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Found 3 results

  1. I was on Celexa 20 mg. for 10 months in 2015 for generalized anxiety disorder and mild/moderate depression, which hit me suddenly at age 65. Felt good enough to taper off over 32 weeks with no withdrawal problems, but 6 months after last dose, symptoms of anxiety and depression were back with a vengeance. Started Zoloft 25 mg in 2017 (probably should have gone back to Celexa). Increased dose to 50 mg within 4 months. Didn't like the way it was/wasn't working and didn't want to increase the dose. I'm really fearful of what these drugs can do. Tapered down to 12.5 mg over 19 months by 3.125 mg i
  2. When I first started my taper and experienced withdrawal in late 2006, I’d never heard of a lot of withdrawal symptoms: anhedonia, akinesia, dysautonomia, and a whole alphabet soup of obscure Greek terms. When I joined an online support group and began learning about symptoms related to withdrawal, I was incredibly relieved to know others suffered the same way I did. Since one of the consequences of my withdrawal was extreme hypochondria, learning that others had the same symptoms helped me confront and deal with them. It helped me “name my dragons”; I knew what was happening to me, and th
  3. Hi, I'm new to site. Just had last mitazapan tablet. Now I'm worried about what symptoms I can expect. My worst symptom at mo is stomach cramps/tightness or it feels as if I'm about to explode (it's as if someone is pumping me up which is causing difficulty in breathing. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
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