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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys! After almost 5 months of feeling like this, I’m glad I found a community that explains what I’m going through. Everybody thought I was going crazy, including myself. Short story about myself: I was always anxious growing up. I had fears, OCD, attachment issues, but all With good reason. I was raised in a household that wasn’t the best. fast forward to me being 15 years old, I smoked weed and had a horrible panic attack which send me down the road of anxiety and agoraphobia. I was prescribed celexa 20mg and stayed on it for about 8-10 years (can’t remember exactly when I started it, I just turned 27). About halfway through I had sexual side effects and was given buspar 5 mg twice a day to help. Everything was going pretty well, until recently. After my first Covid shot I woke up To a panic attack a few days later. I had panic attacks pretty much everyday (minor to medium) and thought I was done. Took the second shot, felt my throat kind of closing up and had pretty bad anxiety. ever since then my life has been hell. I went to the psychiatrist and he recommended I get off celexa and try fluvox. He doubled the buspar, and did a quick taper while giving me fluvox. It was hell and I eventually got off all medications. I have had what a lot of people describe here with mood swings, feeling detached (body and mind don’t work well together?), breathing issues and throat pain, missing my old self and pretty depressed. I saw a psychiatrist who did an QEEG on me and recommended Valium every night. i really didn’t want to do it but I got desperate and have taken 1.25MG at night and it has seemed to help somewhat. anybody have had similar experiences? Looking for advice, hope, or really anything out there.
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