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Found 6 results

  1. my husband was diagnosed about 18 months ago with MDD and GAD, and has been taking zyprexa (evil, evil drug), ativan, paxil, mirtazapine and gabapentin at various dosages. as i learned more about these (he is too scared to do the research himself and refuses to look up anything on the web), it seemed that we should start with getting him off the zyprexa (originally 15 mg and then down to 2.5mg over the 18 month period.) but the movement from 2.5mg to 0, which has been in the last 2 weeks or so, has been extremely difficult and his doc is resistant to the idea of microtapering because "it doesn't work." the doc is an idiot and we must find a better provider asap who will write a microtapering Rx. he continues to take the ativan (.5mg at night, sometimes during the day when he feels like he's "jumping out of my skin.") he's taking 30mg of mirtazapine. the stupid doc wants to increase this to 45mg, because more is better. last nov., the same stupid doc thought that it would be good to increase the paxil from 20mg to 30mg. that little experiment resulted in suicidal ideation, return to the ER and 5 days in the locked-down unit. he's taking about 1200 mg/day of gabapentin, which stupid doc says is "benign" but it strikes me that NONE of these poisons are benign enough to stay on them for one more nanosecond than is necessary. i'm also interested in your point of view on TMS. we have a facility nearby, it's covered by our insurance, and they claim they can deliver good results for folks with depression/anxiety issues. we're getting ready to try this (i hope) before changing up any of the other meds so we'll know if in fact any improvement comes actually from the TMS vs. other change. i should point out that i have been married to this man for 15 years, and have known him for nearly 20. he was exceptionally normal for 18.5 of these years. all of this pile of crazy started following a kidney transplant in the summer of 2012. he had had an earlier kidney transplant in 1986, which lasted 25 years, so we were optimistic abt this one. in all of those 25 years, he had no psych issues. initially he was fine following the recent transplant, but about 6 months later, everything went to hell in a handbasket, and nobody can tell us why. all i can tell you is that my normally calm, collected, unflappable hubby has become agitated, anxious beyond belief, scared, irritable, timid, hysterical and a whole bunch of other not-normal behavior SINCE HE STARTED TAKING THE MEDS. idiot doctor says the symptoms now are the underlying disease. but since hubby didn't have this disease before, doesn't it seem that the meds are in fact what's making him crazy? does anyone have any suggestions on how to manage the zyprexa WD symptoms? (especially the anxiety, fear/dread, "pit in stomach" feeling, racing thoughts?)
  2. I started taking pristiq some time in June. I started feeling like I wanted to avoid my family and just go out by myself. I never want to cuddle or be intimate with my husband anymore and I all of a sudden want attention from other people. This is extremely out of character for me. I dont know if its the medication or what but its really scaring me. I feel like i could just run away from my life and not look back but I know this isnt me. Has any been in a similat situation??? I'm feeling so helpless.
  3. Hello I am concerned about my wife. She is to reduce haldol shot by one half. I have been on psychotropic drugs myself and know it is not so easy to get off of them. I found a web site of a clinic -facility that does drug withdrawal. This clinic is in another state. It does not seem possible to be able to go and also my wife is really afraid of being hospitalized, it is her most undesirable place to be to say the least. But after writing the clinic and asking for information about tapering off haldol one of the staff wrote me back and said that he/she did not recommend tapering off haldol at home. And if done at home then they recommend daily contact with doctor if necessary. I was impressed with the clinic because they do a whole approach Diet vitamin and various supportive therapy like counseling and that sort of thing . I also tried to go to the Pharmacy that gives my wife the haldol shot they did not have any any thing. I do not know for sure all the best ways to deal with this taper. I think that basically the haldol is a dopamine antagonist I think that means it suppresses dopamine in the brain. My wife does lots of activities that I think produce dopamine. These activities are smoking cigarettes, eating sweets, drinking coffee. Weight gain is a concern. My wife ties to spend time on her exercise bike. and does really good in that respect. SO does anybody have any direct advise I tried as I did to look through the resources page on this web site and all but so far I have not found anything that I could try. Thanks
  4. Hi everyone, My husband is currently on 150mg of venlafaxine (regular tablets). He was taking it just in the morning but with the aim of starting the tapering schedule suggested here, a week ago he split the dose, now taking 75 mg in the morning and 75mg at night. Since this change (note: not a drop yet just a split) he immediately started getting withdrawal symptoms - fatigue, loss of appetite, tremors, body rushes, vision changes, vertigo, negative thoughts, anxiety. I'm wondering if this is because he's on just the tablets, not the slower release capsules? I'm wondering whether we should go back to the 150mg in the morning or stay at this level of 75mg (am) and 75mg (pm) until he feels well again? He says he just wants it over with and is ready to drop to the next dose but I envision that being potentially dangerous and am desperate for support in deciding what to encourage him to do. He can't even handle talking dose numbers at the moment, so I guess it's down to me to figure this out and advise him as best I can. For the record, he has been taking the venlafaxine at the 150mg dose for 1.5 years, along with a cocktail of other drugs. I might add that what's happening now is not as bad as what happened a few months ago when he followed the GP's advice to come off his quetiapine pill over a 15 day period. What ensued was SEVERE withdrawal - vommiting, the runs, crawling up the wall with day terrors, electric shock feelings, plus everything he's feeling now. It took him about a month before he started to feel better. Up until a week ago he was feeling very good. We knew this one would be another hard one to come off so we wanted to follow the 3-4 month tapering schedule we found here. Frankly, we know the GPs haven't a clue about these things. He's been on a list waiting to see a NHS psychiatrist since January 2016. He's been through 3 months of CBT therapy in the meantime... (FYI he is also still on temazepam 10mg and mertazapine 15mg at night before bed). Any advice / support / thoughts / feedback most welcome. Thanks so much in advance.
  5. Hello! My husband was on 40mg of fluoxetine (generic Prozac) for about 3 months. Long story short (I posted most of the story in the marriages ruined by ssri's thread) he started displaying symptoms of a hypomanic state. He agreed to get off the medication. We made an appointment with his doctor and with his therapist. A few days before his dr appointment he started taking 20mg. His doctor told him that fluoxetine has such a long half life that it's basically self tapering. He advised him to skip one day, take another pill and then he could just stop. I'm worried after reading a lot that he's going to experience withdrawal symptoms. He took his last dose 6 days ago. If he starts feeling withdrawal symptoms when will they show? What should I look for? The doctor said all the medication will be out of his system in 30 days. How long will it take for him to go back to his normal self?
  6. I am not sure if I am posting this the right way and I am not sure anything can be done to help my husband but I can tell you he is in immeasurable pain, the likes of which I have never seen. My husband (MH) had been taking Zoloft for 24 years and had cut back b/c of tinnitus and hyperacusis (nothing compared to what he is now suffering). His depression spiked and Instead of his doctor checking the current dose of Zoloft my husband was taking he instead prescribed seroquel (took for 5 months including taper off). MH had increased his Zoloft dose back to 75 mg before being prescribed the seroquel. The doctor told him he did not care what does of Z he took b/c the seroquel worked on different receptors. The seroquel did nothing to help. The increase to 75 mg Z may have helped although it is hard to tell. Where the real damage came in was in the switch from Zoloft to Lexapro. B/C there was cross tapering of 2 SSRIs, akathisia developed. MH tried to get back on the Z after just 8 days of the cross tapering but it was like that movie the "perfect storm"--he could not take it b/c of akathisia.--the akathisia would not let him in. MH did a fairly quick tapering of 7wks ending in January 2016 with no help from doctor who merely said not too fast and not too slow.The akathisia raged on and propranolol is used to combat the akathisia syx. We went to a new doctor and was a prescribed small dose of remeron which eventually exacerbated the akathisia. Then we started reading and found this site among other articles that talked about reinstatement. The Z was reinstated 8 weeks after the taper at only 6.25 mg although the ultimate dose was 100mg. After about 4 days the Z built up and the akathisia worsened, so we stopped. Then in April I found a information on this site that suggested a teeny amount so I cut the Z medication to less than 2 mg to try another reinstatement. That teeny amount also caused the akathisia to rage on after a few day build up. The akathisia continues to this day but there is of course also syx of SSRI withdrawal. MH is essentially bedridden most of the time in complete and utter fatigue. His doctor had him try mirapex but the side effects were too much and now wants him to try selegelline, a MAO B inhibitor. (doctor saying these effected only dopamine) My take is this will make the syx worse and I don't believe that only dopamine will be affected. (but I so do not trust the psychiatric world at all) If the only condition was A/D depressant w/d this would be a no brainer--a smaller amount of the Z would have stabilized the condition and we could do the slower tapering as suggested on this site. One more thing I should mention is that MH does take klonopin which does help with sleep and controlling the akathisia (he also had taken that for 24 years with no tolerance in that he does not require that his dose be raised higher and higher and is very careful to keep it at or below his 24 year prescribed amount). He is on some support groups who have said to taper off the K but I believe this would only increase his suffering. He also continues to take some propranolol when the akathisia rages. He does rock and move but not constantly as videos I have seen of fellow akathisia suffers. The akathisia manifests as he describes it as unbearable inner torture and torment although the syx have somewhat decreased since all Z reinstatements were stopped as he used to have what he described as a blow torch under his skin 24/7 and now only has this from time to time. He recently tried exercising and this has caused the akathisia to spike for a least going on two weeks now. What kind of doctor can help? In my book psychiatrists are out as I it seems none of them know how to treat the SSRI W/D co-morbid with the akathisia. We do live in the East Bay of the SF Bay Area and finally did see a psychiatrist in SF who acknowledged PAWS but he still wanted to try different medications b/c the mental anguish (presenting as severe depression) is so florid, and even suggested hospitalization. I did read a story from one of the moderators altostrata that hospitalization made her worse. I know everyone is different but I do not trust psych hospitals. We are so afraid of further exacerbating the akathisia --I do not know which is worse , the akathisia or PAWS b/c I do not live in MH skin. MH is a beautiful caring person and it is so hard to see this happening every day especially as the PAWS worsens. As I said he is suffering an immense amount of fatigue even though he is sleeping-in the fact the only time he feels peace is while sleeping. Except if he falls asleep during the day he awakens from what he calls "toxic naps". I hope I have given the full picture and am wondering if anyone here has any suggestions on what can be done at this point. MH is so afraid that b/c he was on the Z for 24 years and stopped almost CT he will never heal and we read stories of others 6-10 years out that are still in pain. How much pain is someone supposed to suffer? I used to think of myself as a strong person and I was able to handle everything for months but I am crumbling and need to find my way back to my own life--but it is so hard to watch this horrible curse and I am having trouble with intertwining our lives. thank you to anyone who can help MH.
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