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Found 2 results

  1. hi i have been on 25mg citalopram / celexa for just over a year now down from 30mg. i take a 20mg tablet and half a 10mg tablet which i split with a pill cutter. my withdrawal symptoms are much better now than they were a few months ago, however they are still there. mainly tremour and agitation now on and off. I do wonder whether the fact that i am taking a slightly different dose each day (due to inacurracies when cutting the tablets) has any bearing on this ? With this in mind I am considering asking my doctor if I can transfer to liquid to allow precise dosing. I don't kn
  2. Hello, I'm new to this forum and I'm in a difficult spot right now as I've just weaned off of Paroxetine 40 mg after roughly 15 years to go onto Bupropion 300mg+. I've had experiences crashing quite badly 'twice' after trying to wean off of Paroxetine - once having to stay in bed for 2 weeks. I'm not trying to stop antidepressants this time because it's not the right time in my life, I just want to try something that doesn't give me as much sexual side effects and Bupropion seems to be the one recommended for that... I'm just scared right now because of tapering paroxetine / side effe
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