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  1. Aquarius


    Admin note: link to benzo forum thread - Aquarius: Diazepam Hi im new here , im not a long term user of these meds but when it comes it in withdrawal it doesnt matter its still hell . I started these Jan 2016 25mg cold turkeyed July 2016 didnt know any better was fine until Feb 2017 mum in hospital went to docs with crying and panic put me back on tablets didnt realise it was withdrawal doc said not after six months ...wanted me to go straight to 100mg i started at 50mg very quickly updosed to eventually 150mg went through hell to get there never really stabilised . Didnt like how i felt so now i know i did a very fast taper and came off by March 2018 again was doing well until just as before around 6 to 7 month mark i crashed felt extreme anxiety depression crying joint pain negative thoughts cant settle ..the physical pain has gone but emotionally im bad especially the mornings waking with fear panic and lots of crying thankfully i have been able to sleep and when im not stressed i do have good days . I hate feeling like this and seeing everyone else enjoying the build up to Christmas sometimes i feel like my life is over . Bad morning so trying to keep it together .have a question to ask but not sure if this is the place to do it .thank you
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