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Found 2 results

  1. JanCarol

    Making Activist Art

    On BlueBalu's thread, BTDT wrote: OMG B! I just started a play tonight! I was inspired by attending a theatre festival this weekend, and so many of the plays addressed real issues, like relationships, inner demons, and feminism and taking control of your life. In one play, Florence Nightingale told her cohorts to "stop taking the pills, they are only meant to control you!" (and she, Maggie Thatcher, and Jane Austen escaped the asylum!) I thought I would start a play about withdrawal. I've never written a play before, so I will need to get help from some experts, but I can visu
  2. Gunnatrasha

    Gunnatrasha: My story

    Hi, I'm from Italy, I'm 37 years old and I'm a girl. I'm sorry but my English is not good. I will try with a translator and with the words I know to write my story. It all started when I was 20, my partner died in a car accident and my mother got cancer. I resisted for 6 months then I collapsed; panic attacks, anxiety, agoraphobia. I locked myself in the house, nobody understood what I had. They took me to a psychiatrist and he prescribed me Xanax and Sereupin 20mg. I started the treatment and after 4 months I was fine, I left for France I spent a beautiful summer. In December 2001 I decided t
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