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Found 1 result

  1. MOD NOTE: So a friend sent me a link to https://tbitherapy.com as she thought the testimonies were compelling and reminded her of my symptoms. I got to researching and it looks like they inject PRP and stem cells intra nasally to facilitate brain healing. Since there have been stories of people using hyperbaric oxygen therapy to recover from withdrawals, I thought this might operate on a similar level. I personally spoke with a lady who purchased and used a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber to recover from benzo withdrawals. She said it took her a year to fully recover whereas it would've normally taken five years. But it just makes me think that there's something to these therapies that provides the environment and fuel for accelerated healing. There are many forums on Facebook set up for stem cell users/researchers and many success stories. I don't see how stem cells could possibly hurt your brain, especially if they are injected through the nose and don't go into any other part of the body where it could affect other organs/systems. Thoughts? Also I didn't know under which topic to post this so please move if needed.
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