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Found 4 results

  1. I'm new to this site. My sister referred me (mod note: see sister's post here sister-of-saradee-help-needed-urgently-in-nj I'm 45 and have been on meds for bipolar, major depression, Bpd, Attention deficit, social phobia, Gad, panic disorder, dependant personality disorder, etc. I have been taking meds throughout my adult life and am have found no relief. In fact I think I believe these meds are making me sick, keeping me stuck, and making life unbearable. I've been on more antidepressants, tranquilizers, antipsychotics, mood stabilizers than I can remember and am currently taking
  2. I am 70 y.o. But have had severe Restless Legs Syndrome since I was in my 20’s. I’d been on dopamine agonists all my life and switched from one to the next as each seemed to fail. In 2011 my wife arranged for me to be seen at John’s Hopkins by the lead researcher and he found that I had augmentation with each of my old drugs, that is, I would get better initially and then the drug would actually make me worse until I was on huge doses and then I would switch to the next one. The alternative to this class of drugs are the long acting slow release opiates like methadone,suboxone, and fentanyl.
  3. I am trying to taper off of gabapentin and Suboxone. I have not always taken these medications correctly but, now am doing so. I am prescribed gabapentin 800mg tablet 3x daily and Suboxone 4mg once per day (although I take somewhere around 2mg per day). I want to get off of both of these medications so I can really live and not have to wake up every single day needing something to get through the day or to even start the day for that matter. I am a mother of 4 with a husband and mother I help care for so inpatient treatment programs are not an option and I certainly don't want to s
  4. Dr. Manny: How Prescription Drug Abuse Is Helping To Fuel Violence In America By Dr. Manny Alvarez ,published 19 June , 2015 Fox News.com My heart aches and my soul is full of sadness for the nine innocent lives lost in Charleston, South Carolina, and the community left reeling due to yet another senseless crime. This horrific mass murder will no doubt be remembered in American history, just like the many others that have come before it, and unfortunately the probable ones yet to come. While we know that accused killer Dylann Roof was fueled by hatred and racism, I wonder if the
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