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Found 2 results

  1. PLEASE SEE: this post about benefits of journalling and links to some helpful sites Journaling has always been a good tool for me. This morning in one of my daily readers it said 'no matter how preposterous you think a fear might be write it down on paper. Look at it, dissect it and journal towards a possible solution. So I made a list. Fortunately I did have the time to journal and read. It helped a great deal. I get stuck inside my own head. Why I don't know. Is it how I am wired, does it stem from medications, is it an anxiety symptom, is it
  2. I'm not really looking for advice but just musing here! There is something that makes withdrawal/side effect thoughts 'painful'. When people say they are just thoughts they cannot hurt you, that doesn't seem altogether true. I can detach myself from thoughts some of the time and dismiss them as thoughts but the thoughts that come in a bad wave and have plagued me throughout the yrs on ad's do seem to be painful, excruciating even and I don't seem to be able to distance myself from them at all. Wonder what that's about.
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