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  1. Hey all my story after a long period of stress I kinda started feeling strange so went to gp who prescribed me 20 mg of citalopram after 7 weeks I went back and said I don't think there are for me not knowing much about the whole ssri situation what I were feeling was apparently my brain protecting me , he suggested i tried fluoxetine so I did another 2 months off and another cold turkey ...,, Back to docs not knowing that I was suffering due to the damage the drugs had done so bring story forward after sertraline 50 mg for a few months which absolutely destroyed me I tried Paxil as I genuinely believed I was depressed I didn't know such a thing about withdrawal stayed on them for about 2-3 months I am know 7 months without anything and I genuinely feel like these drugs have destroyed my brain after all the zaps and muscle tension goin I got severe brain fog which lifted then depression which lifted then anger now im stuck with a constant feeling of depersonalisation last few days started really weird dreams and sleep disturbances even though I'm on holiday I am sitting by a pool then boom out of nowhere really bad anxiety I never had these before I tried those stupid drugs I have tried vitamins and supplements but I now can't handle any stimulant I used to go to the pub regularly but know I can't even hold s drink without getting sort of naggy drunk after a very small amount , caffeine is out the question also I'm a builder and need to concentrate as I work up heights my concentration and memory are terrible sorry to go on !!!lol I know each day offers different symptoms but I genuinely believe I won't be what I was before many thanks keep up the fight
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