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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I’ve been tapering off of my drugs for a few months now and am finding that I need a local support group to help me through. I am bursting with information on this whole thing and am definitely wearing my family, friends, and boyfriend down with it all 😬. I am feeling alone and overwhelmed by the zeitgeist that is mental illness. Is there anyone that would like to meet for a cup of coffee one day? Thanks and sincerely, Breanne
  2. Hi all, I am writing from the BBC. The Victoria Derbyshire show in the UK are producing a short film about anti-depressant withdrawals and are looking to speak to individuals who have used local street drug dependency services for support throughout this process. If you are someone who has used the support services of street drug charities in the UK for antidepressant withdrawal and are interested in taking part, please do reach out to me via the personal messaging system . We appreciate the very sensitive nature of this difficult experience and anything spoken about will remain confidential unless otherwise agreed. Many thanks.
  3. I am the CT Leader for the peer to peer support group of Recovery International. We are an 76 yr. old group that practises cognitive behavioral therapy as started by Dr. A. Low of Chicago as an aftercare program. I have been contacted by a person using the Point of Return program, their medical staff has been recomending our support group to go along with the Point of Return program. I have felt uncomfortable as the Recovery Headquarters have no knowledge of this program. Recovery has nothing to do with medication tapering. Medication discussion is not a part of the Recovery International Method. Some members are on medications, some mention side effects, but that is not our focus. We offer face to face meetings and telephone meetings to anyone who has symptoms of depression, anger, anxiety, OCD and eating disorders and finds that those symptoms are distressing. We learn how to decrease stress and handle the everyday issues with the Recovery International Method. We have never been a replacement for medical care. We do not have views on mental health diagnosies. We have no views on religious or spiritual issues. We have no opinions on medications. We do not diagnose or cure any behavioral issues. For more information, Recovery International has an informative website. Thank you
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