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Found 3 results

  1. (mod note) Link to: gallanthero26, main Introduction: I wanted to provide an update as to how I've been after about 3 years from coming off of taking antidepressants. After concerns from family about my OCD, I eventually ended up going to see a psychiatrist who prescribed prozac. He prescribed a low doses of prozac (10mg) and only 5mg of trifluoperazine that I had taken for about 3 weeks. After noticing a very strange numbing effect and rapid weight gain from a considerable appetite increase, I quit taking both drugs cold turkey. After noticing beginning signs of withdrawal, I went back to the psychatrist to which he said things would be fine and that since I was only taking 10mg that there would be no withdrawals. I ended up experiencing a variety of severe withdrawal symptoms that included strong fatigue, either excessive sleeping or insomnia, almost psychotic like dreams, strong food sensitivities, and other strange symptoms. These would fluctuate at a high level for another 4 months. It was a very difficult time and I remember the intense stress and anxiety of searching for answers and relief online. I was dorming in college at the time and found it very difficult to focus on my studies, so I ended up using that time to focus on recovering. After about 4 months I noticed some relief and focused on bettering my diet, eating more closely to natural and organic diet. Implementing light exercise like yoga and walking also helped. I definitely noticed a correlation between how I felt and how I was eating, sleeping, and exercising. The intensity was less at this time and would fluctuate. After about a year, I began to notice more considerable recovery. Sleep and fatigue were still prominent issues at this time, and it seemed like my nervous system was more sensitive. However, I was able to think more efficiently at this time and noticed a big improvement in focus. There were still fluctuations in how I was feeling, however, I could noticed an positive trajectory into feeling consistently better. After another year had passed, I noticed even more improvement. Finding less stimulating activities like less screen time, more time in nature, eating right, getting adequate sleep, getting a lot of sunlight exposure and occasional fasts would also help. I also found that finding the right type of work would not surprisingly have a serious effect on my stress levels. I only rarely thought about withdrawal at these times. After another year I find myself in even better health. I feel pretty much normal again, only now I'm more well equipped to manage how I feel. I'm able to handle more work and I feel that my cognitive function is pretty much back to normal, if not even better than it was. I work 2nd shift full time. and just recently got hired for a 2nd part time position. I've built a lot of good habits through experiencing this ordeal, and continue to practice them. Eating organic, healthy natural foods, practicing yoga, Qi Gong and mediation, being in nature, and getting adequate sleep were 4 pillars I found to be hugely beneficial. I have more normal levels of anxiety, but am better able to handle anxiety, stress, and my OCD now. Having fortitude, grit, faith, and optimism also helped me get through some challenging times. I hope this helps others and am very thankful to be able to share this story.
  2. Hi my name is Sean and I'm currently coming off of prozac and trifluoperazine. I had taken 10mg of prozac and 5 mg of trifluoperazine for about 3 weeks. The meds made me gain considerable weight (10-15 lbs in 2 to 3 weeks) and I felt numbed out so I stopped them cold turkey not knowing about withdrawal side effects. I started experiencing withdrawal effects about a week into stopping (dizziness, lack of concentration, memory problems) itching, and they have been getting progressively worse, with fluctuation in symptoms. It's been 3 weeks now and at this point I have a fever, (not sure if I have the flu or not but it feels like I have a bad flu), racing strange thoughts (to the point which I've never experienced before) fatigue (sleeping until about noon some days), lack of motivation, and the same concentration/memory issues. Since it's been 3 weeks I'm wondering if I should try to go back on a low dose of anti depressants or if I should just try to ride this out and hope it subsides. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hello, I have been reading this site for over a year. I've taken antipsychotics for about 27 years & decided to taper off. My GP is supportive of a slow taper lasting years. I'm currently taking 5mg trifluoperazine - original brand name Stelazine- and 12.5 mg procyclidine. I filled in my history in the signature. data17
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