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Found 1 result

  1. Eight years ago I started taking prozac 20mg, over the next four years this was increased to 60mg. Over the next few years I made a couple of doctor supervised reductions back down to 20mg. This summer I tapered off over just a couple of months (now been off it for 2.5 months). Since then I feel more motivated and alert, which is great. I definitely don't feel that I am suffering from depression any more (woo hoo!). The problems have been in managing my emotions. I get very angry very easily, things that a few months ago would have been mildly irritating are now causing me such anger. I have some issues with being angry that I need to deal with, when I get angry I feel like a monster. I realise that I have to learn to not feel bad about myself for getting angry and I'm going to seek help for managing my response to feeling anger but that doesn't help right now. It's starting to bum me out so hard, when I feel that rush of rage it makes me feel like a terrible person because I know the anger is put of proportion to the situation. I then want to hurt myself, which I haven't felt like doing in so long, it feels like going backwards. I'm also really struggling to stay asleep. No matter when I go to bed or how much sleep I get if something disturbs me I am just awake and cannot get back to sleep. It's beginning to have a real impact on my emotions and work (thankfully I work from home so I don't have to deal with bosses or anything and I can adapt my hours to suit how I'm feeling though). I really thought for a while that I was just a terrible, terrible person. I cannot tell you what a relief it was to find this site and know that I'm not alone (although in some ways it's heartbreaking how many people are going through the same thing), when I read about neuro emotions and the experiences of some folk with anger it honestly made me cry with relief! I am going to seek help for managing my reaction to getting angry and I really want to try and improve my diet (for a lot of reasons but mainly to see if it help with this!). Thank you so much to the creators of this site and everyone who has shared what they're going through, it has made a real difference in my life just knowing that I'm not alone or just a horrible person.
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