it through the detox. After that experience, I started reducing the sertraline and had horrific symptoms every time I would make a cut. Towards the end, I got back on a benzo (clonazepam) but managed to get off the sertraline. Shortly after, I tapered the second benzo and have been psych med free for about 10 months now. The entire experience was devastating. I lost all social connections, a relationship, a job, my mental and physical health, my privacy, my dignity, my spirituality, my possessions -- all of it. When I got off everything, I started exercising every day. I ate as healthy as I knew how (have learned much more since). I quit all psychoactive substances including coffee. I stopped seeing my psychiatrist and an unwise therapist I was seeing. My health has been improving and I stopped blood pressure and cholesterol medication. I've lost over 100 pounds so far and I'm just starting to rebuild my professional and social life. They are both non-existent at the moment but because of my progress, I am beginning to address them. My life was hell for close to a decade and questionable for almost another -- all because of psych meds. I'm here to connect with others who've been through or are going through a similar experience who may want to discuss what happened or is happening. I'm interested in making friends and I want to share my experience and learn from others. I think about what I've been through every day and right now, I don't want to forget. I use the pain I feel to help me move forward. I hope to leave it behind at some point. I know there are many who have been or are going through similar and may want to connect. Thank you for this space and the ability to share and connect.
  6. Hi everyone! First of all, sorry about my English. I'm a Brazilian woman - 38 years old and here is my history.The first time I was taken to a psychiatrist I was 17 years old. At that time, because of a love disappointment, I ended up taking cocaine for a while to escape the sadness of a broken heart. I was really very depressed and the first doctor diagnosed me with bipolar disorder. He prescribed venlafaxine and lithium and said that because of family history, I might probably have to take this medication forever. I started with high doses of venlafaxine - 150mg, and after getting better the doctors started prescribing me "maintenance doses", from 50mg to 75mg. When I had relapses on depression, they increased the dose again.Here is a summary of my use of psychoactive drugs:1998-2001: venlafaxine and lithium2001-2008: venlafaxine only2008-2011: I stopped taking it on my own, gradually, and got very well without any medication.In 2011, I was married and started suffering domestic violence. So, I started having panic attacks for the first time in life. After much resistance, I returned to a psychiatrist who prescribed me Paroxetine 20mg and sublingual clonazepam (this one only if necessary).In 2014, I got pregnant. So I tried to stop the medications for the health of my baby. I went through a nightmare and my psychiatrist switched from paroxetine to sertraline. Then, taking psychotherapy sessions, I was finally able to get divorced from my violent husband and decided to try tappering off the medication once again and gradually. Always the same nightmare, and while psychiatrists claimed it was a relapse, and that I had to get back to higher doses, I was sure I was only having withdrawal symptoms. This year, 2019, I decided once again to try withdrawing the medication as I do not see any reason to keep taking it. I've been taken antidepressants since I'm 17. I do not want it anymore. Well, I went from 100mg (regular doses since 2014) to 75mg, and after 3 months I tried to reduce it to 50mg. Unfortunatelly I started having panic attacks immediately. I cannot have panic atacks alone with my kid. He is only 4 years old. What would I say to him? I do not want to cause him any trauma. What was I supposed to do? I went then back to my 75mg.I'm lost, hopeless, because I want to stop the medication but the withdrawal symptoms are too heavy for me to deal with. I get completely lost of myself, get confused, emotional trap. There are no doctors in Brazil who could help me in the process and also, could not find brazilian forums like this one. I started reading Dr. Joanna Moncrief e Peter Breggin and their theses make all sense to me.Please I need help! I appreciate any response!
  7. Aquarius


    Admin note: link to benzo forum thread - Aquarius: Diazepam Hi im new here , im not a long term user of these meds but when it comes it in withdrawal it doesnt matter its still hell . I started these Jan 2016 25mg cold turkeyed July 2016 didnt know any better was fine until Feb 2017 mum in hospital went to docs with crying and panic put me back on tablets didnt realise it was withdrawal doc said not after six months ...wanted me to go straight to 100mg i started at 50mg very quickly updosed to eventually 150mg went through hell to get there never really stabilised . Didnt like how i felt so now i know i did a very fast taper and came off by March 2018 again was doing well until just as before around 6 to 7 month mark i crashed felt extreme anxiety depression crying joint pain negative thoughts cant settle ..the physical pain has gone but emotionally im bad especially the mornings waking with fear panic and lots of crying thankfully i have been able to sleep and when im not stressed i do have good days . I hate feeling like this and seeing everyone else enjoying the build up to Christmas sometimes i feel like my life is over . Bad morning so trying to keep it together .have a question to ask but not sure if this is the place to do it .thank you
  8. Hi all, I joined this site several weeks back, tried to create a forum but my internet went out while I was doing so, I don't think it went through, so if this is a repost or posted in the wrong area, I'm sorry. Anyway, long story short, I'm female and close to turning twenty two, I originally started sertraline around 15-16 years old for anxiety, (generalized, panic attacks, and social) and depression. I started at a lower dose but after several years made my way up to 200mg, stayed on it for another several years, and at the age of 21 finally managed to come off them completely after many attempts that failed due to withdrawal. Fast forward to the end/beginning of this year after being off them for around eight months, my suicidal ideation got severe again, and fearing the worst, I jump shipped and started sertraline again because I was afraid of what I may do. After about 2 months on them again at 50mg, I tapered off over about a week and a half because they were giving me brain zaps, reduced sexual function, brain fog, etc, and I realized why I quit in the first place. Now I'm here two months later wondering if I've ruined myself for doing so. I've had a lot of emotional blunting and anhedonia, but the thing that I do not understand is that I am quick to irritability and anger, but nothing else. I can get sad at times, I have cried a few times which I couldn't manage on the short time I went back on the pills, but I used to have full on meltdowns, which I know isn't ideal, but at least it was something. I am an emotional person, and living in this fog and anhedonia is very concerning to me. I had issues with it before on the pills and even the short time off, but not to this extent. I've been trying to be positive, but I'm about two months in and I'm just tired of living through this window, if that makes sense. It's frustrating because sometimes I can feel this literal switch in my body, that is so close to clicking everything back together, but it doesn't. Other times I don't feel a switch at all. I've had more depersonalization episodes which I haven't had before. I always had a bit of dissociation, but the episodes have definitely been worse. I guess I just don't understand why after years of high dosages, constantly going on and off, I could quit fine and return to normal functioning within two months, where as now after a smaller dosage and shorter period, I'm doing way worse two months in now. Sorry if this is too detailed, but I want to be as clear as possible for any other women going through the same thing and to document my personal experience. I also am able to orgasm, but not the way I used to be able to. The short time on the pills I had near 0 interest and orgasm was hard, so while it is good I can do this again, it isn't the same rush as before, and it isn't nearly as pleasurable due to genital numbness. That has gotten better somewhat, I am able to tell if I am touching myself down there and feel the temperature of things, but the pleasure that was there before and the warm feeling is still not back. A little over a month off, I had a couple random times I became wet down there, and would feel more of a throbbing feeling I had before the pills, to elaborate on that I guess aside from the obvious sensation, it was a desire of, holy ****, I need it now! I don't have that anymore, yet again. With enough concentration and thinking about sex enough, I can get somewhat of a desire, but not much. I thought I was getting better a month ago due to the random lubrication and able to feel temperatures again, along with maybe 10-15% of original feeling coming back, but the past month nothing else has changed, and I haven't randomly gotten wet down there or had much of a throbbing sensation since two or three episodes. I guess my question is, what is your experience with withdrawals from anti-depressants? For those of you who have recovered, did it come back at once, or was it a more gradual thing? From my brief time on this site it seems most swing back and forth like a pendulum, getting better than not, then eventually after weeks or months of going back and forth one stone is then officially planted, only to have to fight the next ten ahead, whether it be the fight with emotions or sexual dysfunction. While I certainly would love to hear from everyone, as I have scrolled through many forums on this site, if there are any females my age, I would love to hear your responses in particular just to know there are others like me going through the same thing, and it would help me understand maybe more of what to look for in terms of recovery, though I acknowledge everyone isn't the same. It's just very disheartening being this young and having to worry about this. It sucks, but I have read many success stories and I am trying to stay positive, especially since I have had some recovery, even if it is marginal.
  9. Anyone else going through sertraline withdrawal after a low dose? I was on 25 mg i tapered for a month and have now been off it for 9 days. Just about coping. It's horrendous. I've had excruciating headaches, nausea, elevated anxiety, jaw ache, chest pains and fatigue. Seen several doctors, had blood tests and all kinds of checks to be told there's nothing wrong with me. It must be the withdrawal! Any advice most welcome xx
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