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Found 2 results

  1. Dears, I'm desperately writing you as I feel noone on this Earth is understanding me now. I was a cheerful, social, active girl. Last year in August I gave life to my boy. When he turned 3.5 month, I started to have sleep issues out of the sudden. I got super scared as it continued day after day. Then after 5 days I got my first postpartum period. That day I KNEW, oh my God this must be it. This whole thing is just hormonal. Since then I lived with this problem for 6 months. Peak troubled nights were always around ny periods and ovulation, but I also had sleep issues beyond them. Over ti
  2. Eight years ago I started taking prozac 20mg, over the next four years this was increased to 60mg. Over the next few years I made a couple of doctor supervised reductions back down to 20mg. This summer I tapered off over just a couple of months (now been off it for 2.5 months). Since then I feel more motivated and alert, which is great. I definitely don't feel that I am suffering from depression any more (woo hoo!). The problems have been in managing my emotions. I get very angry very easily, things that a few months ago would have been mildly irritating are now causing me such anger. I ha
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