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Found 1 result

  1. Not sure if anyone will be able to help with this, as I know meds affect everyone differently, I started being depressed and anxious around 3 years ago. The last year of school it came about. The anxiety has stopped me from doing much of the things I used to love doing like Horse Riding (which I am scared of now but also miss incredibly). What I experience is anxiety leading up to events such as going out to a friend's place (I never do anymore for this reason), as well as thoughts of not wanting to do something as soon as I have made the decision I will do it (such as organising a riding lesson or photographing a horse competition). The depression makes me feel like not leaving the house and some times I cry at night because I feel like a failure to my parents esp. my mum. I hate feeling like I am doing nothing with my life but don't want to even get a job right now. I suffer terrible home sickness when not on any medication and I'm out somewhere 9-5. I've got my work provider on my back, and they don't seem to know how to deal with my mental problems. I also have stomach problems such as pain and an uncomfortable feeling which can last for hours every day for a few weeks, then subsides, then it starts up again, and it goes round in circles of on and off. I've had every test the doctors can think of, bloods, endoscopy, xrays, cat scan, ultrasound, breath test, etc etc. None have turned up anything at all. Drs have attributed the pain to anxiety. I can't understand though as to why I have periods of remission then relapse. I have a feeling about where it came from as I used to abuse Panafen Plus; ever since then I cannot take pain meds stronger than panadol without getting an uncomfortable stomach. I've been on Paxil, Pristiq, Prozac, Avanza, and more recently Zoloft. Paxil has been the ONLY medication that made me feel better without any side effects apart from feeling a little dopey and my stomach being sensitive, aching, and feeling generally sick/uncomfortable. I stopped it to try Pristiq which didn't do much for me, made my stomach gurgle all the time. I took this for 2 weeks. Then I tried Prozac, which absolutely killed my stomach and throat. Lasted 1 day on it. Avanza was the next, which although gave me a great sleep every night and didn't mess with my stomach, made me CRAVE bread. And other food. ALL the time!. It also made me agitated and pissed off very easily. I am already putting on weight due to sitting at home all the time so I really don't want to go onto something that will put on even more weight. I stayed on for 3 weeks before quitting as I didn't feel relief from depression or anxiety. I actually felt a little worse. Dose- 30mg. This week I tried Zoloft and I had it at night the first time, horse show in the morning so needed to sleep. I ended up sleeping 2-3 hours. And that was with the aid of Temtabs. I also woke up abruptly with strange thoughts. Like I was still half asleep. I am literally amazed I managed to go to the show and stay awake from 7am to 11pm doing photos. It messes with my stomach. I tried it again last night and my sleep was broken. I woke up again with weird thoughts AND sore teeth from clenching my jaw. I was in a daze when I woke, sat up in bed and ran my tongue across my teeth because they felt strange. It's sore to eat food today. The dose is 50mg. I am unsure of what to do right now. Drs say my stomach pain is from anxiety, but I still got pain and sickness while taking Paxil, which made me feel so much better and lessened my anxiety. I'm going back to the doctor but want to hear some of your experiences. I've read that if you stick with Zoloft, it works very well, but I can't deal with the jaw clenching or broken sleep and stomach discomfort. I also yawned quite a bit on it. Avanza works well to get to sleep, and didn't screw my stomach up, but I can't put on any more weight if I want to get back to riding. I started walking every night with my mum this week so maybe that might help. What's everyone's thoughts? Should I just try something completely different? Or persist with one? Anyone had stomach problems which were due to anxiety? How did you combat it?
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