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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I just thought I'd make a topic where, hopefully, all of us with the same symptoms can come together in one place and give our experience and anything that may or may not have helped during this difficult time. I have struggled to find similar stories elsewhere on the Internet bar a few rare instances here and there. Until I found this site. My symptoms personally are that I have a constant urge to urinate, even after going. The feeling never really let's up although in the evenings it tends to calm down slightly most of the time. This all started w
  2. Hi, I'm so glad I found this forum as I have been struggling alone with Effexor side effects for 20 years. I have assumed for a long time that it was just me, middle aged female after two pregnancies. I have since discovered the bladder/nocturia problems are a side effect. It has been like being tortured, not sleeping because I've always been up and down, up and down all night so I am totally exhausted. Travel and staying at people's homes has been hard to the point where I carry a plastic container I can use at night instead of traipsing through campgrounds/bushes/hotels/family homes half a
  3. Hello everyone. (hmmm, seems like spell check does not work on this site) I just want to share my current experience with Risperidone withdrawal and maybe get some feedback on the situtation. Current Medications: Venlafaxine 225mg Chlorpromazine 100mg It basically all started quite a few months ago when I experienced extreme frequent urination and urge. At the time I suspected it to be an UTI and visit the doctor. No UTI was found but I was given a dose of antibiotics anyway (Cipro). Antibiotics did not work and I saw another doctor for second opinion. Still no UTI was detected but th
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