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Found 5 results

  1. I found this forum after starting a too fast taper and I’m not sure where to go from here. I started 150 mg venlafaxine xr in Feb 2020. I went down to 112.5 mg in summer 2020 with no side effects that I remember. We tried to taper to 75 mg in February 2021. I missed a week accidentally and ended up back on 112.5 mg after severe mood changes. November 2021 we tapered abilify 10 mg to 7.5 and then to 5 mg in Dec 2021. In January we tapered venlafaxine 112.5 mg to 75 mg. I had a period of mania and insomnia that lasted 5 days. Psychiatrist tapered again starting Feb 17th to 62.5 mg. 37.5 mg extended release and 25 mg immediate release half tablet (12.5) am and pm. Since Feb 18, 2022 I’ve had an intractable migraine. No meds are touching it and I can’t take most due to having hemiplegic migraines. Neurologist started me on depakote Feb 26, 2022 (which I really don’t want to take but was told only option for hemiplegic migraines right now) and a steroid taper. Psychiatrist wanted me to start gabapentin for withdrawal but It didn’t help so I didn’t take it for more three days and I also learned what it can do. Psych med wise I am also on 15 mg Adderall for fatigue and mild adhd. I also have a script for prn Ativan 0.5 mg that I rarely take. I’m just not sure where to go from here. I have added what supplements and otc I’m currently on too. Scripts in signature. Contemplating stopping nac and ashwagandha. Loratadine 10 mg Magnesium 100 mg tablets 400 mg am 400 mg pm Macapause- 2 pills am 2 pills lunch Wise women herbals women’s meno caps 1 am 1 pm Vitamin d3 5000 iu every other day 10000 IU on other days Thorne Omega 3 with CoQ10 1 pm Adrenal natural glandular 2 pills am 2 pills pm Activated Quercetin 3 capsules pm Chelated Zinc 30 mg 1 pill pm NAC 500 mg 1 pill pm DIM Elite 2 pills am Methyl guard plus 2 pills am Sensoril Ashwagandha 250 mg 1 pill am Rhodiola 200 mg 1 pill am French oak extract 200 mg 1 pill PS 100 100 mg 1 pill am 1 pill lunch
  2. Oct 15th I screed my self up by dropping from 75xr to 37.5 instantly because i couldn't get to the doctor intime to get a refill of 75 I did get in to see the doctor she was happy to hear i was able to drop down and agreed to prescribe 37.5xr I started having withdraws for two weeks then re instated full 75 at the two week mark doctor also put me on welbutrin and wanted me to taper off venlafaxine but 9 days on welbutrin i was having BP and heart rate issues so went off it re instated full 75 but by that point i was tapering and was at 25 beads out I re instated full 75 but still having heart rate and bP issues which i assume may be related to dropping the dose 50 percent cold turkey in October and since then I haven't been able to sleep more then 3 or 4 hours at a time with out waking up and fighting to go back to sleep I am s Tarting TO FEEL BETTER I BELIEVE MY ANXIETY AND bp AND heart RATE ARE SLOWLY GOING DOWN SLEEP IS SLIGHTLY EASIER BUT NOT MUCH. I can take 1mg ativan or 5mg melatonin still wake up every night at 3am Doctor thinks it may be wise to switch to zoloft or Prozac as the sleep issues could be anxiety related. I am currently 14 beads out of a 75xr dosage taking 2x 37.5 a day should i give it more time to settle back in or cross taper to a different med ? Did i experience withdrawal side effects then reinstatement side effects as if my body is getting re used to the medication?
  3. Hi there, I've been on escitalopram 2 months and then on venlafaxine for 7 months more for depression . With venlafaxine I've experienced severe lack of motivation, reduction in creativity(I can't write anymore),emotional blunting when I used to be the sensitive artist type and there may be some cognitive impairments . However I quit taking my meds 2 months ago (spent 2 weeks like hell with the withdrawal) and while I may have seen some improvement, my sensitivity, my emotions and my creativity have not returned . Can someone who had a similar experience help me understand if I will ever be able to feel like myself again? It's unbearable. I'm also 20 years old
  4. Hi all. For me the trouble started in 2009 when i was in my last semester of college. For 3 years i lived at a student home where i had the best time of my life. Partying, smoking weed, going out, hanging out, cooking the food i want, making new friends, girlfriends etc. The tought of going home again after 3 years was making me feel a little depressed during the last semester. When I eventualy was home again and started my first job it hit hard. After a week of working there i was severly depressed and couldnt sleep anymore, was anxious about a lot of things. I went to my doctor and explained my situation. He put me on mirtazipine, that worked for the insomnia but that’s it. I had side effects like beeing nauseous all the time and sometimes loosing my balance. I had a job as a technical engineer who was working on heavy and dangerous machines, so I was anxious for doing wrong things that could kill me. After a few months I went back to the doctor and told him it wasn’t working, so he put me on another AD Cymbalta. During these first months of working I also quited smoking weed, After starting the cymbalta I also started smoking again, together with that and changing jobs I got back into positive spiral, quited the cymbalta with tapering down on my doctors advice(had brainzaps for a few weeks but nothing more). That lasted till my boss changed my function in the company due to the financial crisis. After a few months in my new job I was getting depressed again and I chose to change jobs again, that was at the end of 2010. From january 2011 till september-october it went well but then I got back into the negative spiral. I went back on the cymbalta and that was the beginning of HELL. On newyears eve I went to my first goa-party and did LSD for the first time, Awsome experience! I also played poker a lot that period and occasionally then I did cocaine. At the end of february when coming back from a trip to Portugal I felt a lot of energy, no depression, feeling like the king of the world… Didn’t know this was (hypo)mania. I quited my job, I just walked out one day without saying anything never to return. From february until may I partied, went to bars, the casino, spending money, doing a lot goa-parties. Sleeping less and less because I didn’t feel tired at all, LSD,coke,weed, etc. Eventually I got into a severe manic-psychose. I was forced into a psych ward (for 30 days at first)were I was tied down in the isolation unit for a couple of weeks until I got less manic-psychotic. They gave me Zyprexa & Etumine. When I stabilized after a month and or so I heard that I was forced for another 3 months because my psychose was so severe. I tought ok, I can live with that. I changed from the crisis department in the psych ward to the addicts department. There I was left to rot ,I developed severe depression & anhedonia in a few weeks. I told to the psydoc that I was depressed and wanted Cymbalta, didn’t get it but he upped my Zyprexa, without result. A month later I said to him that it’s getting worse so he added Abilfy. That didn do anything but side effects like I couldn’t keep my legs still, my walking style changed, I stiffened in walking, my eyesight was weird I kept involuntary staring at things. During that time at the addicts department the only therapy I got was 2 times a week one hour of fitnesstherapy and the rest of time was ergotherapy, were nothing interested me. Soon I quited the ergotherapy and stayed in bed all day watching TV. After the 3 months were gone I tought it was over. Wrong, my psydoc said you are not stable! I was forced another 3 months. At the addicts department most people were talkative and I was silent. At the beginning they said to me that it will get better and understood me, but after a while no one talked to me… After some time I asked to be moved to the psychose-departement for the time I was left there. I got there and it was quiter and the nurses were friendlier and took care of the patients. But the psydoc there (a new one) forced me another 3 months there, I was in no state to leave the hospital she said. But I got my Cymbalta back, hoped it will work, but it didn. After those 3 months I wasnt forced to be there anymore but they advised that I would. I got the hell out of the psych ward! I quited the AP’s (zyprexa, Abilify) CT. At first when I was back home I stayed most of the time in my bed, I don’t think I realy had WD symptoms. Time went by and I started to do things again and had interest in wat was going on in the world. It went wrong again at some point because I was using weed and coke again. Had another manic-psychose and was forced to the psychward again. Was forced Zyphadera(liquid Zyprexa) injections, seroquel XR, depakote and diazepam. After 4-6 months I was allowed to go home and live with my parents, again I was a zombie. For months I dindn do much. I did keep taking my meds until the point I went out to go fishing a lot (mostly at night) I forgot to take my meds on regularly base, slept not enough and got manic again. I checked in to the psychward voluntarily because my parents said it was getting out of control again. After 2 hours there they told me that I was again forced to stay there… same story: stabilized after a few weeks then going down into a downwards spiral again. That was around may 2016 when I got out I was taking: zyprexa(10mg), seroquel (200mg), depakote(1000mg), trazodone(100mg) That was currently my last vacation @ the psych ward. Now I go to my usual doctor to get my Rx’s. He also given me effexor (150mg) and citalopram (10mg) for depression but I don’t think it’s working… I keep taking my meds as I should but i’m anhedonic, no interest in anything, no energy, fat because of the AP’s etc. At my last visit with my doc I asked to maybe change something to my meds because i’m tired all day and he changed my seroquel from 200 to 100mg. At that point I started to do research about withdrawal symptoms and general info about AP’s and AD’s when I got to this forum. Currently after 3 weeks of my taper from 200 to 100mg seroquel i’m feeling no WD symptoms. I’m now taking: 10mg zyprexa, 100mg seroquel, 150mg effexor, 10mg citalopram, 100mg trazodone I want to get off of as much of these drugs as possible as I fear i’m going to be a zombie for life. I don’t do weed, lsd, or coke only sometimes a lite stimulant to get something done... Any of you guys know what to taper first?
  5. Hello I'm Jo This is the fist time I've reached out for help I can say I've been depressed since a very young age but was diagnosed in my late 20's I was on Floxitine for a long time with no real problems with the drug. As the dose had to go up and I was nursing a child at the time the drug had to be changed. I have now been on Venaflaxine for a few years now and its not very good for me. When I do get anxious I have a sensation of standing on a bouncy castle and it feels like a load of toddelers with a suger rush bouncing me all around. I would rather have the adrenalin. I'm also very tired all the time and mostly numb. I cant get excited or happy by anything and still find some situations overwhelming depending on how tired I am. I'm keen to swap back to Fluoxetine and then once that is achieved come off completely if possible. I have been trying to taper down 150g Venaflaxine for some time now I got down to approx 100g before consistent and persistent feelings of low energy, low mood and suicidal thinking started. When I miss a dose I'm left with the most awful side affects of what I can only describe as vertigo, more of a ship rolling around on a sea state 7 rather than a bouncy castle.Also I get the feeling that my brain is being zapped. I was rather relived to hear that these are quite common symptoms. I'm having some trouble communicating with my doctor. They no longer take routine appointments, so I have to take an emergency appointment and its a diffrent doctor everytime. Also my work is interfering with the fact that I need to schedule a withdraw period in. But I am hopeful for tying again in mid October. I guess I joined to site to hopefully get some help and touch base with anyone else that is really struggling to come off Venaflaxine.
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