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Found 1 result

  1. I am posting this b/c I am at a loss as to how to deal with this, not sure if it's the WD or something else. Since recovering from a 5th metatarsal bone break 3.5 years ago, I've been gradually getting back to my prior gym workout intensity to regain my flexibility, stamina, strength, and slim physique - not to mention the myriad mental/emotional benefits. Have had to also deal w/muscle pain & tightness, which I have been successfully treating w/trigger point therapy techniques. I've been doing great, although it's taking much longer than I figured, all of the above mentioned areas are gradually improving, I feel and look better all the time. The past couple of weeks, however, the muscle aches and tightness are roaring back w/a vengeance, to the point where I'm unable to do simple things like reaching up into a kitchen cabinet, lifting up my leg to remove my sock, walking lunges in the gym, etc, etc. Combined with intermittent joint pain in previously healed areas. No amount of self-treatment is making a dent in this, which is totally puzzling given how things have been up to now. I am thinking of checking out a trigger point physical therapist that my therapist recommended, and who has a bunch of glowing help reviews, but part of me is wondering if it would be a waste of time/money/effort/hope, if it's due to the WD. Sorry for the long post - I'm wondering whether anyone here can relate, and if so, what has been the outcome? Thanks in advance!
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