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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! In advance, sorry for my English, I am Swiss/french. I am here to share a very nice aproach about the pain and the way we can solve it. I am only 32 years old but I had to learn to solve problems by myself. I have sleep's problems for some years (arround eight) and now I am very tired of my life. Less motivation/energy, less concentration, no real social life. These last 3 years, I leran about psychology by my own. I did some master courses at university and I was not bad for someone without a bachelor in psychology. But I learnt much more with a specialist, through books and then applying his approach. To make it short and easy to understand - and I know how much it is problematic in our society - there are lots of misconception about us, human being, the root of the pain and the ways to solve it. It is what is called "healing". My question: I am sure we can agree about the fact that we are 1 species: the human being. So, why so many ways to solve the same thing: the pain? Maybe because lots of specialists don't understand the human being... Of course, we are "complicated". Another evidence: our society, and our health system is too much corrupted (I know a few about USA, it's almost the same situation in Switzerland: thanks to big pharma). About the pain, the theoritical key is easy: feel the pain to be free of it. But few people know the method (the "how") because of... many stuffs. The practice is not necessarily easy because sometimes we have too much pain. And this pain is litterlay destroying us. Medication can help, but the pain comes back when we stop it if this pain is not solved. You can watch a good guy here : Hopefully, some specialists like Peter Breggin search the truth and some ways to heal people. I know this will still take decades to unify theories about human being and the pain, and I know the only thing I can do is to share good stuffs with you, human being. With my short life and the truth I can see through it, I share 2 files here. Primal healing - a book from Arthur Janov (USA) - is about the root of the pain, our mecanism to fight it (if too much pain: we die), how it works inside us and the way we can heal. His approach is called "primal therapy" and the testimonies of patients are just the proof we need to see that it works. Unfortunately, this therapy didn't receive support from APA (american psychiatric association). Why? I think because: it works. Then, less profit, and when prople become themselves, it's harder to manipulate them! Our "covid" time is just a good proof for me. Emotional retroaction is a quite simple practical method to deal with our emotions. You can try and see what happen. No need about theories. Many other things could be say but I think it is useless. We have our own free will, I can just show a nice "door" - I think - about a very good explanation and solution about the pain. I don't say it is easy, I say it is possible. I hope it can help. steqh Primal Healing - Janov Arthur.docx Emotional Retroaction.pdf
  2. I’m slowly tapering off Paxil. Does anyone have experience with antidepressants and marijuana? I’m thinking of trying a full spectrum CBD oil. I’m also wondering what the effects would be if I tried marijuana brownies. I have no experience with this, and don’t even know what I can get here in Florida.
  3. SeattleKee


    I began tapering escitalopram six weeks ago (December 2017). I did so in conjunction with advice from my physician, a naturopath. I was at 20 mg. I began by reducing to 15 mg twice a week and 20 mg the remainder of the week. The sequence, then, was reduction to 15 mg three times weekly, reduction to 15 mg every other day. Then 15 mg daily. I then moved from 15 mg to 10 mg twice a week, then 10 mg every other day, then 10 mg daily. I have been at 10 mg. for about two weeks. I am now experiencing withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include a sharp headache along the medial line between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. The intensity of the headache fluctuates, but, even at minimum, I am aware it is there. I also experience slight periodic nausea, never to point of vomiting, some irritability and a certain edginess or low level anxiety. In addition, I am noticing in increase in hypervigilance and self-critical thinking. All symptoms have been tolerable, if uncomfortable. My history with antidepressants is a long one. I started in 1982 when prescribed lithium carbonate for depression. Later, in the late 1980s, I moved to prozac. In the early 2000s I began taking Lexapro. I am choosing to taper and end medication as the stressors exasperating previous depressive episodes have been resolved for some time. I wish to be medication free in order to evaluate my psychological and emotional state in that condition. Secondarily, as I live in a state the has legalized THC and CBD. I am interested in using these for symptom relief and would like to hear from others who have tried these for self-medication. My physician is aware and supports this as a potential for symptom relief. Thank you.
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