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Found 2 results

  1. MOD NOTE: Info on Deanxit From: http://buddymd.com/side-effects-deanxit-flupentixol-melitracen Deanxit is made up of two components- flupentixol 0.5mg (or flupenthixol, an antipsychotic) and melitracen 10mg (a tricyclic antidepressant) _______________________________ 5 months ago I went off of the drug Deanxit. I was on it for 4-5 years abd decided to go off because I read it was only for shoet term use and banned in many countries. I started tapering slowly and found I was getting dizzy so talked to my Doctor... she advised that I could go cold turkey!! Mistake of a lifetime and an idiot doctor! I ended up in the ER with awful symptoms.. a neurologist put me on Depokine, which Ive tapered from the past few months and am off fully for 8 days. Basically my life was turned upside down! I have multiple withdrawal symptoms that continue daily, I had to quit my 7 years of being a teacher and my life feels like it is on hold. My most dramatic symptoms daily are dizzy all the time, tingling and burning in arms, legs, face etc., weakness, shortness of breath and I'm very sensitive to anything I eat or vitamins. I have a long list of problems... . . . .Ive read over and over that only TIME can heal the damage to my nerves. It has been exhausting. . . I can only pray this doesn't go on forever. 5 months is a long time . . . I think I have withdrawal syndrome. 2 doctors have tried to put me on yet another pill for anxiety but I don't want to go through this mess AGAIN!
  2. Mainly writing to say thank you to Surviving Antidepressants and the one person who posted having successfully gotten off Zyprexa. I was nearly there, had gotten off, then had delayed withdrawal symptoms, akathisia, and while really struggling and nearly ready to give up, I tried to see whether anyone had successfully gotten of this drug and found one person here. I also found the invaluable information here regarding how to do it (pill crusher, weigh scale) and IT WORKED! I have been off Zyprexa since July 2018, got myself off valproic acid last February and off Effexor last September. So just looking for information regarding some legacy effects and hoping to provide someone looking for answers with hope. Psych med history: Benzodiazepine 2002 - 2005 Paxil/Effexor 2000 - September 2019 Zyprexa 10 mg 2002 - July 2017 Valproic acid 500 mg January 2010 - February 2019
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